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NOTE: Boxes 1-43 were organized and an inventory spreadsheet prepared through the assistance of the office of the University Secretariat. The record below is compiled of information extracted from the spreadsheet. A hard copy of the more detailed spreadsheet is located with the collection.

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The University Secretariat provides the governing bodies of the University with administrative services, research and analysis, and general support. The office manages the senior academic appeals process and supports presidential searches. The Secretariat is a resource for members of the University community, providing information and counsel on Senate and Board of Governors policies, procedures, precedents and records.

The Secretariat also plays a significant role in the development, promulgation and interpretation of Trent University policies and procedures and oversees the management of institutional (non-academic/non-research) records for the University.

The Secretariat acts as the University's advisor and agent on the application of access to information legislation. The University's Privacy Protection/Freedom of Information Officer and administration of the University's responsibilities under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act are located within the University Secretariat. (Taken from University web site, 5 October 2012).

Box 1

Academic departments

Aboriginal Education (see also Native Studies & Aboriginal Education Council

Administrative and Policy Studies, 1997-1998

Canadian Studies - Summer Explorations in Canadian Culture (SECC) (was called Summer Institute), 1996-1998

Canadian Studies: includes directions to Wanapitei, 1968-2000 (note: Joint Trent-Carleton Ph.D. program in Canadian Studies filed in Graduate Studies)

Chemistry, 1996

Classical Studies: departmental reviews, 1984-1993

Comparative Development Studies, 1994

Environmental and Resource Studies: evolution of the program, 2003-2004

Forensic Studies: evolution of the program, 2003-2004

French: French as a Second Language Program (FSL), 1983-1988

Frost Centre, 1983-1999

Geography: Chairman’s reports, 1989-1993

History: program overview, 2006

INSTRUCT (Inter-American Network for Studies & Training in Natural Insurance), 1982-2004

Modern Languages: external review, 1988; appointments

Native Studies: Ph.D. proposal included, 1987-1997

Politics: growth strategies, 1998; relocation of a faculty, 1985

Psychology: MOU, 2001

Teacher Education Concurrent program (includes School of Education): development of program, 1988-1989

TISPOC (Trent Institute for the Study of Popular Culture): development of program, 1988-1989

Women’s Studies: approval of program, 1986

Academic Policies and Services

Academic Advisory System: mid-year review, 1986-1999

Academic Advisory System: includes 1987 Task Force Report; also Senior Tutors; Senate Sub-Committee, 1987; 1991

Academic Discipline: includes Academic Dishonesty paper by J. Neufeld, May 2007; policy on scholarly misconduct, 1995

Academic Freedom: AUCC draft Statement on Academic Freedom and Academic Responsibility, 1994

Academic Innovation Fund: correspondence re fund and recipients, 1985-1995

Academic Planning: includes J. Stubbs "Green Paper" 1992-93; includes Summer Session; see also PPPSC

Academic Programs: includes J. Stubbs "Green Paper" 1992-93; includes Summer Session, 2001; see also PPPSC

Academic Quality Reviews: OCUA Advisory Memorandum 93-VI, 1993

Box 2

Academic Secretaries: Appointments and guidelines, 1990-1994

Academic Skills Centre: includes Workshop Manual copyright permit, 1984-1997

Academic Staffing Plan, 1986-2002

Academic Standings, 1990-2003

Centres of Knowledge, 2008

Certificate programs: includes non-credit certificate programs, 1999-2002

Committees: student representation on program committees, 1999

Continuing Education (Oshawa): 1992-1993

Degrees: 19-course Bachelor of Arts; Degree Completion Accord, 1992-1999

Degrees: degree granting guidelines, 1997

Degrees: degree granting act from provincial government, 1986-1995

Degrees: degree granting institutions, proposals and Trent responses, 1987-1991

Graduate Studies: Five Year Graduate Plan; Trent/Queen’s Agreement, 1981 review of Differentiation Grant & Grad Studies; Policy and Procedures for Appointment of Graduate Faculty; Graduate Education at Trent; a discussion document on the future of graduate studies by Chris Metcalfe; AUCC Commercialization of University Research paper see AUCC; reports; Review of the Office of Research & Graduate Studies, 2004

Graduate Studies: Methodologies Program; includes information on name change to: MA Program in Theory, Culture and Politics, 1987-2001

Graduate Studies: Modelling, 1990-1993

Graduate Studies: Native Studies (Ph.D.), 1996

Graduate Studies: Environmental & Life Sciences Graduate Program-May 08, previously known as Watershed Ecosystems (WEGS) (Ph.D.), 1992-2008

Graduate Studies: new programs and proposals

Interactive Learning Centre: 1990-2003

Joint Programs – Trent/SSFC: includes Nursing B.Sc.N. program, Museum Studies, MNR - Partnerships (Trent/SSFC/MNR); Articulation Agreements 2000 - Terrain & Water Resources Technology / Fish & Wildlife Technology / Ecosystem Management Technology; Fleming Discussion Paper and Trent/Fleming Partnership Development

Lecture series: Bank of Montreal, Margaret Laurence, Morton, Ryle, Shepherd, 1996-2002

Box 3

Part-time Studies, 1992

Partnerships: University of El Salvador, 1992

Plans and Programs: Policy on Undergraduate Program Review, 1997; Report of the Auditors on Undergraduate Program Reviews at Trent University, March 2001

Plans and Programs: Graduate Students Association constitution, 1973

Plans and Programs: long range planning; Long Range Planning Commission, 1988, 1986-1988

Shad Valley Trent, 2004

Green Paper, Academic Planning, 1992

Trent Centre for Community-Based Education (TCCBE, est. 1997), 1998-2001

Trent International Program (TIP); includes recruitment, Canadian Education Centre Network,   Leonard Conolly Interim Director July 1, 2001 to June 30, 2002, 1996-1999

Undergraduate program reviews


Administrative Computing; various studies, 1983-1996

Alumni Affairs: includes Alumni Association material; prize nomination, 1992-2003

Communications Department, 1990-2002

Conference and Hospitality Services, 1990-1997

Counselling and Careers Centre, 1987-2002

History of Trent: includes a copy of A Vision of Trent; summary of articles in the Peterborough Examiner in February, 1963; To meet the increasing demands a new University is founded (a publication of the Founding Fund); Tom Symons’ remarks at the official opening in October 1964; an excerpt from the Trent University Calendar of the first academic year, 1964-65, 1969-2002

Library – University Librarian, 1991-1997

Library – University Librarian searches, 1996

Library – Bata, 1999-2003

University Archives – Acquisitions, 1982-1997

Box 4


Accountability, 1994-1996

Auditors, McColl Turner: audit plans, 1982-2008

Auditors, McColl Turner: audit plans, 1989-2004

Auditors, McColl Turner: audit plans and reports, 1981-1990

Auditors, McColl Turner: audit plans and fees, 1989-2008

Provincial audits: includes McColl Turner correspondence, 1986-2003

Revenue Canada (Canada Revenue Agency), 1997

Safety Audit, 1991

Statutes and regulations, audit act, orientation of revised Audit Act, Bonnie Paterson submission, 1991-2001

Awards and recognition

Bursaries, 1986-1998

Eminent Service Award Policy, 2008

Prizes: academic awards, Governor Generals’ Medal, 1988-1998

Prizes: Bagnani Medal, 1985-2007

Prizes: High school (Trent 25th Anniversary; Trent Excellence in Science), 1992

Prizes: Molson Prize, 1990

Prizes: Robinette Prize, 1991

Prizes: Tyler Prize, 1989

Prizes: Royal Bank Award, 1991

Prizes: Symons Medal, 1972-1999

Scholarships: Ashley Fellowship, 1986-2005

Scholarships: Rhodes Scholarship, letters of support, 1972-1993

Vogrie: Bagnani estate, Bagnani Scholarship Fund, Bagnani, Mary Stewart, 2001

Box 5

Board of Governors

Best practices, 1998-2008

Governance: Board representation, 1992

Records managements: microfilm estimates, 1988-2004

Scholarships: Trudeau Foundation scholarships, nominations, 2003-2004

Strategic plans: Special Needs Office, Learning opportunities task force (LOTF) - includes LOTF funding, Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2001, Trent University Annual Accessibility Plan, MTCU, Special Needs Funding, 1966-2006

Budgets and Plans

Alternative revenue generation, 1988

Athletics: Canadian Hockey Summit, March 1999; renaming of Athletic Complex to PSB Wilson Building; athletics master plan presented to the Board in June 2004, Extension of Sports Medicine clinic Lease Agreement, November 2007, Policy on Trent's participation in inter-university awards, Business Plan: Athletics Expansion and Redevelopment, January 2009, 1974-2009

Capital plans, 1989-1990

Capital projects: Bookstore

Privatization of universities, 1996

Budget, operating: College, Housing and Food Services, 2000

Budget, ancillary, 1998-2004

Reports: Registrar’s office, annual reports, report to the Board of Governors, 1997-2007

Reports: Registrar’s office, reports to Senate, 1987-2007

Reports: Registrar’s office, pre-registration review, 1982-1990

Standards: Registrar’s office, Admission standards; entrance standards / rustication standards, includes The Pre-registration process a handbook for continuing students and academic advisers 2004-2005 Fall /Winter Session, 1995-2006

Box 6

Capital projects: child care facility, First People’s House

Capital projects: funding updates

Capital projects: library

Capital projects: library – library reclamation, 1991-1993

Capital projects: MNR

Capital projects Otonabee College renovations

Capital projects: Science facilities

Capital projects: Staging Building expansion (Blackburn Hall), 1988

Capital projects: University Centre (Student Centre), 1996; students space, 2000 – includes non-academic student activity space briefing note, 2003

Budgets, fees and enrolment

Budget, operating: financial projections, includes deficit projections; Framework for managing the cumulative deficit, June 2001 (Deficit Reduction Plan), 1995-2001

Budget, operating, 1991-1998

Budget, operating: appropriations, 1983-2002

Budget, operating: strategic investments, 2000

Budget administration: senior officer’s envelopes, n.d.

Enrolment administration: enrolment corridor signoff, 1995

Enrolment administration: enrolment reporting; Registrar’s report to Senate, 1991-2009

Enrolment planning: enrolment planning group, 1991

Enrolment planning: reports, 1980-2005

Fees and tuition: fee invoicing system; fee payment policy and procedures, 1998

Fees and tuition: Graduate: includes graduate VISA student tuition fees; annual differential fee waivers, 1990-1996

Fees and tuition: tuition reform issue, deregulation, 1988-2002

Fees and tuition: ancillary fees, compulsory and non-compulsory; residence fees / meal plan fees/convocation fees; TCSA document on college fees and strategic plan presented to the Board March 26, 2004, 1982-2005

Box 7

Fees and tuition: international students, 1981-1997

Fees and tuition: seniors, 1987-1994

Fees and tuition: Board of Governors support for undergraduate/graduate students, 1983-2007

Fees and tuition: other institutions, 1990-2001

Fees and tuition: supplementary fees, 1994-2004


Argyle Street residence: Masters College & Seminary; includes lease, 1981-2003

Budgets and plans, 1990

Champlain College

College administrators

Catharine Parr Traill College

Julian Blackburn College

Lady Eaton College

Otonabee College

Peter Gzowski College

Committees – Academic: Aboriginal Education Council (AEC); ad hoc task force review of the recommendations in AEC’s 2003 report, 1992-2003

Box 8


Animal care, 1988-2005

Athletic, 1966-1993

Audit, 1989-1990

Bookstore, 1992-2002

Committee lists, 1993-1994; 2005-2006

Committee on Colleges, 1982-1996

Committee on University Honours, 1991

Community Advisory Council, 1994-1996

Continuing Education, 1987-2006

Copyright, 1985-1988

CUSP (Committee on Undergraduate Standings and Petitions); special appeals, 1984-2006

Committees Academic: Academic Administration (AHCAA) ad hoc, Hillman Report 1997

Committees Academic: Academic advising, 2004-2005

Committees Academic: Academic development; correspondence; Committee on Academic Personnel, 1988-1992

Committees Academic: Academic development, reports to Senate, 1986-2004

Committees Academic: Academic Planning, final report of the Academic Planning Committee, 1998-2006

Committees Academic: Academic Policy Committee, reports to Senate, 1990-1993

Committees Academic: Academic Scheduling, Advisory Committee on Academic Scheduling, 2001

Committees Academic: Academic Timetabling Practices & Procedures, ad hoc, 1988

Committees Academic: Admissions and Scholarships, Committee on Scholarships, Awards, Bursaries, and Financial Aid, subcommittee of Senate, 1986-2002

Committees – Building 2000 Steering Committee, 2000-2001

Box 9

Committee on Names, 1989-1991

Diploma programs, 1992-1994

Environmental Advisory, Presidential (PEAC), 1990-2002

Graduate Studies, reports and correspondence, 1989-2006

Introductory Seminar Week, 1982-2006

Library Services, 1988-2002

Nature Areas (stewardship plan), 1990-1995

Northern and Polar Studies: 1987-2001

Northern and Polar Studies, 1984-1996

Post-Secondary Anti-Harassment & Discrimination Project Coordinating Committee (PAHDPCC), 1995

President’s Budgetary Advisory Group (PBAG), 1992-1994

Box 10

PPPSC: Steering Committee, terms of reference and composition, 1995

PPPSC: approaches to teaching and learning, technology sub group

PPPSC: approaches to teaching and learning, 1995

PPPSC: college review study group, 1995

PPPSC: curriculum review study group, 1995

PPPSC: JBC Review Committee, 1994

Trent Consultative, 1997-1998

Trent University Supportive Education (TUSE), 1991

Trent University Association of Retired Persons (TUARP), 1991-2002

Committee – Health and Safety: Health and Safety, Joint, 1986-2005

Committee – Health and Safety, Joint: inspection reports, 1994-2003

Committee – Health and Safety, Senior Administration “working group”, 1991-1996

Committee – Human Resources: employment equity, 1988-2006

Committee – Human Resources: labour practices – apparel, presidential advisory, 2001

Committee – Human Resources: ad hoc tripartite pensions committee, 1984

Committee – Human Resources: pension, terms of reference, 1983-1998

Committee – Human Resources: performance indicators, task force on, 1994-2005

Committee – Human Resources: respect, rights & responsibility, task force on, 1991

Committee – Human Resources: Special Needs, 1981-1992

Committee – PAC (President’s Advisory Council), 1996

Committee – PAC: research policy, 1996

Committee – PAC: student conduct, presidential advisory, 1995

Box 11


Communications: condolence letters / obituaries, 1996-1998

Communications: cancellation on courses, 1985-1986

Communications: Fortnightly, 1982-1996

Communications: Trent statistics, 2005


Contracts: CIDA, Jamaican North Coast Fishery Enhancement Project, 1982-2002

Contracts: college residence agreements, 1993

Contracts: Cultural Spaces Canada Program – Canadian heritage, 1988-2003

Contracts: Distance Education Centre, in partnerships with Bell Canada, 1992-2005

Contracts: Human Resources, human rights, TUFA agreement (discrimination and harassment clauses), 1994

Contracts: Imagine, n.d.

Contracts: miscellaneous, 1989-2008

Contracts: multi-year accountability agreement, 2006

Contracts: Native Management and Economic Development Program, 1988-1990

Contracts: student residence agreement, 1983-1984

Box 12

Senate: executive, reports to Senate; report from academic administration, 1999-2006

Senate: index, 1965-

Senate: membership, staff seats on senate committees, 1974-1984

Senate: Nominating Committee, 1989-2006

Senate: Planning Committee ad hoc 1997

Senate: Review Committee ad hoc, 1992; Stanford Report

Senate: Site Development Committee, and sub committee, 1986

Senate: Social Responsibility Committee; sub committee final report on the student / administration building, 1986, 1985-1994

Trent Art Collection Presidential Advisory Committee (TACPAC), 2000

Transportation, 1989-2003

Undergraduate Studies Committee, 2002-2006

University Planning - Ad Hoc Committee on University Planning; includes Building on Success November 2002 report by Torben Drewes; Ad Hoc Committee on University Planning 2001, 2001-2002

Vogrie: Bagnani estate; Alumni House, 1994-2001

World Wide Web Committee (WWW), 1995-1998

Box 13

External associations

Addiction Research Foundation, 1992

American Friends of Trent University, 1990-1991

Amnesty International, 1988

Anigawncigig Institute, 1984

Atomic Energy Control Board, licenses, 196?-1997

Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI): Inc. Research Development Fund for small Universities, matching funds from Ontario Innovation Trust filed here (OIT), Incl. AUCC summary of key issues in the innovation and skills & learning papers, 1998-2002

Canadian Association for Irish Studies Newsletter, 1990

Canadian Institute Health Research (CIHR), 2002-2004

CANARIE: IT infrastructure, 1997

COFO-UO (Council of Finance Officers), 1989-1990

Commonwealth Universities Study Abroad Consortium (CUSAC), 1996

Conference Board of Canada: includes National Awards in Governance, 2001-2005

COU: Audits, report of Public Accounts Committee

CSAO: Steering Committee, 1993-1994

CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service), 1987

Durham/Lakeshore Advisory Council: terms of reference, 1991

Friends of Ontario Universities, 1986-2002

Heritage Canada: internships, 1998

Industry study: DBRS-Rated Universities overview, 2004

United Nations International Network on Water, Environment and Health, 1995

External associations – academic


COU: Academic Colleague, report to Senate, 1986-2004

COU: Acumen Research Group – university applicant study for Trent, 2000-2002

COU: Athletic awards, 2001-2002

COU: Council of Ontario Universities (COU), 1990-2004

COU: Network Ontario Implementation Task force, distance education and MET – open learning

COU: Office for Partnerships for Advance Skills (OPAS), 1996

COU: reports to Senate, 1998-2004

COU: reports to Senate, briefing notes, Academic Colleague reports, 1991-2006

COU: Status of Women Committee (Bonnie Patterson, chair from 1999 - ), 1985-1993

COU: Tuition fee reform discussion paper, 1993

Box 14

External associations

Kawartha World Issues Centre (KWIC), 1995

Kawartha Youth Orchestra

KawarthaNET, 1995

Kenner/Trent Twinning: partnerships for learning disabilities, 1990

National Association of University Board Chairs & Secretaries, 1996

National Library of Canada, 1988-2000

Natural Sciences & Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC): awards, 1995-2005

Ontario Innovation Trust (OIT): awards, 2003

Ontario-Quebec exchange projects: awards, 1996-2000

Ontario Public Interest Research Group (OPIRG), 1979

OUAC: application statistics, 1990-2002

Peter Robinson School of Music: 1985

Peterborough Architectural Conservancy Advisory Committee, 1992, 2005

Peterborough Downtown Business Improvement Area: letter re CPTC and PRC, 1996-2000

Peterborough Festival of Arts, 1988-1991

Peterborough Review, 1994

Peterborough Rowing Club, 1973 agreement for a parcel of land from the Crown

Peterborough, City of: Olympic Youth Camp, 2008; Vision 2010 Strategy, etc. 1988-2003

Royal Commission on Economic Union & Development: Brief, 1983

Trent Music Festival: Bacchus Inquiry Committee report (1990), 1990-2007

Trent Music Society

Trent National Centre for Music, Inc., 1989

Trent Radio, 2001

Trent Symphony Orchestra

Trent Valley Literacy Association, 1995

University Research Incentive Fund (URIF), 1990-1991

Worsfold Water Quality Centre (previously known as Water Quality Centre), 1998-2000

National Round Table on the Environment and Economy, 1994-1995

Ontario Federation of Students (OFS), 1987-1988

Ontario Heritage Act and Foundation, 1991-1995

Ontario Network Infrastructure Program (ONIP), 1994-1995

Regional Municipality of Durham (ERP), 1989-1991

SOCAN, 1992-1997

Box 15

Accountability, task force on; Broadhurst Report, 1993

Tri-County Behaviour Services: Advisory Committee, 1978-1989

Tri-County Behaviour Services: program agreement and amendments, 1984-1985

Tri-County Behaviour Services: rental agreements, 1984-1985

Box 16

Events, anniversaries and celebrations

Head of the Trent, 1994-1998

Orientation open house, 1996, 2000

External associations

External associations: CIAU, Athletics, 1993-1994

External associations – academic

Association of Commonwealth Universities, reports, membership

AUCC, 1985-2005

Confederation of Ontario University Staff Associations (COUSA), 1991

Hansen Report (1981), 1983-1990

Inquiries from other universities, 1982-2002

Lakefield College School, 1990-1995

OCUA: Arts & Science: 1987-1995

OCUA: Briefs and hearings, 1987-1995

Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations (OCUFA), 1970-1995

Ontario College of Teachers: accreditation, 2001-2005

Ontario Council on Graduate Studies (OCGS), 2003

University & Colleges: exchanges, articulation agreements, Queen’s University (Trent/Queen’s Teacher Education Program), 1988-2001

Box 17

University & Colleges: Nunavut Arctic College

University & Colleges: SSFC (Sir Sandford Fleming College)

University & Colleges: University Centre at Durham (UCD) (University of Ontario Institute of Technology, UOIT) (includes Durham - Trent - UOIT agreement and funding (was called DUC, DATE, EDUC'N)

Universities & Colleges: Wurttemberg University Student Exchange Program

Universities & Colleges: Year Abroad Program (YAP), includes Freiburg, Universite De Nantes

Box 18

Facilities management

Architecture Architectural Heritage Advisor

Art Inventory: Physical Resources has a data base of Art - inventoried in 1997-98

Buildings: Bata Library, Champlain College, Otonabee College, Peter Robinson College, Monture House, Staging Building

Contracts: Food Services

Contracts: Food Services - Marriott

Contracts: Food Services - Aramark, 1998-

Contracts: R & R labs (lease)

Drawings and diagrams:  Maps, includes Campus Maps / City maps 

Energy conservation: Rose Technology Group, 1988-1989

Government compliance: Liquor License, includes April 2007 document; future of liquor on campus, 1989-1990

Parking, 1986-2005

Policies and procedures: Mail Room, includes guidelines on identifying suspicious mail, 2001

Powerhouse, 1984-2007

Print shop, 1983-2001

Space planning: Grounds Management Plan, 1999- ; includes "Towards an Environmentally Healthy Campus 1999" / landscape management, 1999

Box 19

Design and construction: space usage, Blackburn Hall – planning, 1991-1993

Design and construction: space usage, inventory


Pubs - Advisory Board

Pubs - Cats Ass (Otonabee)

Pubs - Ceilie (Champlain College)

Pubs – Commoner

Pubs - Crawpadies (Lady Eaton)

Pubs - Jolly Hangman (Peter Robinson)

Pubs - The Trend (Traill)

Space planning: Archaeology Centre,1983-1993

Space planning: Campus Store

Space planning: downtown student facility trust, 2003

Space planning: Environmental Sciences Centre (ESC), project planning, approvals and completion, 1987-1991

Space planning: Facilities Renewal, includes Deferred Maintenance and Facilities Survey, 2006; see/also Funding-Capital-Facilities R. for MET Funding, Facilities Renewal & Development Strategy, 2007-2014 approved by Board, June 21, 2007, Feb.1/08 Report on Deferred Maintenance to Board, 1991-2008

Space planning: Space Study, includes Space Utilization Study -- 1986 -- A Plan for the Future, Space Plan, Build 2000 Infrastructure Project, 2005 Non-Academic Student Activity Space, 1986-2000

Box 20

Space planning: Hydro Generation, includes Lock 22 / Hydro Dam / “Dam 22”/ Hydro Canal Project; GE Canada (General Electric) and Trent University history/relationship, 2000-2007

Space planning: Mackenzie Gallery (MacKenzie House), history of the building, 1984

Space planning: Nature Areas,1989-2002

Space planning: Off Campus Housing, pre-June 2001 in Archives, 1995

Space planning: Orange Hall

Space planning: Physical Plant Proposals, budgets, correspondence, 1983-1991

Box 21

Space planning: QA/QC Laboratory proposals, agreements, 1993-1994

Space planning: Rotary Greenway Trail, previously called Kawartha Rail / Trail (note: there is a file in the VP-Admin files called Land Development -Rotary Greenway Trail), 2000

Space planning: Theatre Trent, 1987-1995

Space planning: Twin arenas

Space planning: Wenjack Theatre, 1975-1992

Space planning: Wildlife Sanctuary,1995


Appointments: Honorary appointments, categories and procedures, 1984-2006


Surveys: Surveys / Analysis/ Teaching Ratios, 1975-2004

Financial reporting

Performance indictors

General administrative files, 1981-2005


Procurement policies: procedures, general files, 1982-1997

Fundraising and advancement

Foundation: Trent University, motion to wind-up June 21, 2007 by Board of Governors, 1993-2007

Foundations: Trent University Foundation, 1994-2007

Box 22

Government departments

Fair Tax Commission, 1993-1994

Federal: Department of the Secretary of State of Canada, Citation for Citizenship, 1990

Federal: Minister of Canadian Heritage and Status of Women; grant, First People's House of Learning Space

Provincial: Ministry of Environment & Energy; Dorset Research Station correspondence, 1992

Provincial: Ministry of Natural Resources – lease, 1996-1997

Provincial: Ministry of Natural Resources, s/a Capital Projects – MNR, relocation, 1995-2007

Provincial: Ministry of Natural Resources, partnerships with Trent; includes GIS - Geographical Information Systems, Institute for Watershed Science, 2008, previously known as Watershed Science Centre, 1991-1995

Provincial: MTCU, includes grants, formerly MET

Provincial: MTCU, includes grants, 1990-1991, 1991-1992, 1992-1993, 1993-1994, 1994-1995, 1995-1996, 1996-1997

Provincial: MTCU, Additional Qualifications (AQ) courses

Provincial: MTCU, Advisory Panel on Accountability, 1998-

Provincial: MTCU, Advisory Panel on Future Directions for Postsecondary  Education (Smith report), 1996

Provincial: MTCU, ATOP (Access to Opportunities Program)

Provincial: MTCU, Double Cohort (Proposals)

Provincial: MTCU, Fair Funding for Universities Grant

Provincial: MTCU, Growing Ontario's Innovation System: The Strategic Role of University Research (Heather Munroe-Blum, Dec. 1999)

Provincial: MTCU, Increasing Degree Opportunities for Ontarians: A Consultation Paper

Provincial: MTCU, Investing in Students Task Force (2000 - final report called "Portals and Pathways, February 2001"…will study college & university administrative operations …"  chaired by Jalynn Bennett (Administrative Review) (The COU Brief to the Ontario Financial Review Commission, April 12, 2000 is filed in the Auditor, Provincial file)

Provincial: MTCU, Leading Edge Technology Tax Credit (LET)

Provincial: MTCU, Ministry of Citizenship Culture & Recreation

Provincial: MTCU, News Releases / "Backgrounders"

Provincial: MTCU, Quality Improvement Plan - Annual filing (QIP), annual plan for the use of tuition increase money, due August 21

Provincial: MTCU, Restructuring Committee, 1992; Restructuring / Reshaping the Post Secondary sector

Provincial: MTCU, Submissions

Box 23

Provincial: MTCU, Open Learning

Provincial: MTCU, OSOTF (Ontario Student Opportunity Trust Funds)

Provincial: MTCU, OSOTF - Annual Filing (annual report on cash donations & pledges, revenues & expenditures, bursaries awarded) due June 30  

Provincial: MTCU, Post-secondary Education Quality Assessment Board (PEQAB) (established in April 2001 to advise the Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities on the suitability of new degree programs… Chaired by Dale Patterson, 10 part-time members from academic, business, & students)

Provincial: MTCU, Reports Schedule, includes reporting requirements

Provincial: MTCU, Research and Development Challenge Fund, 1997-  ,  (OCF) (R&D Challenge Fund ORDCF) & Canadian Foundation for Innovation

Provincial: MTCU, Tuition - Annual Filing (annual filing to Ministry on use of tuition increase for financial aid to students, due July 31; includes Tuition Fee Set-Aside Guidelines for Universities

Provincial: Office of the Premier - Rae Review, higher education discussions for review of the postsecondary education system, 2004

Government grants and funding

Funding: Differentiation Grant

Funding: Federal Government Knowledge Infrastructure Program; March 2009 Recommendation to the Board of Governors

Funding: Indirect Costs Program, 1998-2004

Operating Grants, 1991-1992

Operating Grants, 1997-1998

Operating Grants, 1998-1999

Operating Grants, 1999-2000

Operating Grants, 2005-2006

Operating Grants: Funding Formula, 1972-1995

Operating Grants: Funding Formula, Corridor Negotiation, 1989-1990

Box 24

Operating Grants, 1992-1993

Operating Grants, 1993-1994

Operating Grants, 1994-1995

Operating Grants, 1995-1996

Operating Grants, 1996-1997

Operating Grants, 2000-2001

Operating Grants, 2001-2002

Operating Grants, 2002-2003

Operating Grants, 2003-2004

Operating Grants, 2004-2005

Operating Grants, 2006-2007

Operating Grants, 2008-2009

Operating Grants - Funding Formula - Formula Review 1994; also called Resource Allocation Task Force, see also "Sustaining Quality in Changing Times"

Box 25

Health, safety and security

ERP: Emergency Closing Procedures; Emergency Bulletins, 1995-2004

ERP: Emergency First Response Team, 1990-1999

General administrative files, 1991-2008

Incident reports, 1994-1995

Safety audits: women, audit report and correspondence, 1991-1992

Women's Centre, 1985-1986

Human Resources

Awards and recognition: Employee Service Recognition, Task Force Task Force and Review, 2004-2005

Awards and recognition: employees, 25 years, 1989

Compensation and benefits: benefits, 1984-1999

Compensation and benefits: Employee Assistance program (EAP), includes contract), Employee Benefits, 1990-2001

Compensation and benefits Insurance – CURIE, 2008

Box 26

Compensation and benefits: Pension - Actuarial Report - SRA - TUFA Approved by Board, 1998-2009

Compensation and benefits: Pension - Annual Reports,1998-2007

Employer: Health Levy, 1989

General files, 1992-2007

Human Rights: plans and programs; educational Initiatives, 1994

Human Rights: Publications, 1997

Human Rights: Reports; includes Annual Reports; Harvest Weekend, 1997, 1991-2008

Human Rights: Statutes and regulations (Human Rights Code), includes proposed amendment of Bill 68 to provide a longer transition period for universities to meet the needs of Double Cohort students; includes Human Rights in the Workplace – Laurie Davis Consulting, April, 2001

Human Rights: Commission Complaints, 1990

Labour Relations: Academic Labour Relations Officer, 1985

Labour Relations:: Seniority Lists, includes OPSEU, 1994, 2003

Organizational analysis: Human Resources Organization & Staff Development, 1990's

Orientation and training: Employees Guide to Trent University

Orientation and training: Employees Orientation, 1994

Pay equity, 1990-1996

Payroll: Human Resources, 1989-1997

Box 27

Plans and programs: Voluntary Early Retirement - Costings (VP working file)

Plans and programs: Voluntary Early Retirement / Career Change (VER)

Task forces: Task Force on Advanced Training, Pitman Report (also called “No Dead Ends”)

Information technology services

Enterprise systems: Academic Computing, includes TACTIC, 1991-1998

Enterprise systems: Datatel, includes ODYSSEY Project info, 1996-2004

Enterprise systems: ESIS, Enhanced Information Systems, 2000

Enterprise systems: SIMS (Student Information Management System), progress reports, 1986

Information systems: Educational Computing Advisor, 1992

Information systems, 1992

Microcomputers, 1986-1993

Network management: Intranet (internal at Trent), Nov. 2005 - to include summary of board business for Trent Community, 2005

Network management: Networking & Technology, Telephones, 1983-1993

Box 28

Organization – historical: Computing and Telecommunications Services (CTS), pre 1998; internet access agreement


Acquisition and development: CN Rail Line

Acquisition and development: Land Development, includes Land Inventory Project, April 24, 2000 / Endowment Lands, etc., 1986-2002

Acquisition and development: Land Development, History, includes George Hamilton's April 17, 1989 document on Campus Development, 1994

Acquisition and development: Land Development, History, 1986-1992

Acquisition and development: Land Development, Legal Opinions/Government policy (s/a Charities Accounting Act), 1989-2001

Acquisition and development: Land Development, Paul Weiser Development, 1992

Acquisition and development: Land Development Policies, Administrative Procedures, 2000

Acquisition and development: Land Development Proposals, 1992-1993

Acquisition and development: Oliver Property (on Pigeon Lake), re: James MacLean Oliver Ecological Centre,1999-2002

Acquisition and development: Property Transactions (sale of property - "beneficial ownership" concept explained)

Inventory Property: Building Inventory, includes Real Property Summary, 1988

Box 29

Acquisition and development: Land Development Proposals, 1989-2003

Acquisition and development: Land Development Subcommittee, includes Land & Property Reference Group 2003, also called Endowment Land Development Reference Group, 2003

Acquisition and development: Land Development,, Trent Real Estate Corporation (TREC) 1990

Acquisition and development: Land Development, UBC Real Estate Development, 1989-1993

Acquisition and development: Rail Line purchase, 1992

Acquisition and development: Windy Pine legal documents, 1982

Legal services

Commissioners for taking Affidavits, 1983-1995

Office of the President

Personnel files: Bonnie Patterson, includes 2008 letter to Senate from Board chair

Personnel files: Leonard Conolly (5th president -- January 1, 1994-June 30/97)

Personnel files: John Stubbs

Personnel files: Leonard Conolly

Personnel files: T.E.W. Nind (2nd President, July 1, 1972- December 31, 1979)

Personnel files: T.E.W. Nind

Personnel files: Bonnie Patterson, letters to the University Community

Personnel files: Bonnie Patterson, presentations, includes Environmental Scan, 1999

Personnel files: Bonnie Patterson (6th President - July 1, 1998 - June 30, 2004)

Personnel files: Presidential Review, Special Resolution III.4 = Annual Presidential Performance Review Process

Personnel files: David C. Smith (July 1, 1997 - June 30, 1998) (Interim)

Personnel files: John Stubbs (4th president, 1987-1994)

Personnel files: T.H.B. Symons (Founding President, 1962- June 30, 1972)

Personnel files: D.F. Theall (3rd President, January 1, 1980- June 30, 1987)

Plans and programs: Presidential objectives

Presidents Committee: fundraising, Academic Innovation Fund, 1987-1988

President’s reports, 1972-1988

Roles and responsibilities: presidential mandate

Box 30

Trent Magazine: Submissions (previously called Alumnus), 1984-1995

Office of the University Secretary

Incorporation: Coat of Arms, inquiry, 1983

Intellectual property: Copyright licences, 2007, renewals; background on copyright acts, 1984-2007

Intellectual property: Copyright, CANCOPY,1994-1997

Intellectual property: Patents, 1970-1998


Promotions and sponsorships

Visitors to the University, 1970-1998


Administrative Goals & Objectives, 1984-2000

Capital plans: Capital funding, Canada/Ontario Infrastructure Works (COIW), 1994-1998

Capital plans: Capital funding, Facilities Renewal, 1992-2004

Capital plans: Capital funding, Superbuild Growth Fund, 1999, includes Superbuild Facilities renewal, Superbuild's Progress Report for the fiscal year 2001-2002 from the Government

Consultants: marketing, i.e. Marketing of Trent, Image of Trent, Image Focus Groups, Tony Whittingham's presentation to PEG, December 1999 on Positioning, Marketing, Communications, Recruitment, 1967-2007

Endowed Chairs & Professorship Program: Program approved by Board of Governors, February 1, 2008, Drain Chair in Ethics, June 2007

Institutional Gifts: requests for donations from the University, 1992-2002

Operating plan: Funding – Targeted, Faculty Renewal, 1985-1997

Organization: ITER (International Fusion Energy Research and Development) project, 1995-2003

Smith Commission (1991): Commission of Inquiry on Canadian University Education - Stuart L. Smith, Commissioner, 1998-1992

Box 31

Operating plan: Funding – Targeted, Aboriginal Education & Training Strategy, 1997-1999

Operating plan: Funding – Targeted, Campus Safety for Women, 1995-2002

Operating plan: Funding – Targeted, Program Adjustment Envelope, 1988-2001

Operating plan: Funding – Targeted, Accessibility, 1989-1998

Operating plan: Funding – Targeted, Special Needs Grant, annual reports the Ministry of Education, 1989-1998

Operating plan: Funding – Targeted, Pay equity1990-1999

Box 32

Organizational analysis: Institutional organization and reorganization (see also Presidential Objectives file), 1984-2000

Strategic plans: Adjusting Our Focus (1992

Strategic plans: Institutional Planning, includes 2008 Report Card; strategic research plan, 2000

Strategic plans: Mission statement, 1982-2000

Strategic plans: A Strategy for Trent University, 2003-2010; Strategic Directions paper by V.P. Academic Susan Clark, includes An Alternative Strategic Plan for Trent University 2003-2010 by Dwayne Collins TCSA president

Strategic plans: A Strategy for Trent University 2007-2014

Strategic plans: University Forum University Forums; includes Students Promoting Leadership at Trent Conference, 1999, begun as recommendation of TCC & Arthurs/Lorimer Report, 1998; includes Priorities & Tradeoffs: A Forum for Students, April 6, 2000, 1998-2000

Strategic plans: University Priorities, 1995

Policies and procedures

Code of ethics, computer ethics, 1988-1996

Completion of year

Conflict of interest, 2008

Donations by faculty, 198

Educational Equity, Initiatives, 1994

Employee computer purchase plan, 1989

Employment Equity

Environmental Policy, 2001

Ethics Policy: working document, October 2006

Examinations and Grading, 1991

FIPPA: Confidentiality of Academic Records, 1992

Flag Policy, 1996

Fraternities, 1988-1995

Guaranteed Housing Loan Policy, 1986

Health, safety and security: AIDS, 1987-1990

Health, safety and security: WHMIS (Health & Safety), training handbooks, 1989

Health, safety and security: Health and Safety Officer; Radiation Safety Officer; Annual Reports included, 1991-2004

Health, safety and security: Health and Safety Policy draft, 2005

Health, safety and security: Health Services (Student Health Services), reports, budgets, statistics, 1975-2001

Box 33

Health, safety and security: Sexual Assault Awareness

Health, safety and security: WalkHome Program, 1991-1997

Health, safety and security: Women's Safety: 1991-1993

Human resources: Absentee Policy (March 2004 – DRAFT), 2005

Human resources: Employee Code of Conduct, 1989

Human resources: Personal accounts, includes Multi Faith Calendar dates, 1998

Multi Faith Issues 

Plagiarism, 1971-1988

Policy on Human Research Policy: includes inquiries from Richard Keefer, 1991

Political Leave, 1982, 1987

Postdoctoral Fellows & Visiting Scholars Policy: prepared by Chris Metcalfe March, 2003; includes backgrounder on endowed chairs, 2000

Postering, 1988-1995

Privacy and Freedom of Information, 1994

Public Space: Guidelines for the use of public space

Release of student information, 1992

Retirement, mandatory: 1985-2006

Retroactivity, 1981-2003

Smoking Policy, 1998

Theatre Usage Policy, 1975-1996

Transfer Credits, 1997

Trent Logo, 2003

Trent Participation in Inter-University Awards, 2007

Tri-Council Policy Statement on "Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans" Report to Senate of ad hoc Advisory Committee (revised April 1999)

Work stoppage, 1984-1986

Box 34

Research and development

Graduate Studies: Contract Research (overheads/policy); includes Research General); Strategic Research Plan, 2000

Graduate Studies Research Funds/Grants; Report on Faculty Research & Grad Studies - Travel Grants, 1981-2006

Graduate Studies Research Funds/Grants; Report on Faculty Research & Grad Studies - Travel Grants, 1981-2006

Reports Research Centres and Institutes: includes Chris Metcalfe’s report on Policy on Research Organizations March, 2003 (call up approved in 2001-02 for three years, bring forward in 2004-5), 2001-2003

Research & Graduate Studies: travel grants, 1985-1992

Searches and appointments

Decanal: Dean of Arts and Sciences, 1984-2001

Decanal: Dean of Research and Graduate Studies, 1999

Decanal: various, 1984-1993

Decanal: Search Committee. Interim Dean of Arts and Science, 1997-1998

Special Advisor to the President, 1999-2000

Vice-Presidents – Searches

Vice-Presidents (Academic): Reviews, 2007

Vice-Presidents (Academic), 1983

Vice-Presidents (Administration)

Box 35


Attendance lists, 2000-2006

Bylaws: By-laws, Rules, Procedures, 1994-2001

Composition, 1994-2001

Corporate governance: Senate; academic governance, 1993-1999

Correspondence, 1964-1999

Definitions: University professor, 1973-1992

Elections – Senate: Committees - Faculty & Staff, 1994-2001

Elections – Senate: Policies & Procedures, Committees - Faculty & Staff, 1997

Elections – Senate: Students, 1994, 1995, 2005

Meetings: Recording / Videotaping Meetings, information re "My Student Loan" - movie made in 2000 by Mike Johnston)

Meetings: Schedule of meetings, 1998-2007

Membership lists, 1995-2003

Orientation and training, 1997-2003

Plans and programs: Work plans, 1997-2007

Box 36


Clubs and groups, 1988-1990

Elections – Senate: Enumeration, 1986

Financial aid: Student Assistance Fund (OSAP) (Aiming for the Top Tuition Scholarship Program see Scholarships), 2006

Handbooks, [2000]

Photo Directory, 1979-1991

Statistics: Student Numbers by College, 1989-1993

Student government Plans and programs: Central Student Association (CSA) 1995-; was Trent Student Union (T.S.U.), includes Trent Central Student Association (TCSA) 1997 spring referenda; includes Health Plan; note on November 2002 TCSA and College Cabinet presidents meeting with PEG

Student government: student surveys, 1991

Trent Debating Union, 1989-1993

Box 37

Budget & Plans

Revenue generation: Revenue Generation Task Force, 1991-1992


Physical Planning & Development Committee, 1991-1998

Board of Governors: Development, 1994-1998

Board of Governors: Advancement, 1998-2001

Board of Governors: Advancement and Communications, 2001-2004

Board of Governors: Advancement, 2004-2005

Board of Governors: Labour Relations, 1984-1985

Board of Governors: Human Resources, 1995-1998

Board of Governors: Nominating Committee, 1972-1998

Board of Governors: Nominating and Governance Committee, 1998-2000

Board of Governors: Nominating Committee, 2000-2004

Board of Governors: Nominating and Governance Committee, 2004-2005

Box 38

Board of Governors: Executive Committee, 1971-1992

Box 39

Aboriginal Education Council (AEC), 1992-1994

Academic Computing, 1981-1998

Allocations Committee, 1998

Architect Selection, 1988-1989

Audio Visual, 1994-1995

Campus Safety for Women: Ad Hoc Advisory Committee, 1991

Committee on Educational Development, 1993-1994

Task Force to Implement Computer Literacy, 1985

Presidential Advisory Committee on Computing, 1984-1986

Committee to Undertake Review of Support Services, 1988-1994

Dining Hall Services, 1991-1992

Committee on Educational Development, 1991-1992

Budget, Fees and Enrolment

Report to Faculty Board, 1992


Faculty Membership, University Committees, 1999 – 2000

Fine Arts, 1984-1987

Continuing Education, 1992-1993

Joint Committee on Teaching Evaluation, 1991-1993

Language Lab, 1994-1995

Liaison Advisory Council, 1994-1995

Performing Arts, 1985-1990

Box 40

Board of Governors: Microfiche, 1963-1993

Senate: Microfiche, 1965-1993

Box 41

Board of Governors: Audit Committee, 1980-1982

Board of Governors: Audit and Finance, 1982-1990

Board of Governors: Finance & Property, 1990-2003

Box 42

Residence & Dining Hall Budgets: Task Force, 1996-1999

Administrative Services: Task Force, 1991-1992

Academic Budget Review, 1991-1992

Master Budget Reduction: Task Force, 1992

Budget Task Force, 1991-1992

Box 43

Wild Life Sanctuary: 1983-1990

Trent International Program (TIP): Ad Hoc Advisory Committee, 1995

Trent University Institution for Mass Spectrometry, 1994-1995

Status of Women: Presidential Advisory Committee, 1972 – 1986

Transportation: Parking Permits, 1982-1985

Transportation: Bus and Parking, 1982

Transportation: Bus Services, 1982-1989

Transportation: Pub Services, 1987

Transportation, 1982-199

Sub Committee on Parking, 1982-1986

Student Health Services, 1983-1984

Student Aid, 1994

Travel Grants, 1966-1991

Trent Consultative Committee, 1997-1998

External Advisory Committee: External Review of the Administration of Trent University (Arthurs & Lorimer), 1998

Continuing Education Review, 1989-1993

College Review (PPPSC), 1992-1994

Pension Committee, 1995-1998

Added 2015:

City-University Liaison Committee, 1994-2000