Research Support

The Trent Library offers a suite of services designed to support your research across all stages of the scholarly communications cycle, from initial literature reviews to publication and dissemination. Below, you'll find an overview of the key services we offer.

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Trent library offers personalized consultation meetings as a starting point to supporting your research. Meet in-person or virtually, in our office or yours, to discuss how we can help with literature searches, data management, or publication strategies. Consultations are always tailored to suit the requirements of your project or research area.

Whether you're in the health sciences, social sciences, or any other discipline, we can assist with knowledge synthesis work, including systematic and scoping reviews. This includes identifying relevant databases, selecting appropriate keywords, and advise on strategies/tools to help with the review process. Our goal is to save you time and ensure you have access to the most relevant, high-quality sources for your research.

Benefits of collaborating with librarians:

  • Librarian involvement can result in higher quality search strategies, leading to more comprehensive literature searches and reducing the risk of bias.
  • Librarians can help with ensuring clearer and more detailed reporting of search methods, enhancing transparency and reproducibility.
  • Librarians offer a range of advisory consultation services, including assessing the feasibility of the review, formulating review questions, selecting databases, and more.
  • Librarians can help provide access to full-text articles available through the university library and via interlibrary loan.

We know demonstrating the impact of your research is important. Our librarians can offer guidance on how to find and responsibly use tools to assess the reach and influence of your work, including providing advice on identifying journals for publication.

Interested in boosting your library research skills? Book a one-on-one session with one of our librarians. We can help you improve your research skills, information literacy, advanced database searching, and more.

Book a Librarian appointment online.