Art Collection

Art Collection

Trent University has been acquiring works of art since 1963. Currently, we have over 700 pieces in the Trent University Art Collection (TUAC). These works, done in a variety of media, are by local, national and international artists. Many of the works reflect the culture, history, environment and academic mission of Trent. Contemporary Aboriginal art and historic Canadian art are particularly well represented at Trent University. The TUAC does not exist in a gallery, but in public space. This is intentional! By integrating the TUAC into the living environment at Trent, people are able to have daily encounters with the collection. It also means the vast majority of the collection can be exhibited permanently. The Trent Art Collection Presidential Advisory Committee (TACPAC), formerly called the Fine Arts Committee, is making a concerted effort to bring the care, protection and promotion of the TUAC to gallery standards so that students, staff, faculty and the public can fully benefit from this valuable resource. A database was created and a system for tracking works was designed and implemented.

Conservation treatments were organized, a garden and art tour was held, a self-guided walking tour brochure and the video TUAC - Puttin' the FINE in Fine Art were produced and the collection was photographed. This web site was also created to increase access to the collection. As noted above, works are hung in public spaces. You can visit most of the works in the collection during regular business hours. If you wish to see a specific piece, please make arrangements with the TUAC two weeks in advance to ensure the space is not being used for meetings or special functions. For more information, contact or call 705 748 1011 ext. 7359.

Professor Suzanne Bailey is the current Chair of TACPAC; Tori Cartwright holds the position of TACPAC Secretary.

Past Student Projects

TUAC is pleased to present the results of comprehensive TUAC-related research projects conducted by Trent University students Martina Plejic and Wendy McWilliam. Martina and Wendy conducted their research through the Trent Centre for Community Based Education program in 2002. Martina's work is based on the research and cataloguing of the Goodman collection which is located in the Wilson Reading Room at Traill College. Wendy's work is based on the research and cataloguing of art works located in the Native Studies Lounge at Otonabee College. Links to their files are listed below:

The Goodman Collection
Historical Canadian Art
The History of the Goodman Collection
History of the CPR
Upper Canada Provincial Exhibition
William Edwin Atkinson - Near Toby River, Devon
William Edwin Atkinson - Unknown (Accession # 2000.071.1)
Frederic Martlett Bell-Smith - Untitled (Accession # 2000.009.1)
Frederic Martlett Bell-Smith - Bon Echo, Near Peterborough
Frederic Martlett Bell-Smith - Le Sanctuare
William Nichol Cresswell - Fishermen Bringing in the Nets
Aaron Allan Edson - Reflections on a Quiet Pool
Aaron Allan Edson - Untitled (Accession # 2000.016.1)
Daniel Fowler - The Mooring
Marmaduke Matthews - Stoney Lake Series
Marmaduke Matthews - Untitled (Accession # 2000.020.1)
Marmaduke Matthews - Western Canadian Railway Encampment
Marmaduke Matthews - Untitled (Accession # 2000.032.1)
Marmaduke Matthews - Unknown (Accession # 2000.073.1)

Ernest and Florence Benedict Gathering Space (ENW102)
Carl Beam - Family
Carl Beam - Rulers
Carl Beam - Flux
Carl Beam - Traffic
Carl Beam - Unknown (Accession # 2001.004.01)
Carl Beam - Neoglyph 2
Robert Davidson - Grizzly Bear
Norval Morrisseau - Cycle
Norval Morrisseau - Bearwalker
Norval Morrisseau - Thunderbirds
Norval Morrisseau - Bear Power
Norval Morrisseau - Person With Hat
Norval Morrisseau - Bear and Fish