Art Collection

Trent University has been acquiring works of art since 1963. There are nearly 1,000 pieces in the Trent University Art Collection (TUAC). These works are done in various media and are created by local, national and international artists. Many of the works reflect the culture, history, environment, and academic mission of Trent. The TUAC does not have a gallery space for exhibitions but supports displaying the collection throughout the university walls.  

The art collection is managed by the Trent Art Collection Presidential Advisory Committee (TACPAC). The Archives provides staffing for the position of Secretary who dedicates 1 day (7 hours) per week to the collection.

  • Chair of TACPAC: Professor Suzanne Bailey 
  • Secretary of TACPAC: Tori Cartwright  
  • Art Collection Student Assistant: Olive Beyer

For more information on the collection, or if you’re interested in donating artwork, please email