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Poster invitation for introductory workshop on ArcGIS Online

Introductory Workshop on ArcGIS Online

Date: Thursday, January 27th, 2022

Time: 12-12:30 pm 

Location: Virtual 

Did you know that as a registered student at Trent you can receive GIS software and access to ArcGIS Online?

Trent Library Maps, Data & Government Information Centre (MaDGIC) is offering an introductory 30-minute workshop to registered students. Learn about the opportunities that Trent offers to use spatial apps and ArcGIS software. Participants will be introduced to ArcGIS Online and some of its functions using Map Viewer. ArcGIS Online is a collaborative cloud-based Geographic Information System (GIS) developed by Esri. It allows users to discover, use, create and share web maps and apps. The Map Viewer enables users to display their data online, share created content publicly or with their peers, and find content using Esri’s Living Atlas.

Open to all registered Trent students and staff in all disciplines; no experience required.

To Join: Go To myTrent > Calendar of Events > under January 27 select “Introductory Workshop: ArcGIS online> Click on “Join us via Zoom link”

Workshops for Trent Courses

MaDGIC offers a range of library workshops for courses covering different subjects such as searching for government information, legal resources, spatial and statistical data, Statistics Canada databases, maps, imagery and more.

We also offer workshops and tutorials on GIS methodologies and software which are given periodically throughout the Fall / Winter semesters. GIS workshops are widely announced on our twitter feed and web site. 

Faculty wishing to receive workshops for courses should contact Barbara Znamirowski, Head, Maps, Data & Government Information Centre.  Please request workshops before start of term to allow for scheduling and adequate preparation time. 


GIS From Home #GISFH Tutorial Series

The following recordings are from our Winter 2021 MaDGIC Mondays #GISFH weekly short-tutorial series. This series was based on our popular ArcGIS Pro Workshops: Mapping and Data Visualization and Introduction to Suitability Modeling. The series included content from those workshops as well as some new material.

The tuturials were offered in a new format consisting of 15-20 minute weekly virtual tutorials followed by a 10-minute Q & A period.

Participants from all levels are encouraged to view any tutorial that is of interest. 

From: February 1, 2021 

Getting Started with ArcGIS Pro Projects, Interface, and Terminology

This tutorial is perfect for the user who is  new to ArcGIS Pro software. It will teach you how to sign-in to ArcGIS Pro software with your Trent Esri Enterprise Account and begin a new ArcGIS Pro Project. You will learn how to navigate the interface, including the contextual ribbon, quick access toolbar, and the different views and panes.

Video (14:44 minutes) of 25 January 2021 tutorial 

From: February 8th, 2021

Importing Data from Scholars Portal and File Management in ArcGIS Pro

This tutorial covers how to bring vector, raster, and tabular data into ArcGIS Pro. It will take you through the process of searching, extracting, and downloading a dataset from Scholars Portal, unzipping it, and importing it into a geodatabase. We will also go over how to format XY data in a spreadsheet and convert it to a point feature class.

Video (17:23 minutes) of February 8 tutorial 

From: February 22nd, 2021

Classifying and Symbolizing Data in ArcGIS Pro

Join this tutorial session to learn some of the basic ways in which quantitative and qualitative data are  classified using a single symbol, unique values, and graduated colours and symbols. We will also explore data properties to change  appearance using colours, symbols, sizes, and transparency.

Video (19:48 minutes) of  February 22 tutorial 

From: March 1st, 2021

Create a Map Layout in ArcGIS Pro

This session will teach you how to make a basic static map layout with the following map elements: north arrow, legend, scale, and text. The demonstrations will include adding multiple maps frames to a single layout (map inset), changing the scale and view, and customizing the properties of map elements.

Video  (20:48 minutes) March 1 tutorial 

From: March 8th, 2021

Introduction to Suitability Modelling and Geoprocessing Tools

In this tutorial, we will discuss the framework for suitability modelling in a GIS and the 3 main types of suitability models (binary, weighted, and fuzzy). Using both vector and raster data, we will practise running various geoprocessing tools and go over what tool parameters are and how to find tool help.

Video (18:04 minutes) March 8 tutorial 

From: March 15th, 2021

Learning Model Builder

This tutorial will focus on learning the basics of model builder, such as adding a model to your project, adding tools and data to your model, connecting input and outputs, setting parameters and variables, and executing the model. Model builder is a great tool if you want to document the steps in a GIS process, or if you are running the same set of tools multiple times with different inputs!

Video (20:11 minutes) March 15 tutorial 

From: March 22nd, 2021

Exploring, Converting, and Deriving New Data Using Geoprocessing Tools

This week we will cover how to explore data and the things that should be considered before doing analysis. We will execute running geoprocessing tools to derive new data and evaluate the results of the tool in terms of data quality, completeness, and limitations.

Video (24:57 minutes) March 22 tutorial 

From: March 29th, 2021

Combining Data for Suitability Analysis and Analyzing the Results

In this final tutorial, we will explore the different overlay methods using a suitability analysis model. Model results will be analysed by visually comparing them to the goals and criteria of the suitability analysis. We will determine if the model can be improved by performing sensitivity analysis and error analysis.

Video (18:47 minutes) March 29 tutorial