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Welcome Future Students

Considering a degree at Trent University? You’ve made a great choice. Trent University is a wonderful place to pursue your academic journey.

A Hub of Learning and Innovation

Building on a tradition of academic excellence spanning nearly four decades, Trent Durham offers a dynamic and rigorous education experience grounded in the social sciences and humanities and unparalleled in the Durham Region and eastern GTA.

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Philosophy (B.A.)

Now offering a B.A. in Philosphy (general degree or minor) at Trent University Durham

What do you believe, and why? Philosophy can help with the answers. You will study fundamental questions about the world and your place in it. As a student of philosophy at Trent, you can explore questions about the nature of reality, the meaning of human existence, ethics, and the limits of knowledge. Students of philosophy develop advanced skills in critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication – valuable foundations in any number of career choices.

By subjecting fundamental questions to rigorous intellectual investigation, Philosophy students are encouraged to develop exacting analytical and problem-solving skills and to refine their capacities for clear expression and critical thinking. Students in Philosophy at Trent study enduring questions, including those about the nature of reality, the limits of knowledge, the validity of ethical and political claims, and the evaluation of works of art. Our courses encourage the development of students' own philosophic positions. They also help students cultivate their abilities to reason logically, to reflect on moral, legal, and political questions, to assess the presuppositions of the sciences, social sciences and humanities, and to develop a world view that does justice to the complexity of life.

For more information about the Philosophy program, please contact:
Durham Campus Enrolment Advisor, Tawny Weese
tweese@trentu.ca  905.435.5102 ext 5003
Durham Campus Rm. 101.2


Studying Philosophy at TrentU Durham?
Your typical first year will look like this:

PHIL 1000H - Introduction to Philosophy: Knowledge and Reality,
PHIL 1100H - Introduction to Philosophy: Moral and Political and
PHIL 1200H - Critical Thinking are strongly recommended for all students in Philosophy
3.5 Elective credits

Interested in pursuing a joint-major with Philosophy? You would be required to take the neccessary introductory courses during your first year of study as well.

First Year Philosophy Course Descriptions:

PHIL 1000H: Introduction to Philosophy: Knowledge and Reality
An introduction to philosophy through a study of fundamental philosophical problems, concerning the nature of reality, knowledge, and the mind, as presented in contemporary writings and/or classical texts.

PHIL 1100H: Introduction to Philosophy: Moral and Political
An introduction to philosophy through a study of fundamental philosophical problems in moral and political philosophy, as presented in contemporary writings and/or classical texts. 

PHIL 1200H: Critical Thinking
An introduction to basic principles of good reasoning and argumentation in everyday life and various academic disciplines. Topics include argument structure and evaluation, clarity of expression, common mistakes in reasoning, inductive and deductive reasoning, and formal logics.

Career Paths:

Doctor / Lawyer / Human Resources Executive / Human Rights Officer / Journalist / Public Relations Professional / Equity Advisor / Ethics Consultant / Marketing Executive 

Philosophy in Peterborough