Esri Academy (previously called Esri Virtual Campus) offers a range of training opportunities to all levels of users. Registered members of Trent have access to courses available in e-learning format for free through their Trent "My Esri" Enterprise Account (see the last section of this web page to obtain an account). 

Online web courses are self-paced and offer an excellent means of gaining background in GIS techniques and concepts as well as ESRI software skills. Individual course descriptions provide estimated hours for completion. Courses are free to all registered members of Trent University including students, faculty and staff. Topics vary greatly and include instruction for novice and experienced users.  Check out the courses offered for such key products as ArcGIS Online,  ArcGIS Apps,  Esri Story Maps, ArcGIS Pro, and more! 

To view the wide range of e-format training opportunities available, see ESRI's Course Catalogue.  Under "Formats" select "Maintenance" and "Free". Results will show all e-training formats available at no cost to registered members of Trent University including training purchased under a "maintenance" subscription. These include a wide range of seminars, tutorials, training delivered in story map format, web courses and more. 

Esri Training- Suggestions for Narrowing Course Selections

Note that not all training options provide certificates on completion. If you are taking a Trent course which requires you to submit certificates showing you completed Esri training choose "web course" "maintenance" and "free" to see the wide range of course options available which supply certificates on completion. 

Esri Training - selecting options to show web courses providing certificates


You can also limit the course options so that you see only most recent courses or  options offered for a certain product such as ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Story Maps or ArcGIS Field Maps. For example, to limit courses to just those on ArcGIS Pro, select "ArcPro" under the "Products" screen. 

Here are a few recommended courses, for getting started: 

For ArcGIS Pro: 

ArcGIS Pro Basics (50 minutes) 

Editing Basics in ArcGIS Pro 

Creating a Map Layout 

Creating a Map Series in ArcGIS Pro

For those Migrating to ArcGIS Pro 3.0 and collaborating with users using ArcGIS Pro 2.x:

Migrating to ArcGIS Pro 3.0 

For Imagery and Raster Analyses: 

Getting Started with Imagery and Remote Sensing

Imagery in Action (MOOC - 6 weeks - 2-3 hours of study per week) 


There is no limit to the number of Esri courses you can subscribe to while registered at Trent.

To participate in E-Learning courses, you will require a Trent Esri Organization Password and Username. Registered members of Trent University may apply for  username and password to complete Trent course work and research.  To obtain an account please complete the form at: 

My Trent > Services >MaDGIC: Maps, Data & Government Information Centre > Esri Enterprise (AOL, ArcGIS Pro, and Training) Account Request Form


For further information, contact MaDGIC.