As of Monday, April 26, Trent University Library & Archives (TULA) will offer contact-less curbside pickup services for library materials to Trent students, staff, and faculty until the end of the stay-home order. During this time, there will be no access to Bata Library or the Durham Campus Library & Learning Centre. For full details, please see our page about Trent Library & Archives service during COVID-19.

LRCC: Library Research Consultation Centre


The LRCC physical office remains closed until further notice.

Virtual assistance is available by appointment, via Zoom. Use the Book-A-Librarian link to select a date and time for an online meeting.

Location: BL 208: Main (2nd) Floor of Bata Library.  See directions below or ask at the Service Desk and they'll point the way.

Open: Generally weekdays 9am-4pm, but varies depending on librarian availability.  (We move around a lot.)  Check our hours.

What We Do

In-depth questions concerning your library research can be answered at the LRCC by experienced academic librarians with extensive knowledge of library resources and research procedures.  There's also a consultation area where we can work through your issues together on a large display screen.

The LRCC is home to the Teaching & Research Librarians.  These librarians have subject specialties and they're collectively responsible for:

  • library skills instruction (other than MaDGIC or Archives);
  • individual research assistance;
  • library website design and maintenance;
  • library resource selection, access, usability, and interactivity.

How To Contact Us

Drop In

  • Since the centre isn't currently open, use the Book-A-Librarian service to talk with a subject librarian.
  • If the centre is open there's a green sign on the door; ring the bell and walk in.  This lets us know you're here, and an available librarian will come out to meet you.
  • If the sign on the door is RED, no one is currently available to meet with you.

Library Service Desk

  • The Library Service Desk is staffed with knowledgeable staff members, and maintains longer hours than the LRCC.  You can ask your question there, and if it's simple you'll get your answer.  If it's complicated, they'll refer you to us.


  • This is the BEST way to set up a meeting or start a conversation.
  • Questions sent to will be answered by a staff member, or forwarded to the LRCC librarian most knowledgeable about the subject matter.
  • Normally you hear back within a day, or the same day.
  • Email allows us to look more deeply into your question before responding.  When we reply, we've already figured out the best advice (and you didn't need to watch as we explore all the dead ends).

What to Ask Us

We welcome your questions about:

  • library resources (databases, books, online material, journals, etc.)
  • search techniques
  • the library website
  • access to online resources
  • Library Skills Tutorials
  • library instruction options

Where to Find Us

photo of Bata Library entrance


Enter the Bata Library through the main doors on the 2nd Floor.  

Head left toward the LIBRARY side (not to the IT side on the right). 

You'll find yourself in front of the Library Service Desk.  If you prefer to ask, someone there can point you to us.  Otherwise,  keep walking.

photo of pathway to BL 208

From the Library Service Desk, go straight ahead, behind the living green wall.

You'll pass the Practice Presentation Room on your left - keep going.

photo of the door to BL 208

There's a little door tucked away in a quiet nook here.  That's us.

Ring the bell to tell us you're here, then walk in.  Someone will come out to greet you.