Administration and Significant University Highlights

The First 50 Years: Below is a list of major administrative positions at Trent University from 1964 to approximately 2014. University calendars are also a good source of similar information - up to the present time - and include additional positions to those listed below. A complete set of the calendars beginning 1964 is available in the Archives Reading Room and some are also online.

Early Days

  • 1957: Public discussion regarding the feasibility of an institution of higher learning in Peterborough and formation of the "Mayor's Committee." Letter to the Peterborough Examiner from Reginald Faryon.
  • 1960: Liaison committee formed consisting of Julian Blackburn from Queen's, Moffatt Woodside from U. of T. and Frank Stiling from Western
  • 1960: Letters Patent for Trent College issued
  • 1961: Founding Board invites Thomas H.B.Symons to become president-designate; Academic Planning Committee formed
  • 1962: Campus Planning Committee formed
  • 1963: Trent University Act passed; Symons becomes first President
  • 1964: Master Planning Architect R.H.Thom appointed; first students admitted. Official opening, October 17, 1964


1967-1973 The Hon. Leslie M. Frost (installation addresses available; remarks by Hon. Frost available)
1973-1977 The Hon. Eugene A. Forsey
1977-1980 William L. Morton
1981-1983 Margaret Laurence
1984-1987 John J. Robinette
1988-1995 F. Kenneth Hare
1996-1999 Mary May Simon
1999-2002 Peter John Gzowski
2002-2003 Mary May Simon
2003-2009 Roberta Lynn Bondar
2009-2013 Tom Jackson
2013- Don Tapscott (installation remarks by Don Tapscott available: typed with handwritten annotations)

Chair, Board of Governors

1962-1967 Charles Fraser
1967-1971 Hugh Waddell
1971-1975 Bernard Sandwell
1975-1980 David Woods
1980-1984 Erica Cherney
1984-1986 Jon Grant
1987-1991 John dePencier
1991-1994 Robert Stephenson
1994-1999 Jalynn Bennett
1999-2002 Gary Wolff
2002-2008 Reid Morden
2008-2011 David Morton
2011-2014 B. Anne Wright
2014-2016 Bryan Davies
2016 Rod Taylor
2016 Stephen Kylie

President and Vice-Chancellor

1961-1963 Thomas H.B. Symons (President-elect)
1963-1972 Thomas H.B. Symons
1968 Richard Sadleir (acting)
1971 Richard Sadleir (acting)
1972-1980 Thomas Nind
1977 Marion Fry (acting)
1980-1987 Donald Theall
1984 Roy Edwards (acting)
1987-1993 John Stubbs
1993 David Morrison (acting)
1994-1997 Leonard Conolly
1997-1998 David Chadwick Smith (interim)
1998-2009 Bonnie Patterson
2009-2014 Steven Franklin
2014-current Leo Groarke

Senior Advisor to the President

2004-2008 Nancy Smith

Executive Assistant to the President

1984-2004 Nancy Smith
2004-2007 Catherine Downey
2007-2010 Sherry Gosselin
2010-2014 Karen Spearing
2014- current Brenda Blackburn

Director, Strategic Initiatives

2014- current Karen Spearing

Assistant to the President

1964 Denis Smith
1997-1998 John Burbidge
2000-2004 Catherine Downey

Administrative Assistant to the President

1967 Ralph Heintzman
1968 Michael Treadwell
1969 Graham Weeks
1972 Paul Haefling
1979 Gordon Martel
1980 Barry Yeates
1981 Joanne Heath
1991 Judy Grasmuck

Special Advisor to the President

1999-? Tony Whittingham


The offices of Vice-President have undergone numerous changes over the years at Trent University. The office of the Vice-President (Academic) has existed by this name since 1971 when Prof. Thomas Nind assumed the Vice-Presidency. Prior to this, Prof. Denis Smith had been Vice-President from 1964 to 1967 when Richard Sadleir took office. Prof. Marion Fry served as Vice President from 1975 until 1979 when Prof. Robert Chambers took office as the last Vice-President. In 1981, the title of Vice-President (Academic) and Provost was revived with Prof. Brian Heeney. In 1984, Professor George Hamilton was appointed Vice-President (Academic) and Provost. The position was retained under this title until 1988. Hamilton was Vice-President (University Services) 1989-1990 and Prof. James Neufeld became Vice-President (University Services) 1989-1994. In 1995 Neufeld became Vice-President (Administration and University Services (acting)). The position was filled from 1995-1996 by Fraser Wilson. In 1996 the responsibilities of the Provost and Dean of Arts and Science were divided between two positions: Vice-President (Academic) and Dean of Arts and Science. Robert Campbell was appointed Vice-President (Academic) from September 1, 1996 to June 30, 1999, but resigned from the position on June 30, 1997. David Morrison was appointed interim Vice-President (Academic) beginning July 1, 1997 for one year. John Syrett was Dean of Arts and Science (acting) from 1996-1997, and Colin Taylor, from 1997-June 30, 1998. On July 1, 1998, Graham Taylor was appointed Vice-President (Academic) and Provost. At the same time, Colin Taylor was named Dean of Arts and Science. In July 2003, Susan Apostle-Clark became Vice-President (Academic) and Provost, a position she held until 2008. In September 2008, Christine McKinnon was appointed acting Provost and Vice-President (Academic), a position she held until August 2010. Dr. Gary Boire became Provost and Vice-President (Academic) in September 2010. In 2015 Professor Jacqueline Muldoon became interim Provost and Vice-President (Academic) and in 2016 was appointed Provost and Vice-President (Academic).

From 1966 to 1973, John Leishman was Controller and from 1971, also Vice-President (Finance). The office was split in 1973 and there was a Vice-President (Finance) and a Controller (Peter Lewis). Professor John Earnshaw became Vice-President (Administration and Finance) in 1981 as John Leishman moved to the position of Executive Vice-President (External Relations and Financial Affairs). John Earnshaw held the office until August 1991. Nancy Sullivan became Vice-President (Finance and Administration), 1991-1994.

The position of Vice-President (University Services) was renamed from the previous Vice-President (Academic) at the same time as the title "Provost" was detached from the Vice-President (Academic) and attached to the position of "Dean and Provost".

The position of Vice-President (Development) was developed in 1988 with Susan Mackle as the first incumbent. The position had primary responsibility for fundraising (the campaign at the time was Fund for Excellence). Mackle took over from John Leishman, Executive Vice-President (External and Board Relations) and served in this position until 1994. From 1995 to 2005, Mackle served as Vice-President (Advancement). Don Cumming served as Acting Vice-President (Advancement) from December 2005 to February 2006, at which time Dianne Lister became Vice-President (Advancement and External Relations), a position she held until 2011. Don Cumming served as Acting Vice-President (Advancement and External Relations) for part of 2011. Julie Davis was appointed Vice President (External Relations and Advancement) on October 31, 2011.

In 1996 the position of Vice-President (Administration and University Services) was divided between two positions: Vice-President (Administration) and Associate Vice-President (Student Services). John Earnshaw was appointed Vice-President (Administration), and John Burbidge Associate Vice-President (Student Services). Registrar Paul Thomson added the duties of Associate Vice-President (Student Affairs) to his portfolio on January 1, 1998, replacing John Burbidge. In 2000, Susan Salusbury became interim University Registrar, and then University Registrar from 2001 to 2009. On July 1, 1998, Sally Young became Vice-President (Administration); in 2002 Garth Brownscombe became Acting Vice-President (Administration), and in 2004, Don O'Leary became Vice-President (Administration). In 2009, Meri Kim Oliver was appointed Interim Associate Vice-President (Student Services). In 2009, Christopher Michael was appointed interim University Registrar and Director of Institutional Research; in the same year, Meri Kim Oliver was appointed acting University Registrar. In 2011, Grant Kerr was appointed Acting Registrar and Garth Brownscombe Acting Vice-President (Administration). In February 2012, Steven Pillar became Vice-President (Administration).

In 1998, the position of Vice-President (Human Resources) replaced the position of Director of Human Resources. Scott Pollard was appointed Vice-President (Human Resources) on January 1, 1998 and held the position until 1999. Brian Siegner was appointed interim Associate Vice-President (Human Resources) in 1999 and was succeeded by David Mahy who was appointed in September, 2000 and held the position until 2007. In 2007, the position of Director, Human Resources was recreated and Stephanie Williams became the first incumbent; in 2009, this position was expanded to include Faculty Relations.

In 2004, the position of Associate Vice-President (Research) was created and the first incumbent was James Parker.

In 2008, the position of Vice-President (Academic & Dean of Arts and Sciences) was created and the first incumbent was Christine McKinnon. Also created at this time were the positions of Vice-President (Research, International & Strategic Enrolment Management), assumed by James Parker; Associate Vice-President & Dean of Graduate Studies, assumed by Doug Evans; and Associate Vice-President (Research), assumed by Gyles Iannone. In 2009, Neil Emery became Associate Vice-President (Research).

In 2010, the following titles became effective: Associate Vice-President Human Resources (Stephanie Williams); Associate Vice-President Financial Services (Garth Brownscombe); Associate Vice-President Physical Resources (John Wordley); Associate Vice-President Student Services (Meri Kim Oliver); Associate Vice-President Information Technology Services (Anne Parker, Acting Director).

In 2011, the position of Associate Vice-President Public Affairs and Government Relations was created; Don Cumming became the first incumbent. He served in this position until 2012. In the same year the position of Acting Associate Vice President (SEM) was created and Michelle Willson was appointed. In 2011, Neil Emery was appointed Vice-President (Research and International). In 2011, Kent Stringham was appointed Acting Associate Vice-President Physical Resources and Kristi Kerford Acting Associate Vice-President Student Services. In 2011, Seng Kho was appointed Associate Vice-President Physical Resources. In 2016, Neil Emery was appointed Vice-President Research and Innovation.

In 2012, Nona Robinson was appointed Associate Vice-President Students and Tariq Al-idrissi was appointed Associate Vice-President, Information Technology.

In 2013 the position of Vice-President Administration was retitled Vice-President Finance and Administration. In 2016, Cheryl Turk was appointed Associate Vice-President Finance.


1964-1967 Denis Smith
1970-1976 Richard Sadleir
1976-1978 Marion Fry
1979-1981 Robert Chambers

Vice-President (Academic) and Provost

1971-1972 Thomas Nind
1981-1984 Brian Heeney
1982 George Hamilton (acting)
1983 George Hamilton (acting)
1983 Roy Edwards (acting)
1984-1988 George Hamilton
1998-2003 Graham D. Taylor
2003-2008 Susan Apostle-Clark
September 2008 - August 2010 Christine McKinnon (acting)
September 2010 - 2015 Dr. Gary Boire
2015 Jacqueline Muldoon (interim)
2016- current Jacqueline Muldoon

Vice-President (Academic & Dean of Arts & Science)

2008-2009 Christine McKinnon

Vice-President (Academic)

1996-1997 Robert Campbell
1997-1998 David Morrison (interim)

Vice-President (University Services)

Office has responsibility for: library, college heads, computer services, athletics, health services, audio visual, conferences
1988-1989 George Hamilton
1989-1990 Michael Treadwell (acting)
1990-1994 James Neufeld

Vice-President (Administration and University Services)

1995 James Neufeld (acting)
1995-1996 W. Fraser Wilson

Vice-President (Administration)

1996-1998 John Earnshaw
1998-2004 Aldous (Sally) Young
2004-2011 Don O'Leary
2011-2012 Garth Brownscombe (acting)
2012- current Steven Pillar

Vice-President (Finance)

1971-1981 John Leishman

Vice-President (Administration and Finance)

Office has responsibility for Physical Resources: security, parking; Financial Services: accounting, purchasing, bookstore, print shop; Human Resources: labour relations, payroll, health & safety, employment equity
1981-1991 John Earnshaw
1991-1994 Nancy Sullivan

Vice-President (Finance and Administration)

2013- Steven Pillar

Associate Vice-President (Finance)

2016- current Cheryl Turk

Executive Vice-President (External and Board Relations)

1981-l988 John Leishman

Vice-President (Development)

1988-1994 Susan Mackle

Vice-President (Advancement)

1995-2005 Susan Mackle
2005-2006 Don Cumming (acting)

Vice-President (Advancement and External Relations)

2006-2011 Dianne Lister
2011 Don Cumming (acting)
2011- current Julie Davis

Associate Vice-President (Research)

2004-2008 James Parker
2008-2009 Gyles Iannone
2009-2011 Neil Emery

Vice-President (Research, International & Strategic Enrollment Management)

2008-2011 James Parker

Vice-President (Research and International)

2011- 2015 Neil Emery

Vice-President (Research and Innovation)

2016 - current Neil Emery

Associate Vice-President (Faculty Relations)

1983-1984 George Hamilton
1984-1986 Peter Adams

Associate Vice-President (Student Services)

1996-1998 John Burbidge
2009-2011 Meri Kim Oliver
2011-2012 Kristi Kerford (acting)

Associate Vice-President (Students)

2012- current Nona Robinson

Associate Vice-President (Student Affairs) & University Registrar

1998-2000 Paul Thomson

Associate Vice-President (Human Resources)

1998-1999 Scott Pollard
1999-2000 Brian Siegner (interim)
2000-2007 David Mahy

Associate Vice-President (Human Resources)

2010- current Stephanie Williams

Associate Vice-President (Financial Services)

2010- current Garth Brownscombe

Associate Vice-President (Physical Resources)

2010-2011 John Wordley
2011 Kent Stringham (acting)
2011- current Seng Kho

Associate Vice-President (Student Services)

2010-2011 Meri Kim Oliver

Associate Vice-President (Information Technology)

2010-2012 (vacant); (Anne Parker (Acting Director))
2012- current Tariq Al-idrissi

Associate Vice-President (Public Affairs and Government Relations)

2011-2012 Don Cumming

Associate Vice-President (Strategic Enrollment Management)

2011 Michelle Willson (acting)
2012-2013 Michelle Willson

Associate Vice-President (Strategic Enrollment Management and Registrar)

2013- current Michelle Willson

Associate Vice-President & Dean (Graduate Studies)

2008-2009 Doug Evans

Special Advisor to the Provost (and responsibility for Trent University Oshawa)

2013-2015 Joe Muldoon

Assistant to the Vice-President (Administration)

1998-1999 Gwynne Roseborough
1999-2001 Susan Bartsch
2001-2009 Martha Hendriks

Executive Assistant to the Vice-President (Administration)

2012- current Ashley Horne

Assistant to the Vice-President (Academic) & Dean (Arts & Science)

1999-2000 Margaret Sanders

Assistant to the Vice-President (Academic)

2000-2008 Tara Harrington

Assistant to Vice-President (Research, International & Strategic Enrollment Management)

2008-2012 Tara Harrington

Administrative Assistant to Vice-President (Research and International)

2012- current Carolyn Johns

Director of Research (Research and International)

?- current Cathy Smith

Director of Research Services

2014- current Cathy Gates

Assistant to the Dean of Arts and Science

2000-2008 Joe Muldoon

Assistant to Vice President (Academic) & Dean of Arts and Sciences

2008-2013 Joe Muldoon

Assistant to the Vice-President (External Relations & Advancement)

?-2011 Jennifer McIsaac

Executive Assistant to the Vice-President (External Relations & Advancement)

2011-2015 Cindy Turnbull
2015- current Sarah Gallen

Senior Manger of Development (External Relations & Advancement)

2006-2008 Richard Morgan

Director, Portfolio Operations & Philanthropic Research

2008-2010 current Richard Morgan

Senior Advancement Director

2008-2010 Shirlanne Pawley-Boyd
2010-2013 Richard Morgan (acting)

Associate Vice-President Development

2013 - current Richard Morgan

Director, Government & Community Relations (External Relations & Advancement)

2013- current Dan Miles

Director, Marketing & Communications (External Relations & Advancement)

2007- current Marilyn Burns

Director of Alumni Affairs

1988-2011 Tony Storey
2011 - current Lee Hays

Director, Government and Community Relations

2014- current Andy Mitchell

Privacy Protection / Freedom of Information Officer

2007-2015 Susan Bartsch

Labour Relations Officer

1985-1992 Ted Bartley

University Secretariat

University Secretary

1982 Barry Yeates
1983 A.O.C. Cole
1987-2004 Nancy Smith

University Secretary / Secretary to the Board

2004-2008 Nancy Smith
2009-2012 Lon Knox
2012 (October-December) Susan Bartsch (acting)

University Secretary

2013-2016 Deb deBruijn
2016-current Karen Spearing

Associate University Secretary (Board)

?- 2015 Susan Bartsch

Associate University Secretary (Senate)

2013- current Tara Harrington (acting)

Manager, Policy and Records

2009-2013 Martha Hendriks

Chair, Trent University Congress of Colleges

1966-1967 Robert Korth
1967-1968 Brian Roadhouse
1968-1969 Rick Nichols
1969-1970 John McQuade
1970-1971 Bob Stephenson Head of Colleges and College Heads

Director of Colleges

2014-2015 Barry Townshend
2016 - current Stephanie Muehlethaler

Catharine Parr Traill College


1964-1969 Marion Fry (Also Dean of Women)
1969 Nancy Sherouse (acting)
1970-1982 Nancy Sherouse
1982-1987 James Neufeld
1987-1991 Dan Dempster
1991-1992 Robert Chambers
1992-1995 Heather Avery
1995 (March 20 - Aug. 18) Lynn Neufeld (acting)
1995-1997 Heather Avery
1997-1998 David Page (acting)
1998-1999 Heather Avery
1999-2000 Lynn Neufeld (acting)
2000-2001 David Page (interim)
2001-2004 Michael Peterman
2004-2005 Leonard Conolly
2005-2008 Michael Peterman
2008-2010 Doug Evans
2010 Leonard Conolly (interim)
2010-2011 Joan Sangster
2011-2014 Doug Evans
2014- current Michael Eamon

Assistant to Principal

1964 M.J. Albright
1966 E.A. Mcleod
1967 Nancy Sherouse
1973 Lynn Neufeld
1987 Philip Playfair
1988-1995 Lynn Neufeld

College Administrator

1995-1999 Lynn Neufeld

College Assistant

[1999]-2006 Judy Stephenson
2006-2009 Wendy Scammell
2009-current Debra Nichols

Senior Tutor

1966 Robert Chambers
1967 Ian Sandeman
1968 Ramos Vastokas
1970 David Cameron
1971 Peter Watson
1973 John Burbidge
1977 Gale Fisher
1978 Fred Hagar
1982 Janet Bews
1986 Janet Bews
1987 Christopher Greene
1989 David Page
1990 Christopher Greene
1999 Chris Tindale
2002 Ian Storey
2002-2004 Jill Smith
2004-2006 Sarah Keefer
2006-2008 Faye Pickrem
2008-2014 Christy Carlson (continuing students only)

Senior Don

1966 Janet Bews
1972 Deryck Schreuder
1973 David Glassco
1975 Tony Sherman
1977 David Glassco
1978 John Jennings
1980 J.G. English
1982 R.D. Powell
1984 R.D. Powell
1988 Ishwar Chakravartty
1989 Stephen Brown & Kathleen Chittick
1990 Stephen Brown & Kathleen Chittick
1991 Peter Lafleur
1993 Kenneth Field and Eleanor Underwood
1994 Ivana Elbl and Martin Elbl
1995 Deb Gelderland
1999 Tom Pratt & Kim Caldwell
2001 David Berger

College Don

[2002]-2004 Joanne Warren
2004-2006 Tamara Tkachenko
2006-? Lara Hof

Peter Robinson College


1963 Richard Sadleir (also Dean of Men)
1969 Ian Chapman
1977 Ian McLachlan
1982 Andrew Wernick
1988-1993 John Milloy
1993-1996 Theresa Topic
1996 (July-Dec.) Jan Fialkowski (acting)
1997-2001 George Nader
2001-2003 Peter Lapp (interim)

Assistant to Master

1964 Michael Treadwell
1966 Ralph Heintzman
1967 John Stubbs
1969 Richard Johnston
1973 Glynnis Thomas
1974 Eileen Allemang
1985-1990 Elizabeth O'Connell
1991-1994 Judy Johnson
1996 Sept.-Dec. Scott Gordon (acting)

College Administrator

1994-Aug. 1996 Janice Fialkowski
1997-1999 Janice Fialkowski

Senior Tutor

1967 Stuart Robson
1969 Max Young
1972 Morton Berkowitz
1973 Terry Mellors
1974 John Syrett
1978 John Fekete
1979 Norman Townsend
1979 Pamela McCallum
1980 Zailig Pollock
1982 Arndt Kruger
1983 Constantine Boundas
1985 John Milloy
1986-1988 Constantine Boundas
1989 A. McCartney
1990 ?
1991 Christine McKinnon
1993 Zsuzsa Baross
1994 John Topic
1997-2001 Molly Blyth
2001-2003 Michael McIsaac

Senior Don

1964 Stewart Brown
1969 Ian Chapman
1973 Arndt Kruger
1977 Peter McKinnon
1982 George Ferzoco
1985 William Ramp
1994 Sue Hamer and Robert Widdowson
1995 Manuela Lefranc
1996-1998 Peter and Lorelei Lapp
1998-1999 Brian McManus
1999-2000 Jeffrey Bird
2001 Suzanne Allin and Michael Ross
2002 David Tough

Champlain College


1966-1969 William Morton
1969-1971 Denis Smith
1971-1974 Brian Heeney
1974-1975 F.A. Hagar (acting)
1975-1977 Brian Heeney
1977-1982 John Burbidge
1982-1987 David Glassco
1987 Jim McAdam
Jan - April 1988 Peter Dawson (acting)
1993-1997 Stephen Brown
1997-1998 Martin Boyne (acting)
1998-2004 Stephen Brown
2004 David Glassco (interim)
2005-2008 Stephen Brown
2008-2010 Robin Lathangue
2010- 2014 Michael Allcott

College Head

2014- Melanie Sedge


1967 Denis Smith
1971 Chris Greene

Assistant to Master

1970 S.T. Butts
1971 H.A. Arthur
1972 Michel Trudeau
1975 T.F.R. Davidson
1977 Caroline Bazley
1979 Andrew Brodhead
1980 James Fleming
1982 Scott Warren
1983 Peter Henry
1985 Scott Warren
1986 Liz McCarney
1992-1994 Marian O'Brien

College Assistant

?-2014 Noranne Flower

College Administrator

1995-1999 Marian O'Brien

Senior Tutor

1967 Christopher Greene
1969 Lee Beach
1972 Harry Kitchen
1974 Linda Hubbell
1978 Chris Greene
1980 Elizabeth Orsten
1981 Chris Greene
1985 Torben Drewes
1987-1989 Ian C. Storey
1990 ?
1991 Ishwar Chakravartty
1993 Chris Tindale
1995 Tom Phillips
1996-1998 Martin Boyne
1998-2002 Tom Phillips
2002-2007 David French
2007-2008 Alex Atfield
2008-2013 Derek Newman-Stille
2013-2014 Mac Fenwick

Academic Advisor

2014- T. Fridgen

Senior Don

1966 B.C. Gregory
1967 Gale Fisher
1969 David Morrison
1972 Richard Dellamora
1974 Ishwar Chakravartty
1977 John Wadland
1978 M.E. Sturk
1979 Rob Robinson
1980 Laurene Ratcliffe
1981 Molly Blyth and David Glassco
1982 Robert Carter and Cyndy Carter
1983 Robert Carter
1985 Peter Dawson
1994 Jeff Macnab
1995 Cathy and Dave Smith
1996 (no one in this position from 1996 to 1999)
1999-? Bruce Emmerton and Nancy Fawcett

College Don

?-? Casey Phillips

College Residence Life Coordinator

2008-2010 Colleen Lewis
2010-2014 Molly Raffan
2014- Jas Randhawa

Lady Eaton College


1968-1976 Marjory Seeley Rogers
1976-1981 Doug McCalla
1981-1986 Dale Standen
1986-1988 David Page
1989-1993 John Stanford
1994-1995 Paul Zeleza
1995-1996 Rosa Garrido
1996-2000 Kenneth Field
2000-2006 Arndt Kruger
2006-2007 Leonard Conolly (interim)
2007-2010 Arndt Kruger
2010-2012 Carolyn Kay
2012- 2014 Michael Eamon

College Head

2014- current Lindsay Morris


1967-1969 Robert Chambers

Assistant to Principal

1968 Martina Vandermeer
1969 Kathryn Campbell
1973 Louis Taylor
1975 Nancy Baldwin
1979 Thomas Moore
1982 Lori Pope
1986-1988 Cathy Wilson
1989 Ashley Foley
1991 Ashley (Foley) Mancuso
1995 Judy Grasmuck

College Administrator

1996-1999 Judy Grasmuck

College Assistant

[1999]-2014 Katherine Curle

Senior Tutor

1968 Ray March
1970 George Hamilton
1972 Doug McCalla
1975 Dale Standen
1978 Catherine Sproule
1981 Michael Peterman
1987 Catherine Sproule (acting)
1988 Catherine Sproule
1994 Jacqueline Muldoon
1995 Patricia Morton
1999 Kathleen Easson & Christopher Greene
2000-2002 Fiona Harris Stoertz
2002-2004 Lorrie Clark
2004-2007 Peter Northrop
2007-2009 Alex Atfield
2009-2014 Christine Freeman-Roth

Academic Advisor

2014- current Christine Freeman-Roth

Senior Don

1969 Pradeep Bandyopadhyay
1970 Gordon Macdonald
1975 Terry Mellors
1978 Louis Taylor
1980 James English
1981 Malcolm & Christina Winter
1982 James Riva
1983 Patricia Strode
1995 Helen Wallis
1996-1998 Cynthia and Jaime Awe
1998-1999 Cynthia Awe
1999-2004 Peter Northrop

College Don

2004-2005 Andrea Harrington
2005-? A. McIntosh

College Residence Life Coordinator

2008-2013 Judy Morozuk
2013- 2014 Vladimir Smiljanic
2014-current Jas Randhawa 

Otonabee College


1973 Robert Carter
1977 Gary Aitken
1978 Elwood Jones
1983 Finn Gallagher
1988-1994 Gordon Johnston
1994-June 1998 Robert Annett
July-December 1998 Gordon Johnston
1999-2003 Ivana Elbl
2003-2008 Ian Storey
2008-2012 Robin Lathangue
2012-2014 Jane Mackie

College Head

2014- current Ashley Wall

Assistant to Master

1973 Margaret Jacobs
1974 Magdalene Goodberry
1975 Robert Helsing
1978 Tony Storey
1984 John Campbell
1987 Lynn Horton
1987 Leslie Kirke
1994 Pat Gage

College Administrator

1995-1999 Pat Gage

College Assistant

[1999]-2014 Michele Sparkes

Senior Tutor

1973 David Page
1976 Gary Aitken
1977 Gary Reker
1978 Ian Storey
1980 James Struthers
1983 Gordon Johnson
1985 Torben Drewes
1986 Gordon Johnston
1988 Debra Clarke
1989 Robert Annett
1995 Morgan Tamplin
1996 Kathleen Easson
1998-2004 Elwood Jones
2004-2006 Jane Mackie
2006-2008 David Beresford
2008-2009 Derek Newman-Stille
2009-2010 Erin Clow
2011-2014 Christy Carlson

Academic Advisor

2014- current Christy Carlson

Senior Don

1974 Peter Northrop
1978 Tracey Haley
1979 Heather and Ken Beasley
1980 William Phelan
1982 Gary Aitken
1984 John Wiseman
1988 Inge Lovell-Finucan and Scott Finucan
1991 Inge Lovell
1992 Theron and Sharon Craig
1995 Bubba Lougheed and Jeff Lanctot
1996 Art Beaver
1997 Daphne Uras
1998 Debra Stephens & Brian Rosseau
1999-2002 Bina Mehta & Kevin Spooner

College Don

[2005]-2006 Christopher Eley
2006-? Ashley McIntosh

College Residence Life Coordinator

2008-2011 John Arnou
2011-2014 Suni Karir
2014- current Cory Coletta

Peter Gzowski College

College Head

2003-2004 Stephen Brown (interim)
2004-2005 David Newhouse
2005-2006 Leonard Conolly (interim)
2006-2009 Raymond Dart
2009 -2011 Ellen Bentzen
2011 Raymond Dart (acting)
2011- 2014 Melanie Buddle
2014 - Lindy Garneau

College Assistant

2003-2006 Christine Diaz
2006-2011 Janice Ecclestone
2011-2012 Dwayne Collins
2012- ? Lesley Hulcoop

Senior Tutor

200[5]-2006 J. Smith
2006-2007 Ellen Bentzen
2007-2008 Ellen Bentzen & C. Carlson
2008-2009 Ellen Bentzen
2009-2013 Melanie Buddle
2013- 2014 Tina Fridgen

Academic Advisor

2014- current Melanie Buddle

College Don

200[5]-2006 P. Greenwood
2006- ?

College Residence Life Coordinator

2008-2013 Shannon Beatty and Sunita Karir
2013-2014 Heather MacKinnon
2014- current Cory Coletta

Julian Blackburn College

Director of Part-time Studies

1967-1968 Walter Pitman (acting)
1968-1974 Hal Hooke

Principal of Julian Blackburn College

1976-1977 Hal Hooke
1977-1978 Erica Pipher (acting)
1978-1981 Erica Pipher
2009-[2013] Robin Lathangue

Vice-Principal and Director of Off Campus Courses

1976 Erica Pipher

Vice-Dean Arts and Science and Principal of Julian Blackburn College

1981-1985 Lionel Rubinoff

Associate Dean and Director of Julian Blackburn Centre for Continuing Education

1985-1986 Michael Treadwell (acting)
1986-1988 Michael Treadwell
1988-1990 George Nader

Associate Dean of Arts and Science and Principal of Julian Blackburn College

1990-1994 George Nader
1994-1996 John Syrett
1996-1998 Jackie Tinson (acting)
1998-1999 Murray Genoe (acting)
1999-2002 Beth Popham

Associate Dean of Arts and Science (Continuing Education and Part-Time Studies) / Principal, Julian Blackburn College

2002-2009 Murray Genoe

Senior Tutors

2009-[2013] C. Carlson; M. Fenwick

Associate Dean - Trent in Oshawa

2009-2011 Rita Bode

Associate Dean and Principal (acting)

2011-2012 Brendan Hickie


2009-2011 Peter Lapp (acting)
2012-2013 Ken Field (acting

Head, Trent University Durham

2014- Joe Muldoon

Administrative Coordinator

? - Amber Ashton

Manager Student Affairs

? - Justin Fisher

Academic Advising

? - Craig Cameron

Student Life and Co-Curricular Program Coordinator

? - Chris Nelan

In 1966 and 1967, there was both a Dean of Arts and a Dean of Science. In 1967, Professor Thomas Nind became Dean of Arts and Science and, in concert with a number of Associate Deans, this position existed until 1996. In 1996 the responsibilities of the Provost and Dean of Arts and Science were divided between Vice-President Academic and Dean of Arts and Science. In 2007, a new position, Associate Dean of Arts and Science (Undergraduate Studies), was created.

In July 2009, Mark Parnis was appointed Acting Dean of Arts and Science; and Doug Evans, Dean of Graduate Studies and Principal of Traill College. In 2010, Joan Sangster was appointed Dean of Graduate Studies and Principal of Traill College. In 2013 the duties were split and Joan Sangster remained Dean of Graduate Studies and Doug Evans became Principal of Traill College. In 2014, Michael Eamon became acting Principal of Traill College. In 2016, Craig Brunetti became Dean of Graduate Studies.

In August 2010, three acting decanal appointments were created in the Faculty of Arts and Science: Hugh Elton, Acting Dean of Arts and Science (Humanities); Paul Healy, Acting Dean of Arts and Science (Social Sciences); and Holger Hintelmann, Acting Dean of Arts and Science (Sciences). In September 2010, two decanal appointments were announced: Wendy Fucile as Dean of Trent-Fleming School of Nursing; and Jacqueline Muldoon as Dean of the School of Education and Professional Learning. In 2011, Elaine Scharfe was appointed Dean of Arts and Science (Social Sciences) and Kirsten Woodend Dean of Trent-Fleming School of Nursing. In 2012, Holger Hintelmann was appointed Dean of Arts and Science (Sciences). Hugh Elton has been appointed Dean of Arts and Science (Humanities) July 2013 to June 2018; during his sabbatical leave July 2012 to June 2013, Moira Howes was Acting Dean of Arts and Science (Humanities). Bruce Cater served as Dean of Arts and Science (Social Sciences) from [  ] to 2017; Kirk Collins will serve as Acting Dean of Arts and Science (Social Sciences) from January to June 2018.

Dean of Arts and Science

1967-1972 Thomas Nind
1972-1975 Walter Pitman
1975-1977 David Cameron
1977-1979 George Hamilton
1979-1984 David Gallop
1984-1988 David Morrison
1988-1989 Colin Taylor (acting)
1989-1990 David Morrison
1996-1997 John Syrett (acting)
1997-1998 Colin Taylor (acting)
1998-2002 Colin Taylor
2002 Christine McKinnon (acting)
2002-2003 Christine McKinnon
2004-2006 Colin Taylor
2006-2008 Christine McKinnon
2009-2011 Mark Parnis (acting)

Vice President, Academic and Dean of Arts & Science

2008-2009 Christine McKinnon

Dean of Arts and Science and Provost

1990-1993 David Morrison
1993 Colin Taylor (acting)
1994 David Morrison
1994-1996 Robert Campbell

Dean of Science

1966 Roy Edwards (acting)
1966-1967 Thomas Nind (acting)

Dean of Arts

1966 Denis Smith (acting)
1966-1967 E. Schonleber

Associate Dean of Arts and Science

1967-1969 W.D.R. Eldon
1969-1974 Julian Blackburn
1977-1981 Prudence Craib
1983-1984 Peter Adams
1984-1988 Colin Taylor

Associate Dean of Arts and Science (Science)

1994 Keith De'Bell

Associate Dean of Science

1973-1976 Jack Lodge
1989- ? Peter Barrett
1998-2015 Jim Sutcliffe

Associate Dean and Principal of Part-Time Studies

1990-1994 George Nader
1994-1996 John Syrett
1996-1998 Jackie Tinson (acting)

Associate Dean of Arts and Science and Principal of Julian Blackburn College

1999-2002 Elizabeth Popham

Associate Dean of Arts and Science (Continuing Education and Part-Time Studies) / Principal, Julian Blackburn College

2002-2008 Murray Genoe

Associate Dean of Arts and Science, Teaching and Learning

2002-2013 David Poole

Associate Dean of Arts and Science (Undergraduate Studies)

2007-2013 Jocelyn Aubrey

Dean of Arts and Science (Humanities)

2010-2012 Hugh Elton (acting)
2012-2013 Moira Howes (acting)
2013-2018 Hugh Elton

Dean of Arts and Science (Social Sciences)

2010-2011 Paul Healy (acting)
2011- [  ] Elaine Scharfe
[  ] - 2017 Bruce Cater
2018 (Jan.-June) Kirk Collins (acting)

Dean of Arts and Science (Sciences)

2010-2012 Holger Hintelmann (acting)
2012- current Holger Hintelmann

Graduate Studies

Dean of Graduate Studies

1967-1972 Bernard Blishen
1973-1977 Stewart Brown
1977-1983 W. Peter Adams
2004-2008 Doug Evans

Associate Vice-President & Dean of Graduate Studies

2008-2009 Doug Evans

Dean of Graduate Studies and Head of Traill College

2009-2010 Doug Evans
2010-2011 Joan Sangster

Dean of Graduate Studies

2011-2013 Joan Sangster
2013- 2016 Doug Evans (interim Dean)
2016 - current Craig Brunetti

Associate Dean of Arts and Science and Director of Research

1984-1988 Colin Taylor

Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Studies

1988-1990 Michael Peterman
1990-1995 Colin Taylor
1995-1997 Paul Healy

Dean of Research and Graduate Studies

1997-2000 Paul Healy
2000-2004 Chris Metcalfe

Graduate Studies and Research Officer

1977-1987 Patricia Strode

Graduate Studies Officer

1988-1999 Patricia Strode

Graduate Studies & Research Officer

1999-[2004] Sandi Carr

Research Officer

1988-1999 Joe Muldoon

Coordinator Research & Graduate Studies

1999-2000 Joe Muldoon
2000-2001 Cathy Smith
2001 Linda Matthews

Frost Centre, Director

1982-1985 Sandy Lockhart
1985-1986 Robert Page
1986-1992 Bruce Hodgins
1992-1996 John Marsh
1996-2000 John Wadland
2000-2006 Joan Sangster
2006-2009 James Struthers
2009-2013 Julia Harrison
2013- 2014 Joan Sangster
2014-2015 John Milloy
2015-current Joan Sangster

Indigenous Environmental Studies Program, Director

2001-2004 Leanne Simpson
2004 Judith Pearce
2004- Dan Longboat

School of Education and Professional Learning


2002-2009 Deborah Berrill
2009-2010 Jackie Muldoon


2010-2015 Jackie Muldoon
2015-2016 Cathy Bruce (interim)
2016-Cathy Bruce

Trent-Fleming Nursing Program


2000-2001 Lesley Young-Lewis (acting)
2001-2004 Lesley Lewis
2004-2005 Judith Pearce
2005-2007 Dauna Crooks
2007-2010 Wendy Fucile (interim)


2010-2011 Wendy Fucile
2011- current Kirsten Woodend

Director, Watershed Sciences Centre

2006-?  Chris Metcalfe (interim)

University Librarian

1964-1973 Jack Martin
1973 Bruce Cossar (acting)
1974-1977 Bruce Cossar
1977-1981 Brian Heeney (Director of the Library)
1981 John Wiseman (acting)
1982-1985 John Wiseman
1985-1991 Murray Genoe
1991-1992 Luc DeClerck (acting)
1992-1997 Murray Genoe
1997-1999 Tom Eadie
2003-2006 Tom Eadie
2007-2014 Robert F. Clarke
2014-2015 Gord Ripley (acting)
2015-2021 Robert F. Clarke
2021-2022 Coralee Leroux (acting) 
2022-2023 Suzanne Bailey (acting) 
2023-present Emily Tufts

University Librarian & Director of Information Services

1999-2000 Tom Eadie
2001 (Jan.-June) Marisa Scigliano (acting)
2001-2003 Tom Eadie

University Archivist

1970-1971 Pat Johnston
1971-1983 Kenneth Johnson
1982 Bernadine Dodge (acting)
1983-1991 Bernadine Dodge
1991-1992 Mengya Meng (acting)
1992-1996 Bernadine Dodge
1997 Janice Millard (acting)
1997-1999 Bernadine Dodge
2000 (Jan.-June) Janice Millard (acting)
2000 (July)-2009 Bernadine Dodge

Curator of Archives, Special Collections, Rare Books and Gifts

2009-2011 Janice Millard

Archivist and Coordinator of Special Collections, Rare Books and the Visual Art Collection

2011-2013 Jodi Aoki (acting)

Curator of Archives, Special Collections, and Rare Books

2013-2015 Janice Millard


2015-2019 Jodi Aoki (acting)

University Archivist

2019-2022 Jodi Aoki

University Archivist and Head, Special Collections

2022-present Karen Suurtamm

Table of Contents

  • Admissions
  • Alumni Office
  • Athletics
  • Communications (became Marketing and Communications)
  • Conferences, Hospitality Services
  • Convocation and University Functions
  • Facilities/Physical Plant
  • Financial Services
  • First Peoples House of Learning
  • Health Services
  • Human Resources
  • Human Rights
  • Information Services
  • Information Technology Services
  • Institutional Research & Strategic Planning
  • Instructional Development Centre
  • Registrar
  • Security Services
  • Student Services (includes careers, counseling, wellness)
  • Trent International Program
  • Trent University Bookstore


Director of Admissions

1968-1974 Gordon Pollock
1974-1981 Richard Bowman
1981-1983 Alan Saxby

Director of Office of Admissions and Academic Records

1983-1985 Alan Saxby

Director of Academic Records and Scheduling

1973-1981 Alan Saxby
1981-1983 James Riva

Assistant Director of Academic Records and Scheduling

1983-19 ? James Riva


1963-1965 J.F.Brook

Alumni Office

(see above position also)

Coordinator, Alumni Affairs

1979-1984 Bruce Hurley
1984-1988 Tony Storey

Director of Alumni Affairs

1988-2011 Tony Storey
2011- current Lee Hays

Alumni Association President

19 ? -1995 John Currie
1995-199? Paul Moore
199?-2001 Cheryl Davies
2001-2005 Rod Cumming / Maureen Hughes
2005-2009 Matt Griem
2009-2011 Adam Guzkowski
2011- 2015 Robert Taylor-Vaisey
2015-current Jess Grover

Graphic Designer

1982-1983 Louis Taylor

Publications Officer

1983-1989 Louis Taylor
1990 Suzanne Graham
1991-1997 Anne Hoover

Publications Coordinator

1997-1999 Paul Gamache
1999-? Martin Boyne



1967-2002 Paul Wilson
2002-2014 Bill Byrick

Athletics and Recreation, Director

2014- Deborah Bright-Brundle

Finance and Administration, Manager

2008- current Leslie Dalliday

Conferences, Hospitality Services


199?-1997 Ashok Kaushik (acting)
1997-2007 Ashok Kaushik

Director, Conference & Hospitality Services

?- current Lori Johnston

Communications (became Marketing and Communications)

Director of Communications

1981-1996 Susan Wheeler
1996-1997 Kathleen Bain (acting)
1997-2001 Kathleen Bain
2001-2002 Marilyn Burns (acting)
2002-2007 Marilyn Burns

Senior Director, Public Affairs

2001-2008 Don Cumming

Senior Director, Public Affairs & Government Relations

2008-2011 Don Cumming

Associate Vice-President, Public Affairs and Government Relations

2011-2012 Don Cumming

Director of Marketing and Communications

2007- Marilyn Burns

Communications Officer

1988-19 ? Joy Manson
19 ? -1993 Frances Enns
1993-1998 Martha Tancock

Web Developer

1997-1998 Michael Young
1998-2002 Maureen Wideman
2002- current Marilyn Strain

Senior Writer

2000 Geoff Matthews
2000-2002 Carolyn Moore

Convocation and University Functions, Manager

2009- Joanne Sokolowski

Facilities/Physical Plant

University Engineer

1965-1966 Art Parker

Planning and Development Engineer

1968-1977 George Ross

Director of Physical Plant and General Services

1976-1977 Art Parker
1977-1986 George Ross
1987-1991 Steve Dantzer

Operations Engineer

1967-1979 Michael O'Brien
1987-1998 Colin Campbell

Assistant Director of Physical Plant and General Services

1980-1985 Michael O'Brien
1985-1998 Colin Campbell

Physical Resources, Director

1991-1999 Stephen Dantzer
1999 Murray Genoe (acting)
1999-2002 Bernhart Roth
2002-2004 John Wordley (interim)
2004-2010 John Wordley

Manager, Facility Services

1991-2002 Bob Van Dompseler

Manager, Capital Projects

2002-2004 Bob van Dompseler

Capital Project Management

Project Manager

[2004]- Robert Ballarin
2008- Linda Smith

Coordinator, Capital Projects

2005-2008 Linda Smith

Manager, Facility Maintenance

2000-2009 Dave Ruthowski

Manager, Facility Services

2009- Wayne Craft

Supervisor, Caretaking Services

2000-2004 Wayne Craft

Senior Project Manager

2001-2003 Steven Johnstone
2003-[?] Paul Lametti

Manager, Mechanical Electrical Maintenance

[200?]- Jamie Trombley

Manager, Sustainability

2007-? Kerri Wellstood

Sustainability Coordinator

2007-Shelley Strain

Manager, Administration

2012- Christine Salo

Manager of Theatre Services

1975-1981 Peter Northrop

Supervisor of Grounds and Custodial Services

1967-1989 Howard Darling

Financial Services


1966-1973 John Leishman (also V-P Finance, 1971)
1973-1976 Peter Lewis
1977-1980 Sandy Watson
1980-1983 Tony Van Hoeckel

Assistant Controller

1966- ? Peter Lewis
1973-1977 Sandy Watson


1973-1992 John Moore

Budget and Systems Officer

1966 Jack Kennaley (became Financial Planning Officer 1967, Assistant to Vice-President [Finance] 1973, and Director of Finance 1979-?)

Director of Financial Services

1983-2001 Tony Van Hoeckel
2001-2002 Garth Brownscombe
2002-2004 Gord Savage (acting)
2004- Garth Brownscombe

Purchasing, Manager

1968-1991 Art Wells
1991- current Lorraine Hayes

First Peoples House of Learning, Director

2011 Joeann Argue
2012- Emerance Baker

Health Services, Director

1964-1973 M.F.Clarkson
1973-1975 Alice Martin
1975-1992 Ruggles Pritchard
1992-2010 Anne Walters
2010-2011 Stewart Engleberg

Human Resources, Personnel Services

Director of Personnel and University Services

1967-1969 W.F.McMullen
1977-1979 Art Parker
1979-1980 Kenneth Hayes

Director of Staff Relations

1980-1981 Kenneth Hayes
1982-1989 Nancy Sherouse

Director, Human Resources

1989-1992 Nancy Sherouse
1992-1997 Jock Bryce
1997-1998 John Earnshaw (acting)
(Note: For a period between 1998 and 2007 the position title was Vice-President (Human Resources))
2007-2010 Stephanie Williams

Supervisor of Personnel Services

1973-1977 Joanne Sandy

Assistant to Director of Personnel Services

1977-1982 Joanne Sandy

Assistant Director of Staff Relations

1982-1989 Joanne Sandy

Associate Director of Human Resources

1991-1992 Ted Bartley

Assistant Director of Human Resources

1989-1993 Joanne Sandy

Assistant Director of Human Resources (Personnel Services)

1993-2000 Joanne Sandy

Assistant Director of Human Resources (Organization and Staff Development)

1993-1998 Shirlee Kowalchuk

Human Rights

Human Rights Advisor

1993-1995 Mala Naraine
1995-1998 Patricia Strong
1999-2006 Ann Farquharson
2006-2007 Sarah Atkinson (interim)

Human Rights and Conflict Resolution, Manager

2007-2008 Sherry Taylor
2008-2009 Anthony Anirud
2008- ? Sherry Taylor Registrar's Office

Information Services

Director of Information Services

1967-1981 Jim English

Assistant Director of Information and Alumni Officer

1972?-1975 John Cranston
1975-1978 Louis Taylor
1978-1979 Joan Doyle

Information Technology Services (was Computing and Telecommunications)

Coordinator of Data Processing

1981-1984 Peter Northrop

Director of Computer Services

1983-1985 Don Adams
1985-1987 Don Giles (acting)
1987-1993 Lori McHardy

Director of Computing and Telecommunications Services

1994-1998 Lori McHardy

Assistant Director of Computing and Telecommunications Services

1999-2003 David Binkley

Head of Computing and Telecommunications Services

2003-2004 David Binkley

Associate Director, Information Technology Services

2004-2010 Pete Wood
2010- 2012 Anne Parker (Acting Director)

Associate Vice-President (Information Technology)

2012- Tariq Al-idrissi

Manager, Support and Instructional Technology

? - current Anne Parker

Manager, Information Systems

2008- current Paul Armstrong

Manager, Digital Service Delivery and Administration

2008- current Andrew Bell

Institutional Research & Strategic Planning

Institutional Analyst

1996-1997 Torben Drewes
1998-2000 Katherine Platt

Director of Institutional Research & Strategic Planning

1999-2009 Christopher Michael

Institutional Planning and Analysis


2009-2013 Michelle Willson

Manager of Institutional Research

2011-2013 Kent Stringham

Director of Institutional Research

2013 - Kent Stringham

Instructional Development Centre


2004-2014 Angie Best

Printshop and Mailroom

Printshop, Manager

1972-2010 Bill Bowers

Printshop and Mailroom, Manager

2011- current Lorraine Hayes


1964-1965 J.S. Pettigrew
1965-1966 E.J. Schonleber
1966-1987 A.O.C. Cole
1987-1995 Alan Saxby
1995-1996 John Burbidge (acting)
1996-1997 Paul Thomson
2000-2001Susan Salusbury (interim)
2001-2009 Susan Salusbury
2009- 2011 Meri Kim Oliver (acting)
2011-2012 Grant Kerr (acting)

Associate Vice-President (Strategic Enrollment Management and Registrar)

2013- Michelle Willson

University Registrar and Director of Institutional Research

2009-2009 Christopher Michael (interim)

Associate Vice-President (Student Affairs) & University Registrar

1998-2000 Paul Thomson

Associate Registrar

1965-1967 Walter Pitman
1974- ? Gordon Pollock

Assistant Registrar

1966-1969 Gordon Pollock
1969- ? Hal Hooke
1989-1998 James Riva

Assistant Registrar (Admissions)

1989- ? Joan Knowles

Assistant Registrar (Admissions and Recruitment)

2001-? Allan Barnfield

Assistant Registrar

1997-? Jeff Macnab

Assistant Registrar (Scheduling and Registration)

1990-1991 Don Giles
1991-1995 Lynda Smith
1996-2000 Don Giles

Assistant Registrar (Systems and Records)

2000-? Don Giles

Assistant Registrar (Enrolment Reporting)

1991-1992 Lynda Smith

Assistant Registrar (Financial Aid)

2008- Alice Pelkman

Associate Registrar (Enrolment Reporting)

1992-1995 Lynda Smith
1995-1996 Paul Thompson

Associate Registrar (Records and Registration)

2009-2012 Grant Kerr

Director of Records and Registration

2013- Tracy Al-idrissi

Associate Registrar (Recruiting and Admissions)

2010- Melissa Hill

Security Services


1967-1983 Bay Bell
1983-1992 Jim Carey
1992-2004 Dave McLauchlan


2004-2006 Louise Fish

Director, Risk Management

2006- Louise Fish

Student Services

Director of Student Services

1982-1990 Jim English
1991-1992 Theron Craig

Director of Student Affairs

1999-2001 Heather Avery

Associate Director of Student Affairs

1999-2003 Gwynne Roseborough

Associate Director of Housing and Food

1999-2000 Jan Fialkowski

Senior Director, Student Affairs and Community Partnerships

2002-2008 Meri Kim Oliver

Senior Director, Student Affairs

2008-2009 Meri Kim Oliver

Manager, Student Affairs Oshawa Campus

2010-2012 Paul McCann
2012-current Justin Fisher

Academic Skills Centre Director

1995-1999 Karen Taylor
1999-2000 Peter Lapp (acting)
2000-2002 Karen Taylor
2002-2008 Martin Boyne

Academic Skills and Career Centres Director

2008-2011 Kristi Kerford
2011-2012 Angie Silverberg (Acting)
2012- 2015 Kristi Kerford

Co-op, Careers and Experiential Learning Director

2017-current Tom Phillips (Interim)


Coordinator of Counseling & Career Services

1999-2000 Maxine Mann
2000-2003 Betty Gutman

Counselor / Coordinator, Career Centre

2004-2008 Kristi Kerford


Coordinator of Counseling Services

1975-1987 Garth Wannan
1987-1997 Ada Meecham
1997-1999 Dawn Knapton

Coordinator of Counseling Centre

2003-2004 Betty Gutman
2004-2005 Stewart Engleberg

Manager of Counseling Centre

2005-2006 Stewart Engleberg

Student Wellness


2011-current Stewart Engleberg

Access Services


2011-2013 Eunice Lund-Lucas

Disability Services, Director

?-2011 Eunice Lund-Lucas

Student Accessibility Services, Director

2013- current Stewart Engelberg

Director of Student Aid and Placement

1970-19 ? Richard Bowman

Officer of Financial Aid

1991 Yvonne Del Mastro

Trent International Program

Director of Trent International Program

1982-1989 Jack Matthews
199?-1994 Karanja Njoroge
19 Sept. 1994-3 Jan. 1995 Paul Zeleza (acting)
1 Sept. 1996-1 July 2001 David Morrison
1 July 2001-1 July 2003 Leonard Conolly (interim)
1 July 2003- 2016 Michael Allcott

Acting Program Coordinator of Trent International Program

19 Sept. 1994-31 Dec. 1995 Cynthia Awe (acting)

Acting Program Assistant of Trent International Program

19 Sept. 1994-3 Jan. 1995 Deb Gelderland (acting)

International Programs and Services Manager

2002- current Cynthia Bennett-Awe

Trent University Bookstore, Manager

1968-1986 William Jordan
1986 Tony Van Hoeckel (acting)
1986-1998 Ralph Colley
1999-2004 Barbara Reeves
2004-2005 Mette Aarlev
2006-2012 Darcy Legros
2013- current Shelley Ingram






Liaison Services

High School Liaison Officer

1968-1970 Richard Bowman

Liaison Officer

1976-1979 John Russell
1979-19 ? R. Alex Reed


University Planning Officer

1980-1982 Richard Bowman

Director of Community Relations

1982-19 ? Richard Bowman

Association of the Teaching Staff/Trent University Faculty Association


1964 Maurice Boote (pro tem)
1966 Maurice Boote
1967 Bruce Hodgins
1968 Cyril Carter
1971 Finn Gallagher
1972 Robert Chambers
1975 Karl Rautenkranz
1977 Cyril Carter
1978 John Fekete
1979 David Kettler

(Certification: 1980)

1981 David Morrison
1982 Noel Murphy

(A.T.S. becomes Trent University Faculty Association (TUFA)  in 1983)

1984 Bernard Hodgson
1985 George Nader
1986 Jim Struthers
1988 Christl Verduyn
1989 Keith Walden
1990 John Gilchrist
1991-1993 Kenneth Field (acting)
1993-1995 Kenneth Field
1995-1998 John Fekete
1998-2000 E.A. (Skip) Maxwell (interim-president/salaries)
2000-2004 Peter Dawson
2004-2005 Stefan Bilaniuk
2005-2006 Ken Field (acting)
2006-2010 Susan Wurtele
2010-2014 David Newhouse
2014- Jocelyn Williams

Trent Local of the Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU Local 365)


1993-1994 Linda Kernohan
1994 Pat Schillemore Martin (acting)
1994-2001 Pat Schillemore Martin
2001 Doug Brown
2001-2004 Gerry Mason
2004 Rod MacDonald
2004-2008 Gerry Mason
2008-2017 Rose Dunford
2017-Adele Devlin


1993-1994 Pat Schillemore Martin
1994 Michele Sparkes (acting)
1994-1995 Michele Sparkes
1995- ? Joanne Heath-Menger (acting)
1997-1999 Joe Muldoon
1999-2001 Deb Nichols
2001-2002 Doug Brown
2002-2004 Rod MacDonald
2004-2005 James Allen
2005-2008 Rose Dunford
2008-2009 Wendy Scammell
2009-[2011] Jerry Mason
[2011]-[2017] Mike Hughes
[2017]-Angela Sikma

Trent Local of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE Local 3908)


2009-2010 Karen Sutherland
2010- Stephen Horner

Trent Central Student Association


1995-1996 Eli Fellman
1996-1997 Matt Gallinger
1997-1998 Marijke Edmondson
1998-1999 Dave Wallbridge
1999-2000 Dave Powrie
2000-2001 Derrick McIntosh
2001-2002 Marisa Barnhart
2002-2003 Matt Naylor
2003-2004 Dwayne Collins
2004-2006 Chris Glover
2006-2008 Scott Dempsey
2008-2009 Liam Mooney
2009-2010 Brian Kombani
2010-2012 Sheldon Willerton
2012-2013 Brea Hutchinson
2013-2014 Ben Perry
2014-2015 Braden Freer
2015-2017 Alaine Spiwak
2017-current Brandon Remmelgas

Trent Durham Student Association (formerly Trent Oshawa Student Association)


2010-2011 Nicole MacDonald
2011-2012 Kelly Vanleyden
2012-2013 Meghan Condon
2013-2014 Kelly Patano
2014-2015 Kelly Patano
2015-2016 Shawn Murphy
2016-2017 Joseph Cassidy-Skof
2017-2018 Alex Bursey

Trent Student Union


72-73 Sue Genge 
73-74 Ed. Arundell 
74-75 Ian Dawson
75-76 Murray Miskin
76-77 Doug Hahn 
77-78 Geoff Montreuil
78-79 Paul Mason
79-80 John Barker/Steve Pacholuk
80-81 Matt Shaughnessy
81-82 Sandy MacDonald/Bill Eisnaugle
82-83 Dave Coon
83-84 Joanna Beattie
84-85 Betsey Trumpener
85-86 Philip Playfairv
86-87 Angie Aldinucci
87-88 Faramarz Samifanni
88-89 Nora Ballantyne
89-90 Mike Subasic
91-92 Martha Chamberlain
92-93 Kai Alderson 
93-94 Derek Teevan 
94-95 Renee Shilling (acting)

Vanier Professor

1969 William Morton
1979 Thomas H.B.Symons
2015 Joan Sangster

University Historian

1988-1996 A.O.C. Cole (died October 20, 1996)

Canada Research Chairs

Eric Helleiner
Bryan D. Palmer
Bradley White

James D. Parker
Dennis Murray

James Conolly
Marrie Mumford
Davide Panagia

Julian Aherne

Céline Guéguen
Paul Wilson

Carol Williams

Aaron Slepkov

Mehdi Sharifi
Paul Wilson

May Chazan
Celine Gueguen

Dennis Murray

Mark Skinner
Paul Szpak

Professors, Librarians, Archivists Emeriti

Julian Murray Blackburn (citation available)
Kenneth Earl Kidd (citation available)

Gordon Herbert Roper (citation available)
William Lewis Morton (citation available)

A.P. Guinand
W.L. Morton
J.P.S. Robertson

Jack I. Lodge

Maurice J. Boote
Stewart A. Brown
Frederick E. Wheatly
James Winny

Roy Lawrence Edwards
Frederick Atwood Hagar
Frederick Kilburn Harper
Rodney Frances White

David Gallop

David Kettler
Robert Stairs
Kenneth Tracey
Alan Wilson

Thomas E.W. Nind
Margaret P. Doxey
Jacob Thomas

Gerhard Baumgaertel
Cyril Carter
Elisabeth M. Orsten
Alun H. Rees
David D. Stewart

L.C. Roland Alfred
Jeronimo P. Gonzalez-Martin
R.A. (Sandy) Lockhart
Keith B. Oldham
Thomas H.B. Symons
Donald F. Theall

Dawn L. Smith
Percival M. Powles
Ian D. Chapman

Marlene Brant Castellano
Robert D. Chambers
Bruce W. Hodgins
K.R. Vaughan Lyon
James I. MacAdam
Peter Royle
M. Lionel Rubinoff
Ron K. Vastokas
John A. Wiseman

Roy T. Bowles
S. Finn Gallagher
Christopher M. Greene
George F. Hamilton
K.S. Ram Murthy
Joseph Wearing
Paul T.P. Wong

Magnus Gunther
Frederick M. Helleiner
Ian M. Sandeman

Peter F. Barrett
Janet P. Bews
John W. Burbidge
Carole Ernest
Rosa M. Garrido
Raymond E. March
T. Noel Murphy
Evelyn M. Todd

Peter Adams
John Barker
Robert Carter
Iswar Chakravartty
Roger Jones
Anna McCalla

Ron Johnson

Hermann Helmuth
Donald Mackay
John Marsh
Patricia Morton
John Syrett

Joan Vastokas

Constantin V. Boundas
John W. Earnshaw
John Hillman
Tom Hutchinson
Ian McLachlan
Stuart T. Robson
Shirley Williams

George Nader

Tom Eadie
Konrad Kinzl
Elwood Jones
Edna Manitowabi
Dale Standen

Douglas Curtis
Harry Kitchen
E.A. (Skip)  Maxwell
David Morrison
Robert Paehlke
David Page
Carlyle Smith
Gordon Winocur

Alan Brunger
David Lasenby
Michael Peterman
Gary T. Reker
Joseph So
Fred Tromly
John Wadland

Michael Berrill
Sean Kane
Bernard Hodgson
Christopher Huxley
Orm Mitchell
Murray Genoe
Bernadine Dodge (University Archivist Emeritus)

Pradeep Bandyopadhyay
Richard Dellamora
Franklin García Sánchez
Jim Jury
James Neufeld
Teobaldo Noriega
Colin Taylor
Andrew Wernick

Roy Hagman
Gordon Johnston
Alan Slavin
John Topic

Deborah Berrill
Leonard Conolly
John Fekete
Michael Neumann
Ian Storey
Graham Taylor

Susan Apostle-Clark
Jocelyn Aubrey
Graham Cogley
Paul Healy
Susan Jamieson
Errol Lewars
Zalig Pollock

Julia Harrison
Doug Torgerson

Elizabeth Ermarth
Alena Heitlinger
Veronica Hollinger
Janice Millard
John Milloy
James Struthers
Jim Sutcliffe
Keith Walden

John Bishop
Peter Dawson
Douglas Evans
Margaret Hobbs
Sarah Keefer
David Poole
Elizabeth Popham
Jacqueline Solway
Bradley White

Lorraine Clark
James Conley
Stephen Katz


Doctor of Laws

Major James William Coldwell
Edwin Mirvish
Bora Laskin

Doctor of Letters

Charles Allan Ashley
Alex Colville


Doctor of Laws

Charles K. Fraser (citation available)
Rev. Roger Guindon (citation and address available)
Wilfrid Bennett Lewis (citation available)
Hon. James Chalmers McRuer (citation available)

Doctor of Letters

Alexander Brady (citation available)
Floyd Sherman Chalmers (citation available)


Doctor of Laws

Col. John Alexander Dewart (citation available)
Louis Fine
Doris Eileen Lewis (citation available)
Hon. John Howard Sissons

Doctor of Letters

Morris Bishop (notes for citation available)


Doctor of Laws

Edward Hewlett Johnson (citation available)
Fern Alma Rahmel (citation available)

Doctor of Letters

James Alexander Corry (citation available)
Gratien Gelinas (citation available)


Doctor of Laws

Gilbert Bagnani (citation available)
George Parkin Grant (citation available)
Donald James LeRoy (citation available)
Ronald James Thom (citation available)

Doctor of Letters

Alan Stewart Paton (citation available)


Doctor of Laws

Hon. Therese F. Casgrain (citation available)
Hon. Mr. Justice Samuel Freedman (citation available)
Lady Mary Helen Ogilvie (citation available)
William Augustus Ritchie (citation available)

Doctor of Letters

Margaret Laurence (citation available)


Spring - Doctor of Letters

Kathleen Coburn (citation available)

Spring - Doctor of Laws

Harold Scott MacDonald Coxeter (citation available)
Winona Grace MacInnis (citation available)
Gilbert Ryle (citation available)

Fall - Doctor of Letters

Margaret Eleanor Atwood (citation available)

Fall - Doctor of Laws

Louis Rasminsky (citation available)


Spring - Doctor of Letters

Harry Joseph Boyle (citation available)

Spring - Doctor of Laws

John Morgan Gray (citation available)
Ross Munro Matthews (citation available)

Fall - Doctor of Letters

Robertson Davies (citation and address available)


Spring - Doctor of Laws

William Herbert Cranston (citation available)
John Harry Ebbs (citation available)
Thomas Henry Bull Symons (citation available)

Spring - Doctor of Letters

Gilles Vigneault (citation available)

Fall - Doctor of Laws

James Robbins Kidd (citation available)

Fall - Doctor of Letters

Edith Margaret Fulton Fowke (citation available)


Spring - Doctor of Laws

Donald Olding Hebb (citation available)
William Reid (citation available)
Charles Stewart Almon Ritchie (citation available)

Spring - Doctor of Letters

Marie Tremaine - academe (citation available)


Spring - Doctor of Laws

Celia Franca (citation available)

Spring - Doctor of Letters

Jose M. Valverde (citation available)

Fall - Doctor of Laws

John Charles Polanyi (citation and address available)
Gordon Hamilton Southam (citation available)

Fall - Doctor of Letters

William Hugh Kenner (citation available)


Spring - Doctor of Laws

S. Robert Blair (citation available)
Francis Edward Paxton Whitehead (citation available)

Spring - Doctor of Letters

Eugene Alfred Forsey (citation available)

Fall - Doctor of Laws

Stanley Howard Knowles (citation available)

Fall - Doctor of Letters

A.J.M. Smith (citation available)


Spring - Doctor of Laws

Frederick Kenneth Hare (citation available)
Gordon Meredith Lightfoot (citation available)
Harry Reginald Williams (citation available)

Spring - Doctor of Letters

Mary Louise Northway (citation available)

Fall - Doctor of Laws

Frank Radford Crawley (citation available)
Arnold Cantwell Smith (citation available)

Fall - Doctor of Letters

Wilfred Cantwell Smith (citation available)


Spring - Doctor of Laws

Margaret Leonore MacKelvie (citation available)
William Belmont Common (citation available)

Spring - Doctor of Letters

Sir Alfred Ayer (citation available)

Fall - Doctor of Letters

Leo Yaffe (citation available)

Fall - Doctor of Laws

Bernard Danton Sandwell


Spring - Doctor of Laws

Peter Theodore Demos (citation available)
Trevor Lloyd (citation available)
Raymond Moriyama (citation available)

Fall - Doctor of Laws

David T. Suzuki (citation available)


Spring - Doctor of Letters

Timothy Findley
Malcolm Mackenzie Ross

Spring - Doctor of Laws

Beverly Northcott Smallman

Fall - Doctor of Laws

Karen Kain
David Sutherland


Spring - Doctor of Laws

Donald Chant
Maureen Forrester (citation available)
Maxwell Ward

Fall - Doctor of Laws

Tommy Douglas
Joseph Jacobs


Spring - Doctor of Laws
Thomas Berger
Lois Wilson

Fall - Doctor of Laws
George Connell
George Ignatieff
Ronald Watts


Spring - Doctor of Laws
Armand Hammer
F. Norman Jewison
W.O. Mitchell

Fall - Doctor of Laws
John Holmes
Jack McClelland


Spring - Doctor of Laws
William Fisher
Timothy Porteous
Donald Rickerd

Fall - Doctor of Laws
Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela
Andrei Dimitrievich Sakharov
Hon. Mr. Justice Walter Surma Tarnopolsky


Spring - Doctor of Laws
Meyer Brownstone (citation available)
Pierre Juneau (citation available)
Sister Veronica O'Reilly (citation available)

Installation - Doctor of Laws
Alan Earp (citation available)

Fall - Doctor of Laws
William Dray (citation available)
Peter Gzowski (citation available)


Spring - Doctor of Laws
Edward Walter Scott (citation available)
Diane Lynn Dupuy (citation available)

August 1988 - Special CeremonyC
Charles Evan Feinberg (citation available)

Fall - Doctor of Laws
Douglas Campbell Sadler (citation & address available)


Spring - Doctor of Letters
Raymond Murray Schafer (citation available)

Spring - Doctor of Laws
Edith Grace Firth (citation available)
Geraldine Anne Kenney-Wallace (citation available)
John Alexander Irving Young (citation available)

Fall - Doctor of Letters (25th Anniversary)
Marion Golda Fry
Richard Hay Sadleir
S.G. Denis Smith

Fall - Doctor of Laws (25th Anniversary)
Hugh Franklin Waddell (citation available)
Walter George Ward (citation available)


Spring - Doctor of Letters
Dennis Dickens Sweeting (citation available)

Spring - Doctor of Laws
Kenneth Earl Kidd (citation available)
Martha Ann Kidd (citation available)
Harold Barling Town (citation available)
Ralph Ray Krueger (citation available)

Fall - Doctor of Letters
Scott Alexander Young (citation available)

Fall - Doctor of Laws
Beth Appeldoorn (citation available)
Susan Sandler (citation available)


Spring - Doctor of Letters
Clara Thomas (citation available)

Spring - Doctor of Laws
Gary Potts (citation available)
T.E.W. Nind (citation available)
Morden Yolles (citation available)

Fall - Doctor of Letters
Wayland Drew (citation available)

Fall - Doctor of Laws
Jon Grant (citation available)
Stanley Rowe (citation available)


Doctor of Laws
John Kim Bell
Jack Matthews
Julia Phelps (citation available)
Bertha Wilson (citation available)


Doctor of Laws
Inger Hansen
David Trevor Moore
Walter George Pitman


Doctor of Laws
Ernest Benedict
Douglas Cardinal
Rosemarie Kuptana


Doctor of Letters
Dennis Beynon Lee

Doctor of Laws
Nancy Ruth
David William Schindler


Doctor of Letters
Julia Johnson

Doctor of Laws
Bob Gainey


Doctor of Letters
Michael Valpy

Doctor of Laws
Sylva Gelber


Doctor of Laws
Mary Walsh
Ian Affleck
Dorothy Burnham

Doctor of Laws
Matthew Coon Come (address available)


Doctor of Laws
Madeleine Parent (citation & address available)
Chris Hadfield (citation available)


Doctor of Laws
Tom Jackson
Alanis Obomsawin


Doctor of Laws
James Orbinski
Ernie Coombs (citation & address available)


Doctor of Laws
John de Pencier
Doris McCarthy (citation & address available)
David Morton (citation available)
John O'Leary


Doctor of Laws
Frank Augustyn (citation available)


Doctor of Laws
Hon. Rosalie Silberman Abella
Terence Dickinson

Doctor of Letters
Jean Murray Cole
Donald N. LePan
Alistair MacLeod
Patricia Kathleen (P.K.) Page (citation available)


Doctor of Laws
John David (Jake) Eberts
Lieutenant-General the Honourable Roméo Dallaire
Mary May Simon
Erica Cherney


Doctor of Laws
Charles S. Coffey (citation & address available)
Roberta Jamieson (citation available)
Donald Tapscott (citation & address available)

Doctor of Letters
Richard B. Wright (citation & address available)


Doctor of Laws

Ron Fourney (citation available)
Jim Balsillie (citation available)
Hon. Margaret Norrie McCain (citation available)
G. Wallace F. McCain (citation available)
Rosemary Speirs (citation available)

Doctor of Letters
Stuart McLean


Doctor of Letters

Hugh Anson-Cartwright (citation & address available)

Doctor of Laws
Zacharias Kunuk (citation available)
Natalie MacMaster and Donnell Leahy (citation available)
Michael MacMillan (address available)
The Honourable Flora MacDonald (citation & address available)


Doctor of Laws
Maude Barlow
The Honourable Iona Campagnolo
Sarah Polley
Thomas R. Porter (Sakokwenionkwas)
Mary Pratt


Doctor of Laws
Peter Adams
William G. Davis (citation available)
Robert Glossop
John Mighton
Nancy Strickland


Doctor of Laws
Rick Beaver
Sandra Laronde
The Right Honourable Kim Campbell
Lauren Woolstencroft
Craig Kielburger


Doctor of Letters
Gwynne Dyer
Mark Starowicz

Doctor of Laws
Sheila Fraser
Ralph Heintzman
Judith Shamian


Doctor of Laws
Justin Chiu
Ed Broadbent
Bharrat Jagdeo

Doctor of Science
J. Bruce Falls


Doctor of Letters
Joseph Boyden
Shelagh Grant

Doctor of Laws
Richard Johnston
Wade Davis
David Patterson


Doctor of Science
Drew Monkman

Doctor of Letters
Peter Raymont
Stephen Stohn

Doctor of Laws
Michael Thrasher
Martha Friendly


Doctor of Laws
Kathleen Taylor
Michael de Pencier

Doctor of Letters
Linwood Barclay
Roy MacGregor


Doctor of Laws
Fiona Sampson
Keith Knott
The Honourable Jean Augustine
W. John Patterson and Thea Anna Patterson
The Right Honourable Paul Martin
Stephen S. Poloz

Symons Award for Excellence in Teaching

1977 John Wadland
1978 Michael Berrill
1979 Stuart Robson / Jim Jury
1980 Ishwar Chakravartty
1981 Fred Tromly
1982 John Syrett
1983 Fred Wheatly
1984 Constantine Boundas
1985 Robert Page
1986 John Milloy
1987 Robert Carter/ Marion Fry
1988 Deborah Berrill/ Alan Wilson
1989 Joan Sangster
1991 Morton S. Berkowitz
1992 Alan Slavin
1993 Stephen Brown
1994 Robert Campbell
1995 David Poole
1996 Christl Verduyn
1997 James Sutcliffe
1998 Deborah Parnis
1999 Susan Wurtele
2000 Sarah Keefer
2001 Richard Hurley
2002 Paul Wilson
2003 David Page
2004 Eric Helleiner
2005 Carolyn Kay
2006 Geoffrey Eathorne
2007 Ivana Elbl (citation available)
2008 Emilia Angelova (citation available)
2009 Molly Blyth
2010 Paul Shaffer
2011 Stephen Hill
2012 Tom Hutchinson
2013 Keith Walden
2014 Mark Dickinson
2015 Margaret Hobbs
2016 Joel Baetz
2017 Deborah Kennett
2018 Kelly Egan

Award for Educational Leadership and Innovation

2006-07 Mary-Jane Pilgrim
2006-07 Margaret Hobbs
2007-08 Alan Slavin
2008-09 Zalig Pollock
2009-10 James Struthers
2010-11 Andrew Vreugdenhil
2011-12 Jocelyn Williams
2012-13 Craig Brunetti

Distinguished Teaching Award for Excellence in Teaching Assistance

2006-07 John Breukelaar
2007-08 Barry R. Best
2008-09 Kristina Ottosen
2009-10 Yani Kong
2010-11 Anne Sloggett
2011-12 Evan Senkiw
2012-13 David Marshall

CUPE Award for Excellence in Teaching

2000-2001 Jill Smith
2001-2002 Jim Cosgrave
2002-2003 Wendy Kelly
2003-2004 Graham Murphy
2004-2005 Fred Pulfer
2005-2006 Melanie Buddle
2006-2007 Brent Wood
2007-2008 Adam Stibbards
2008-2009 Shaoling Wang
2009-2010 Leigh Symonds
2010-2011 Matthew Thompson
2011-2012 Jose Miguel
2012-2013 Martin Boyne
2013-2014 John Dale Purcell
2014-2015 Robyne Hanley-Dafoe
2015-2016 Shirley Ida Williams
2016-2017 Carla Ionescu


1970 Barbara Finlayson [Pitt]
1971 James Butler
1972 John Poff
1973 Robert Joyce
1974 Simon Farthing
1975 Ian Affleck
1976 Leslie Ann Hales
1977 Catherine Taylor
1978 Warren Morrison
1979 Mary Gibbons
1980 Randell Leavitt
1981 Richard Harrison
1982 Steven Elgie
1983 Maggie Helwig
1984 Joerge Dyrkton
1985 Margaret Wheatstone
1986 Margaret Owens
1987 Richard Dalton
1988 Christa Lee Colyer

Governor-General's Silver Medal

1989 Richard Paul Suttie
1990 Donald Stewart
1991 Martin Robert Boyne
1992 Robert Gordon Morrison
1993 Stephanie Ann Ellis
1994 Margaret Elizabeth Pacey
1995 Julian Kenneth Christians
1996 Anthony Douglas Cole
1997 Fanny Dolansky
1998 Ranpal Singh Dosanjh
1999 Jennifer Kathleen McDonald
2000 Sarah Joanne Karram
2001 Francisco Vicente Barillas
2002 Lisa Joanne Rahmer
2003 Rebecca Jayne Reay
2004 Svetoslav Dimitrov Diamandiev
2005 Jesse Joseph Wheeler
2006 Tam Nhan Quy
2007 Ian Chute
2008 Edward Stokan
2009 Jillian Rose Student
2010 Joseph Samuel Steinman
2011 Valerie Sarah Miller
2012 Huong Thanh Nguyen
2013 Michelle Lyn D'Alessandro
2014 Sarah Grace Buttle
2015 Duc Hien Nguyen
2016 Steven Ufkes
2017 Eliza McColl

Governor-General's Gold Medal

1988 James Robert Allum
1989 Real Robert Fillion
1990 Robert James Muir
1991 David Michael Janz
1992 Macro Luigi Adria
1993 Peter Crompton van Wyck
1994 Stephen William Schofield
1995 Peter Gordon Symons
1996 Susan Jane Hynds
1997 Michele Lorraine Therese Proulx
1998 Dawn Marie Burke
1999 Susan Margaret Knabe
2000 Sonja Andrea Schwake
2001 Kenneth Gregory Drouillard
2002 Matthew John MacLeod
2003 Rosa Elizabeth Barker
2004 Pauline Elaine Quesnelle
2005 Lynda Mannik
2006 Susan Marie Hill
2007 Donica L. Belisle
2008 Erin Elizabeth Rees
2009 Rebecca Miriam Pollock
2010 Helen Margaret Baulch
2011 Heather Elizabeth Eaton
2012 Rachel Herron
2013 Shayne A.P. Dahl
2014 Nora Casson
2015 Michael J.L. Peers
2016 Duane Rousselle
2017 Julia Maureen Smith

Symons Medal

Bruce Gale
Catherine Good
Robert Joyce
Margaret King
Lynne Robertson
Charles Taylor

Donna Crowther
Simon Farthing
Karen Schryer
Teresa Thompson

Ian Affleck
Bruce Bellingham
Barbara Blackwell
Phyllis Colvin
James Reaney
Theodore Schrecker

Irene Ip
Andrew Milne
Patrick Rayfuse
Philip White
Deborah Whiteman
Christl Verduyn

Marie Lucie Edwards
Kathleen Morrow
Catherine Playfair
Gordon Teskey
Marilyn Wadge

Martin Brown
Patricia Chambers
John Moffat
Warren Morrison
Peter Underhill

Patricia Chambers
Ronald Manley
John Moffat
Peter Paul
James Retallack
Shelagh Scarth
Carol Srivastaya

Patricia Dawson
Lorraine Doig
Randell Leavitt

Jeremy Baumbach
Nancy Christie
Jennifer Dance
Nora Fyles
Heather Gordon
Darienne McAuley

Marilyn Bettridge
James Burbidge
Michael Hempstead
Christopher Jackson
Barbara Stephenson
Sheree-Lee Molenaar

David Deaton
Donald Edwards
Mary Grant
Maggie Helwig
Linda Luft
Merrie-Ellen Wilcox

Heather Avery
James Cole
Mary Grant
Robert Knapp
Linda Luft
Deborah Van Os

Paul Belanger
Joseph Cebek
Sandra Giles
Alan Kingstone
Wayne Norman
Margaret Owens
Tamra Wright

Brian Day
Catherine Hoyt
Anne-Louise Parsons
Maureen Reedyk
Wendi Scholfield
Jacqueline Winters

Jacqueline Code
Richard Dalton
Jennifer Gillard
Maureen Reedyk
Wendi Scholfield
Donna Tudhope

Jacqueline Code
Peter Ferrugia
Robert Hornung
Isla Whillans
Lori Wright
Mark Langdon
Katrina Kilroy
Kevin Chappell

Jane Bailey
Stephen Barber
James Lawson
Katherine Eleanor Craik

Darren Richard Huston
Donna Elizabeth MacGillis
Scott Gordon Powell

William Graves
Lisa Morton
Alison Van Rooy
Gaurav Kumar

James William Apers
Joshua David Barker
Linda Irene Walker
Dejan Obradovic

Rateb Abu-Hamdeh
Khang Min Lee
Joy Marie Morris

James Arthur Conway
Diane Dolorosa Maxwell
Danielle Therese McCann
Soon Aun Yeap

Sukitha Kunasegaran
Mary Elizabeth Leighton
Bradley Morgan Levett
Joseph Leo Andrew Maurice

Darek Dawda
William Joseph Dodge
Mateja Jamnik
Andrew J. Rorabeck

Jenneth Elizabeth Curtis
Susan Margaret Knabe
Arlene leslie Allan
Alain Rene Van Ryckeghem

Jeta Bylykbashi
Brian McInnes
Debra Primeau
Ilana Weitzman

Elizabeth Anne Haack
Stephen Patrick O'Connell
Nicholas John Stardom
Geoffrey Andrew Michael Wild

Rachel Francesca Moll
Melanie Mooy
Claire Louise Senior
Valerie Tupling Ansdell

Jane Marie Heffernan
Mark Steven Irvine
NIsha Rashmi Parikh
Judith Ann Atkinson

Laura E. Kenton
Derrick Bradford McIntosh
Rana Bose
Paul Allen Smith

Mathias Joshua Kom
Shawn Andrew Penson
Cheri Lynn Wright
Roman Dolinschi

Michelle Picard-Aitken
Jennifer Maria Rossmann
Andrea Shelley Etmanskie
Sarah Rose Lamble

Karen Louise Acton
Kelly Patricia Holmes
Jennifer Hubbarde
Mark Jay Palmer

Stephanie May McGregor
Maria-Anna Huber
Barbara Jean Longland
Cristina Chifor

Michelle Bissonnette
Emily Coll Maddocks
Geoffrey Jordan Camerson
Katarina Alvarado Karlsson

Geron Andre Bindseil
Ryan Coghlin
Sarah Ann MacLeod-Beaver
Julian Emrys Atfield

Colleen Elizabeth Doyle
Trevor John Dunn
Timothy James McMurtry Howlett
Virginia Anne Portmann

Joseph Keith Wood
Eric Brown
Carolyn Allison Watters
Callie Downer

Edwina Vanessa Ip
Stefanie Kaczmarek
Yan Peng
Paul Jacob Seli

Emily Constance Malcolm
Angelica Lena Lucy Mendaglio
William Henry Michael Pemberton
Theresa Elizabeth Stotesbury

Elizabeth Morrison
Thomas Coulton Royle
Nicholas Eric Sweanor
Justin David Sutton

Jennifer Anne Carter
Elsa Magdalena Labuschagne
Susan Michelle Manning
Thi Thu Ha Nguyen

Liam James Ledgerwood
Brian Lukaszewicz
Julian Tennent-Riddell
Linh Thi thuy Tran

Ryan Andrew Joseph Cole
Eamonn Sean Flynn Corrigan
Jennifer Heather Teresa Rowden
Raheleh Haji Gholam Saryazdi

Tobias Bernstein
Maria Carruthers
Alexandra Mateer
James Richard Kouri Godfrey

Kirsty Bowie
Alyssa Brown
Cheyanne Degagne
David Shadlock

Bagnani Medal

Darren Huston
Vicki Pettigrew
Richard Suttie
Scott Gordon Powell

Lisa Brenda Barnoff
Martin Robert Boyne
Gaurav Kumar
Hilary Arden Lee

Geraldine Beauchamp
Peter Kalhok
David Prime
James William Apers

Khang Min Lee
Joy Marie Morris
Robert Gordon Morrison
Lynda Maureen Morrison

Lifeng Chen
Stephanie Ann Ellis
Soon Aun Yeap

Kai Hartley Alderson
Eric Robert Beck

Deborah Susan Gordon Buckley
Barbara Elizabeth Kyselka

Sarah Kate van Diepen
Larry Edward Hoover

Uwaya Erdmann
Kevin Lloyd Robinson

Ann Margret Bersky
Karen Gowanlock

Joseph Peter Heil
Kimberley Adele Ferguson

John William Sellers
Judith Ann Atkinson

Michael Joseph Gemmiti
Stephen P. Sayer

Elizabeth Mary Sleight
Lauren Alison Webster

Isabelle Beaudet
Jennifer Marguerite Sprague

Lisa Ann Lucchese
Ursula Meier

Maureen Elizabeth O'Reilly
Johanna Wilhelmina Kowacz

Wendy Legere
Kristine Anne Williamson

Arlene Louise Hodder
Shannon Ruth Walker

Susan Auld Laidlaw
Heather Anne Gardiner

Kristopher Harrop
Melissa Rae Lunn

Sarah Louise Newton Follett
Christine Diane Evans

Erik Cameron
Laurel Ann Nissen

Gabrielle Louise Doreen
Tarannum Syed

Margaret Donaldson-Kuntz
Kavetha Ragni Krishnan

Qing Yao Chen
Ronald Jordan Hurley

Lindsay Dixon
Susan Elizabeth Jones

Emily Ann Nisbett
Victoria Elizabeth Silvera

Alexander Bourgeois
Robyn Linda Hummel

Carolyn Bushuk
Shelby Potier

President's Medal

Jon Andrew Arnot
Kateryna Keefer
David Warren Hugill

Allison L. Boyd
Debra Lizette Gentle
Karyn Tracey Dawn Recollet

Michael Gowanlock
Matthew James Hamilton
Ted McCoy

Stephen Oni
Graeme Young

Catherine Louise (Casey) Ready
Chase Travis Reaume

Otto Bedard
Julia Grummitt
Dilyana Mincheva

David Rapaport
Daniel Jay Uger Savage
Stan Yavno

Chad Warren Cuss
Rebecca Danielle Martin
Josee-Anne Otis

Theresa Elizabeth Stotesbury
Amalia Catherine Moir
Tyler Jacob Ross Jamieson

Trent University Student Award of Excellence

Kim McCarthy
Holly Morrison
Philippa Steele

Distinguished Research Award

1987 John Gilchrist
1988 David Kettler
1989 Keith Oldham
1990 John Fekete
1991 Joan M. Vastokas
1992 Gordon Winocur
1993 John Burbidge
1994 Paul Healy
1995 Raymond March
1996 Douglas McCalla
1997 Robert Paehlke
1998 Tom Hutchinson
1999 Michael Peterman
2000 Alena Heitlinger
2001 Carlyle Smith
2002 Joan Sangster
2003 John Topic
2004 Peter Dillon
2005 Leonard Conolly
2006 Barbara Marshall (citation available)
2007 Chris Metcalfe (citation available)
2008 James E. Struthers (citation available)
2009 Stephen Katz
2010 Douglas Evans
2011 Bryan Palmer
2012 Jacqueline Solway
2013 Don Mackay (Professor Emeritus)
2014 Ian Storey
2015 Haroon Akram-Lodhi
2016 Suresh Narine
2017 David Sheinin

Nancy Simmons Smith Staff Award of Excellence

2008-09 Miles Ecclestone
2009-10 Gina Collins
2010-11 Mary Jane Pilgrim
2011-12 Linda Cardwell
2012-13 Kathy Fife
2013-14 Janice Matthews
2014-15 Deborah Earle

Provost's Award for Academic Support Staff

2012-13 Katherine Curle

Ashley Fellows

1976-1977 Jacob Thomas
1977-1978 Julia Phelps
1978-1979 Donald LeRoy
1979-1980 Elizabeth Sewell
1980-1981 Rene deVilliers
1980-1981 W.A.C.H. Dobson
1985-1986 Norma Miller
1986-1987 Percy Smith
1987-1988 Yasuyuki Yagi
1987-1988 Mihaly Vajda
1988-1989 William Taylor
1989-1990 Wilfred Cantwell Smith
1990-1991 Bernard Blishen
1991-1992 D.J. Wallace Geldart
1992-1993 David B. Brooks
1993-1994 Robert Bringhurst
1994-1995 Jill Ker Conway
1995-1996 Myrna Kostash
1996-1997 Roseanne Armitage
1997-1998 John Mulvaney
1999-2000 Amiya Kumar Bagchi
2000-2001 Frank Augustyn
2001-2002 Richard Bocking
2002-2003 Alistair MacLeod
2003-2004 Carlos Escudé
2004-2005 Tama Turanga Huata
2005-2006 Timothy McGee; Randy Stoecker
2006-2007 David Montgomery; Peter Stephenson
2007-2008 Cynthia Good
2008-2009 Laura Peers
2009-2010 Don Markwell
2010-2011 Sherrill Grace
2011-2012 Lucie Edwards
2012-2013 Peter Bernath
2013-2014 Veronica Strong-Boag
2014-2015 Roy MacGregor
2016 Stephanie Raynor
2017 Stevi Jackson

Eminent Service Award

1978 Julia Phelps
1978 Hugh Waddell
1980 Don Cameron
1981 Jack Lodge
1982 David Woods
1983 Ken Kidd
1984 Bay Bell
1985 David Scoble
1986 Erica Cherney
1987 Maurice Boote
1987 David Macmillan
1988 Jack Martin
1989 Mary Amyotte
1989 Nan Belfry
1989 Arlene Davis
1989 John Moore
1990 Alf O. C. Cole
1990 Joan Knowles
1991 Helen Whiteside
1992 Nancy Sherouse
1993 John de Pencier
1995 F. Kenneth Hare
1996 Merritt Edward Gordon
1998 Joan Barbara Hamilton

Donald Arthur Ferrier (citation available)
Patricia Anne Strode (citation available)

Eugene McKeiver (citation available)
Kerry Taylor (citation available)

Lois Davidson
Margaret Sanders (citation available)

Antonius Alexander (Tony) van Hoeckel
Paul Strachan Bird Wilson (citation available)

Linda Slavin (citation available)

John Workman Earnshaw
Carol Noreen Murray (citation available)

J. Kenneth Fowler

Elwood H. Jones (citation available)
Edward W.H. Tremain (citation available)

Dianne Choate (citation available)
David Morrison (citation available)

Susan (Tui) Menzies (citation available)

Jalynn Bennett
Shirley Rolufs
Joyce Sutton

John Wadland

Winnie Janzen
Gordon Johnston
Kate Ramsay
Tony Storey
Colin Taylor

Deborah Berrill
John Breukelaar

Betty Clark

Katherine Curle

James Struthers
Jim Sutcliffe

Marian Leahy
Peter Dawson

Kathy Fife
Elizabeth Popham