English Literature (B.A.)

Our unique collegial learning environment means you’ll make your mark in this program, getting to know your professors one-on-one – great for personal references that make the difference on grad school applications or making an impression in interviews.

Whether you swoon over Shakespeare’s sonnets or are bewitched by Harry Potter novels, English Literature makes a lasting impact on how we write and share stories of the human experience. Trent’s uniquely flexible English Literature program is designed to prepare you for any career that demands creativity, critical inquiry, and strong communication skills. Explore literature, culture and the history of ideas in courses ranging from medieval romance to contemporary graphic fiction.

Resume Boosters

  • Take your love of books global and travel to a significant literary heritage site or region through the Barbara Rooke Travel Prize
  • Engage with guest authors during guest lectures and explore a range of hands-on learning experiences including dramatic performance, music, creative writing, peer-assessed active learning or blogging
  • Participate in seminar and workshop classes that provide opportunities for discussion, critical thinking, and interaction with leading scholars

Career Paths

  • Broadcaster
  • Journalist
  • Librarian
  • Public Relations Specialist
  • Teacher
  • Writer
  • Translator
  • Archivist
  • Editor
  • Communications Strategist
  • Arts Critic
  • Researcher
  • Content Manager
  • Marketing Specialist
  • Publicist
  • Lawyer

Popular Courses

  • Truth, Lies, and Storytelling
  • Revolution!
  • Love and Hate
  • Shakespeare for the Classroom and Stage

Admission Requirements

  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD)
  • A minimum of six Grade 12 4U or 4M courses, including program specific prerequisites
  • A minimum 70% overall final average
  • ENG 4U with a minimum of 60%