Citation Guides

How to Cite Statistics Canada Products (includes geography files, microdata files, aggregated statistics, census products and more)

Guides for Esri Desktop Software: ArcGIS Pro and ArcMap

MaDGIC has created a number of Guides and Tutorials to assist the university community with use of ArcGIS Desktop. Let us know what you think! We would be delighted to receive feedback on which guides you are using, how they could be improved, and what new guides you would like to see added to our collection. In addition we have also provided links to guides written by other universities and colleges.

The Basics

Adding XY Data to ArcMap

Adding XY Data to ArcPro

Importing ArcMap Documents to ArcPro

Census Data

Census Mapping 

Data Specific

Importing Canadian Digital Elevation Data

Converting Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources SNIF (Standard NRVIS Interchange Format) Files For Use in ArcMap

Processing Shuttle Radar Topography Mission 30 Plus (SRTM30 Plus) Data


Georeferencing Imagery

Raster Data

Converting Raster Data to Vector for Use in Overlay Analysis

Software Installation & Access to other ESRI Products

How to Obtain ArcGIS Pro Software (VIDEO)

ArcGIS for Desktop - Education Edition (Student Software) Installation Guide

How to Access ESRI Academy - ArcGIS Training (VIDEO)

Getting Started with Esri Training

Other Guides

Calculating Geometry and Drainage Density

Delineating Watersheds

ModelBuilder: Tools and Iterators

Guides Written for Earlier Versions of Software

Adding X, Y Coordinate Data to Desktop 10.3.x

 Performing Basic Tasks with ArcGIS to Desktop 10.3x

Link to Guides Written by Other Institutions

Getting started with Scholars Geoportal

Guide to Scholars Portal ODESI

Guide to Scholars Portal Dataverse

Guides for Specific Trent Courses

Anthropology 3695H: Landscape and Settlement Archaeology

Ecological Restoration

School of Education & Professional Learning - Emphasis in Geography

The Maps, Data & Government Information Centre welcomes feedback and suggestions for new or existing guides. Contact us