ArcGIS Story Maps is a web based storytelling app that allows you to combine interactive maps, text, images, video and other multimedia content using geography as the basis for their organization and presentation. Story Maps are hosted through the ArcGIS Online Cloud. Story maps can be kept private, shared with a defined research group, class or the Trent University community, or made publicly available as open source content.

Terms of Use

Registered members of Trent University may use Trent ArcGIS Online and the ArcGIS Online Story Maps App for work directly related to Trent research and teaching. Use of the Trent ArcGIS Online accounts for commercial purposes, or to present or disseminate the work of agencies or individuals external to Trent is prohibited. 

Getting Started  

Step One: Obtain a Trent Esri Username and Password 

Trent Library Maps, Data & Government Information Centre (MaDGIC) administers Esri Accounts 

To obtain a Username and Password for ArcGIS Story Maps, complete the form at: 

My Trent> Services >MaDGIC: Maps, Data & Government Information Centre > Esri Enterprise (ArcPro, AOL and Training) Account Request Form

You will receive an automated email response acknowledging your request, followed by an email from MaDGIC with your Trent Esri Username and Password. 

Step Two: Activate your Trent Esri Username and Password 

Before beginning work in ArcGIS Online Story Maps you must activate your Trent Esri Username and Password. 

I. To do this, go to Trent's ArcGIS Online organization home page:  Trent University's ArcGIS Online Home Page  

II. Enter your Esri Username and password. First-time users are prompted to change their password on initial login. 

ArcGIS Online Sign In Screen


Once your username and password are activated, you should see the Trent University's ArcGIS Online Home Page. Your Esri User Name should appear at the top right corner of the page. Refresh your page if the toolbar at the top of the page is not displayed. 

Trent ArcGIS Online Home Page showing login page

 Step Three: Open the ArcGIS Online Story Maps App 

While signed in to ArcGIS Online, go to the Apps Launcher button (top left corner of the page, directly left of your username). Click on the Apps Launcher and select Story Maps.  

Location of Story Maps Apps Launcher


Step Four: Access the Story Maps Builder 

Within Story Maps, select "New Story" and "Start from Scratch". This will open the Story Maps Builder App which provides a broad set of options for building your story map. We recommend the "Start from Scratch" option for most users as it provides a variety of options taken from different templates. Alternatively, templates under "Quick Start" can be selected  if you wish to restrict the formatting of your story map to one specific template format such as the Guided Map Tour or Sidecar templates. 

Options within Story Maps Builder

Step Five: Review Tutorials and Best Practices

There is an active Story Maps community available to support your work. 

The following guides are recommended for getting started: 

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The Anatomy of a Story

Nine steps to great storytelling

ArcGIS StoryMaps resources

You may also wish to look at some examples of story maps:  

Esri Story Maps Gallery

Story Map Series Gallery

Get inspired by the 2022 ArcGIS StoryMaps Competition winners - showcase of stunning data viz

Other resources: 

ArcGIS StoryMaps Blog

Tutorials and Best Practices for Story Maps

For further information and assistance contact