Entrepreneurship (B.B.A.)

For highly innovative B.B.A. degree students, the Entrepreneurship specialization is an excellent avenue for exploring an independent path in business leadership and enterprise. Learn how to plan and build your own business, develop online marketing strategies, and shape your groundbreaking ideas into a viable and thriving business.

The transcripts of students graduating with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree who have successfully completed the requirements of the Specialization will contain the notation "with a Specialization in Entrepreneurship."

Course Requirements for Specialization in Entrepreneurship:

1.5 credits consisting of:

ADMN 3420h  Entrepreneurship
ADMN 3430h  New Venture Planning
COIS ADMN 3750h  Online Marketing

PLUS one (2.0) credit from these:

ADMN 3870h  Internship
ADMN 3150h Advertising
ADMN 3160h Branding
ADMN 3170h Retail Marketing
INDG ADMN 1510h  Community Economic Dev.
ADMN 4450h  Sustainability
ADMN 3560h Organization Analysis