Marketing and Consumer Culture (B.B.A)

Almost 200 new businesses are started worldwide every minute. With so many new products and services crowding the marketplace, having expertise in marketing and consumer behaviour has become crucial for business survival. This Business Administration specialization equips you with the knowledge and understanding you’ll need to effectively reach your future customers.

Students who have fulfilled the requirements for a Bachelor of Business Administration degree may graduate with a Specialization in Marketing & Consumer Culture if they have also successfully completed the following 4.0 credits with a minimum grade of 65% in each from the following list of courses:

0.5 ADMN credit consisting of ADMN 2100H

3.5 ADMN credits from ADMN 2080H, 2410H (or 3410H), 3150H, 3160H, 3170H, 3560H, 3750H, or 4870H (or 3870H)


Students pursuing a Specialization in Marketing & Consumer Culture are strongly encouraged to develop a wider foundation in the social sciences.

Program Coordinator

A. El-Amir, BA (American University, Cairo), MSc, PhD (Stirling)