Circumpolar Studies (Diploma - online only)

Be a groundbreaker – study in the first fully online Circumpolar Studies diploma offered at a Canadian university.

Challenge yourself to think beyond the “remote” and “cold” stereotypes of the Arctic and its communities. This one-of-a-kind interdisciplinary program will expose you to the most fundamental topics surrounding Northern people and landscapes, geographical and historical contexts, and issues of security in a changing political and environmental climate. You’ll explore the rich diversity of the region and discuss everything from Indigenous issues to sustainable development and physical geography. Developed by the University of the Arctic in partnership with Trent’s School of Environment, the Chanie Wenjack School for Indigenous Studies, School for the Study of Canada, and more, this flexible learning opportunity will prepare you for a future focused on the Canadian North and beyond.

Resumé Boosters

  • Take your learning from the comfort of home to the Arctic through study abroad opportunities with the University of the Arctic
  • Diversify your perspectives through engaging online discussions with students from near and far in a small-group environment
  • Benefit from flexible options which allow you to move into a related undergraduate program at Trent or supplement your existing degree

Career Paths

  • Public Service
  • Cultural and Heritage Consultant
  • Immigration and Human Rights
  • Public Health
  • Geoscience Consultant
  • Diplomat
  • Journalist
  • United Nations Official
  • International Civil Servant
  • Educator
  • Policy Professional