Course Reading Support

Library staff are here to help instructors get their course reading lists in order, easily and quickly. We want to make it simple and affordable for students to get the reading materials they need for their classes, when they need them. We offer services like Course Reserves, Short-term Loans, and a very useful tool called Leganto that links reading lists directly to your Blackboard course. Our librarians are always ready to work with instructors the best ways to get the right readings for their courses.

Email your course reading list to to help your students get their readings from the library.

What Are Course Reserves?

All physical material on a Reading List is automatically added to Short Term Loan (4-day loan). Upon request, material can be added to the Reserve Collection and be subject to a shorter, 4-hour loan at the campus library where the course is being taught.

Course Reserves allow instructors to make sure students can easily get to the readings they need for their courses, especially if the item is not available electronically or is out of print.

  • These reserved items are just for Trent University's current students, instructors, and staff.
  • Students must request these books and materials at the the appropriate Library Service Desk (Bata or Durham).
  • If these items are returned late, there are hourly fines
  • Students can borrow these items for 4 hours at a time but can't request or renew them. 

Reserves Collection Policy

Materials which may be placed in the Library Reserves Collection include: 

  • Books owned by the Trent Library
  • Circulating maps owned by the Library
  • Personal copies of books
    • Any personal copies will be catalogued and processed for borrowing, which means we will be adding stickers and security measures to the item. Personal copies are loaned to the Library at the lender's risk and will not be replaced if lost or damaged while in the Reserves collection. At the end of a semester, any personal copies will be returned to the owner's department via inter-office mail.
  • Other material types as requested


  • Reference works and materials from Special Collections  
  • Items owned by other libraries 
  • Examinations, tests, and course syllabi 
  • Materials that are illegally copied or have license terms that exclude them from Course Reserve

Borrowing Course Reserves

All Course Reserve material is limited to a 4-hour loan period and will be subject to overdue fines of $5 per hour until the item is returned.

To borrow a Course Reserve, come to the appropriate Service Desk with the book title and call number and present your valid TrentU card and our staff will happily loan the item to you.

All Course Reserve material is limited to a 4-hour loan period. To borrow Course Reserves, users must have a valid TrentU Card in good standing.   

Want to use Course Reserves for your course? Email us at

Short-term Loans are an alternative to Course Reserves that offer a flexible and efficient way to manage high-use materials:

  • Items remain accessible in the general collection and are loaned for four days with an option for one renewal (if there are no other requests on the item).
  • When a print book is added to a Leganto Reading List, it automatically becomes part of the Short-term Loan system.
  • These items can be requested and held at either campus library, with items typically held for 3 days.

To help manage course reading lists, faculty are encouraged to use the library’s full-service option to create reading lists that integrate with Blackboard. Simply email your syllabus or course reading lists to and we will create your course readings in Leganto. Your readings will then be automatically considered for new purchases, short term loan, and copyright.

Why use our Leganto reading list service?

  • Leganto integrates with Blackboard, automatically attaching to your reading list for easy student access.
  • Leganto allows for the addition of materials like articles, books, chapters, and films.
  • In cases where electronic access is not available, the library will explore options to provide resources, preferably with unlimited user access.

Faculty are reminded to adhere to copyright regulations and to utilize permalinks to licensed library material.

If you would prefer to create your own list using Leganto, please refer to our Library Guide for more information.