Business & Arts (B.A.) - Joint Major

Combine your interests. Gain the competitive advantage.

Study at the only university in Canada to offer a wide range of joint majors in Business Administration.  Our unique joint major program allows you to enhance your B.A. degree by combining business courses with your other areas of interest – from Media Studies to Geography, Economics, History and anything in between. When you graduate, you’ll launch into the competitive workforce with an edge – a degree that combines the best of both worlds. 

Business & Humanities: Joint Major Options

  • Ancient Greek & Roman Studies and Business
  • Canadian Studies and Business
  • Cultural Studies and Business
  • English Literature and Business
  • French Studies – Modern Languages and Business
  • Gender & Women’s Studies and Business
  • History and Business
  • Journalism and Business
  • Media Studies and Business
  • Philosophy and Business

Business & Social Sciences: Joint Major Options

  • Anthropology and Business
  • Economics and Business
  • Geography and Business
  • Indigenous Studies and Business
  • International Development Studies and Business
  • Political Studies and Business
  • Sociology and Business
  • Environmental Resource Studies and Business

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