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Durham Greater Toronto Area

Gender & Women's Studies (B.A.)

Learn alongside faculty who are active participants in gender research, education, and advocacy – including the Canada Research Chair in Feminist and Gender Studies.

Gender and Women’s Studies explores gender relations across cultures, throughout history, and in contemporary societies, including the ways in which gender interacts with sexuality, race, class, age, and ability in local and global contexts. In this three-year general degree program you will explore a broad range of feminist perspectives on labour, health, history, popular culture, social movements, law, the environment, social policy, literature, and globalization. You will develop an interdisciplinary understanding of feminist thought and practice, including dynamic intersections with critical race, critical disability, decolonial, and critical sexuality studies. Study and live your passion for gender and social justice, while learning skills transferable to everyday life and a full range of careers.

Resumé Boosters

  • Put your knowledge to the test outside the university through a community-based gender research project
  • Enjoy awards and bursaries exclusive to Gender and Women's Studies students
  • Engage with guest lecturers, authors, and leaders in the field

Career Paths

  • Lawyer
  • Policy Advisor
  • Community Development Worker
  • Social Worker
  • Counsellor
  • Healthcare Professional
  • Equity Advisor
  • Human Rights Advocate
  • Researcher
  • Program Manager

Popular Courses

  • Gender and Popular Culture
  • Criminalizing Women
  • Contemporary Feminisms
  • Gender, Sexualities and the Law
  • Queer Feminisms
  • Popular Culture, Gender, and Social Movements
  • Doing Feminist Research