What Is GIS Software?

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software links geographic information (where things are) to descriptive information (what things are like). The power of this technology lies in its ability to link multiple pieces of information about a geographic place; to store, manage, display, disseminate, analyze and query this information, and in so doing to draw regressions, correlate, and model outcomes. 

A key research tool for anyone interested in describing geographic space, GIS is multidisciplinary in nature and can be used for understanding our past, present and future.

Campus Site License for Esri Software

Esri is a global market leader in GIS software and mapping resources. As part of its mandate to bring spatial information and suporting technologies to you, MaDGIC is pleased to administer Trent University's site license for Esri products. In this capacity we work closely with Trent IT and academic departments to ensure that students and researchers have the tools they need to do their work. 

Registered members of the university are entitled to use software for Trent teaching, research and administrative needs. Use of Esri products for commercial purposes and for projects not related to Trent work is prohibited. 

To learn more about what Esri products are available and to obtain a Trent ESRI Organizational Account for products, please see the information at:  ArcGIS Online / Esri Organizational Accounts. 

Other Software Resources

MaDGIC is pleased to offer the Trent Community support with using both open source and commercial software. Our Data Visualization Lab includes QGIS and ENVI, as well as advanced computers for research work. 

MaDGIC welcomes suggestions and feedback on software requirements to support GIS and mapping research needs. Please contact us at madgichelp@trentu.ca