You Have Options

Often referred to as "mini minors", options are a set of courses in a discipline outside of your degree and can be completed alongside almost any undergraduate degree program.

Creative Writing

The ability to think creatively, write effectively, and craft interesting stories are extremely valuable skills for any degree major to possess. Through workshops and writing assignments, this innovative and rigorous option helps you develop new writing techniques, create invaluable writing communities, and build a growing portfolio of work in fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, and script-writing.

International Development Studies

Gain a critical understanding of the processes of change that shape the globe. Explore the relationship between colonialism, development, and globalization to address issues affecting different regions of the world.

Legal Studies

Understanding the legal system in Canada is valuable for everyone, not just lawyers and policy makers. A complement to virtually any B.A. or B.Sc. degree, this option provides students with fundamental knowledge about Canadian law. You’ll learn about rights and freedoms, what it takes to draft and pass new laws, and how the law influences and is influenced by society and culture.


Enhance your business acumen by gaining a basic understanding of core concepts and marketing principles in addition to learning the fundamentals of business, advertising, market research, and beyond.