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Two canoes with 2 people in each one, paddling acorss a lake at sunset

Future Students

Two canoes with 2 people in each one, paddling acorss a lake at sunset

Indigenous Environmental Studies (Diploma)

Aurora Borealis over Teepees in Yellowknife in the witner timeThe program also offers a Diploma which is intended for students of Indigenous ancestry, who may be interested in specific educational opportunities or as a pathway to a university degree.

  • The Diploma is a two-year program open to students who have the equivalent of Ontario Grade 12 or qualify as mature students.
  • The Diploma will be awarded upon successful completion of the program. A Trent University transcript will identify all courses undertaken and grades received.
  • Students who have earned the Diploma may apply for admission to the BA or BSc program. Credits earned in the Diploma program are transferable to the General or Honours BA and BSc degrees.
  • Indigenous students seeking admission to this or other University programs should contact the Aboriginal enrolment advisor in the First Peoples House of Learning to inquire about getting special assistance with the admission process.


  • INDG 1011H and 1012H provide the academic skills, attitudes, strategies, and mutual support systems that students need to be successful in a university environment.

The following 7.5 credits are required to complete the program:

  • 4.0 INDG credits consisting of INDG 1000Y, 1011H and 1012H (or 1010Y), 1500H, 1510H, and INDG-ERST 2601Y
  • 1.0 ERSC credit consisting of ERSC 1010H and 1020H (or 1000Y)
  • 0.5 ERSC credit from ERSC-INDG 2150H or ERSC 2240H
  • 1.0 credit from ERST-CAST 2520H, 2525H, or CAST-ERST-GEOG-INDG 2040Y
  • 1.0 INDG, ERSC, or ERST credit in addition to the above

Degree Type

  • Diploma