Department Description
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Trent Spiritual Affairs is available for you:

  • as a guide along your journey
  • to discuss issues that may arise: personal, religious / spiritual, ethical
  • a person who listens without judgement
  • info about local congregations and faith groups

additional resources for you

  • opportunities to put your compassion into action
  • get involved in local projects to serve those in need
  • join in projects on campus such as bulk food-packaging events
  • other creative ideas, let us know

get to know others through their spiritual background

  • join one of Trent’s student religious groups
  • or create your own
  • bring your group together with others for dialogue and learning
  • more info and help available from Trent Spiritual Affairs

Trent Spiritual Affairs Director
The Reverend Glenn Empey, B.A., M.Div.
Champlain College C-5

Glenn Empey is an ordained clergy who has served the Trent Community since 2008. He has provided pastoral support and ministry in multi-faith settings throughout his 30 years in ministry.

Best contact method
705-748-1011 extension 7213