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Maps, Data & Government Information Centre
4th Floor Thomas J. Bata Library
Peterborough, Ontario 


Email: madgichelp@trentu.ca




About MaDGIC 

MaDGIC is an essential resource for all students, staff and faculty who need access to a world of research materials, including cartographic resources, geospatial and statistical data, and government information. MaDGIC supports teaching, research, and collaboration across the university, by providing instruction in data literacy and spatial and statistical applications, offering technical support relating to research data management (RDM) and preservation, and enabling parterships with community groups and other universities. 

MaDGIC services and facilities include:  

Collections Support: Geospatial data, aggregate statistics and data, government information, Canadian legal resources, imagery, maps, and other cartographic resources.  

Data Visualization Lab: State-of-the-art tools including advanced computers, spatial, statistical and visualization software, and 3D and VR analysis and display technologies.

ESRI / ArcGIS: Accounts for ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Pro, StoryMaps, and other Apps; ESRI online training; Trent’s annual GIS Research Day Talks; the ESRI Canada Scholarship.  

GIS, Statistical, and Data Visualization Support: Guidance on methods, workflows, and software use.

Research Data Management: Support for the research data lifecycle including collection, documentation, storage, sharing and preservation of research data. Guidance on secure data deposit, data management plan creation, data curation, getting a DOI and more. 

Research Collaborations: Working with members of the university and external partners on research projects.

Regional Environmental History Atlas Project: A collaborative project to create a regional portal and discovery tool for historical and current information.

Workshops and Teaching Support: Workshops throughout each term on a variety of topics, including Data Visualization, GIS procedures and workflows, Research Data Management (RDM), statistical programming, and customized workshops for classes. 


Kate Hodge, BSc (Hons) (Trent), GIS Applications Specialist (Fleming), MSc (Trent)
Data Visualization & Statistical Support Specialist 

Tracy Sallaway, BSc (Lakehead), GIS Applications Specialist (Fleming), MI (Toronto)
Research Data Services Librarian and Head of MaDGIC

Barbara Znamirowski, BA (Hons) (Queens), MLIS (Dalhousie)
Librarian Emeritus (Head of MaDGIC 1983-2023)

We would be delighted to assist you with your research and teaching needs, and to participate in collaborative research projects. Contact MaDGIC