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RG 31

Note: RG 31 includes accession 81-013 (extent: 5 cm).

Extent: 6.5 m

Access: Restricted. 


Programs of graduate study are introduced at Trent on a selective basis. Each program has been approved by the Appraisals Committee of the Ontario Council on Graduate Studies. Trent University offers graduate programs in Watershed Ecosystems, Canadian Heritage and Development Studies, Anthropology, Applications of Modelling, and Methodologies for the Study of Western History and Culture. In addition to the degree programs, an agreement with Queen’s University allows for selective enrolment at the Master’s and Doctoral levels in programs at Queen’s with actual study and research supervision under Trent faculty on Trent’s campus (taken from Trent University Calendar, 1998-1999).

Early materials were accessioned as 81-013 (Dean of Graduate Studies and University Research Office. Search Committee fonds). Further materials were received from Joseph Muldoon, University Research Officer, in 1988 and in 1992. An additional 3 boxes were received in July 1997. The records consist of files and correspondence related to research at Trent University and cover the dates 1970-1992. Boxes 1-11 are listed, while boxes 12-18 plus one loose bundle are unlisted. Further materials were received in later years. See also RG 17 (Associated Dean of Arts and Science). 






The position of Dean of Graduate Studies and Research Officer was created in the [1968-1969] academic year. Previous to this time, the small number of graduate students at Trent University were looked after by the Registrar's Office. The Senate search committee is responsible for hiring a Dean of Graduate Studies and University Research Officer. Since 1985, the Associate Dean of Arts and Science has been responsible for the position of Dean of Graduate Studies and University Research Officer.

This fonds consists of records, dated 1977, of the Senate search committee. The committee reported to President Nind and was chaired by Professor David Kettler. The fonds includes correspondence.

Box 1


1: Correspondence, notes, 1977

2: Correspondence, 1977

RG 31


Boxes 1-3

Boxes 1-3 were received in the Archives in September 1988 and contain Committee on Research files prior to 1983. 

Boxes 4-11

Boxes 4-11 were received in the Archives in June 1992 and contain Committee on Research files up to 1987-1988.  (Note: TISPOC is included here in the `T' section, Box 6).

Box 7 also includes files entitled:

Census: Employment Equity

Human Rights

Science Equipment

Teaching vs. Research

Women in Science

Directions in Research

Box 8

Reports to senate 1970-1977

Rationalization of University research 1971-1972

Research - general 1981-1982

Legal liability in research projects 1977-1981

Research accounts 1971-1981

Northern research 1979-1980

Northern research 1981-1982

Project interlock 1977-1981

Trent research grants committee 1970

Committee on research:

Correspondence, etc. 1970

Correspondence, etc. 1971

Correspondence, etc. 1972-1973

Correspondence, etc. 1974-1975

Correspondence, etc. 1976-1977

Correspondence, etc. 1978-1979

Correspondence, etc. 1980-1981

Correspondence, etc. 1982-1983

Note: Boxes 9-10 contain information with respect to the Sub-Committee on University Aid to Research in the Arts.

Box 9

Travel 1979-1983

Research grants 1975-1976 (Sean Kane, Chairperson)

Research grants 1976-1977 (Colin Fewster, Chairperson)

Research grants - administration 1977-1978 - accounts, principles (John Wadland, Chairperson)

Correspondence, 1978-1979

Correspondence, 1979-1980

Correspondence, 1980-1981

Correspondence, 1981-1982

Correspondence, 1982-1983

Correspondence, 1983-1984

Correspondence, 1984-1985

Correspondence, 1985-1986

Box 10

Correspondence, 1986-1987

Correspondence, 1986-1987

Budgets, etc. 1987-1988

Correspondence, 1987-1988

Correspondence, 1988-1989

Note: Box 11 contains information with respect to the Committee on University Aid to Research in the Sciences

Box 11

Correspondence, 1974-1975

Correspondence, 1976-1977

Correspondence, 1978-1979

Correspondence, 1979-1980

Correspondence, 1980-1981

File, 1981-1982

Correspondence, 1982-1983

Accounting, 1982-1983

Accounting, correspondence, etc. 1983-1984

Budgets, committee guidelines 1984-1985

Notices, correspondence 1984-1985

File, 1984-1985

File, 1985-1986

Materials received 2014 from the office of the Dean of Graduate Studies

Graduate Program Directors Meetings: minutes, agendas, and accompanying documents, 1999-2000; 2003-2010

Graduate Studies Committee Meetings: minutes, agendas, and accompanying documents, 1987-2010

Curriculum and Regulations Committee Meetings: minutes, agendas, and accompanying documents, 2005-2009

Materials received 2014 from Tara Harrington

Proposals to the Ontario Council on Graduate Studies (OCGS) for the existing graduate programs at Trent University to 2014 (missing the proposal for Archaeology of the Americas graduate program in Anthropology)
(Note: this folder does not include unsuccessful proposals)


New RG numbering system begins here

2019-1 (RG 31)

Materials received 2019 via Stephanie Belfry, Manager, School of Graduate Studies (75 binders + Boxes 1&2)

Binders 1-75

1. Graduate Program Directors’ (Terms of Office) ANTH – CSNS, 1992-2012
Dividers: ANTH, AMOD, CSNS/CS PhD, Cultural Studies PhD, English, History, Material Science

2. Anthropology MA, 1989-1998: course syllabi, program setup

3. Graduate Program Anthropology, Book 2, 1987-1995

4. Graduate Program in Anthropology, “Art and Archaeology of the Americas;” history of program, including correspondence re its approval as a program, 1973-1997

5. Periodic Appraisal of MA in Anthropology, 2001, Volume 1

6. Periodic Appraisal of MA in Anthropology, 2001, Volume 2

7. Periodic Appraisal of MA in Anthropology, 2001, Volume 3

8. Anthropology course syllabi, 1997-2005

9. Anthropology appraisal briefs, 2000-2005

10. Anthropology appraisal response, September 2005

11. Anthropology MA: OCGS correspondence, committee appraisal, 2005-2006

12. Anthropology MA: brief periodic/standard appraisal, Volume 1, 2008

13. Canadian Heritage & Development Studies (CHDS) MA proposal (MASSH): correspondence, minutes from graduate Studies Committee meetings, 1974-1981

14. CHDS, Frost Centre for Canadian Heritage and Development Studies: TA information, information from other universities, proposals, correspondence, 1983-1990

15. CHDS MA (MASSH): proposal, correspondence, newsletters, syllabi, 1982-1996

16. CHDS MA: appraisal brief, correspondence, student handbook (1994), 1992-2003

17. Canadian Studies PhD proposal, Book 2: correspondence, notes/memos, information packs from Carleton, 1995-1997

18. Canadian Studies PhD proposal, Book 1: notes/memos, proposal, 1997-2000

19. Canadian Studies Trent-Carleton PhD, Vol.I and Vol.IIa: joint proposal for PhD program in Canadian Studies, 1997

20. Canadian Studies Trent-Carleton PhD, Vol IIb: joint proposal, 1997

21. similar to above

22. Canadian Studies Trent-Carleton PhD, Vol IIb & Vol.III: correspondence, response to report, joint proposal, 1998-2000

23. Canadian Studies Trent-Carleton PhD, Vol.III: consultants, 1997

24. Canadian Studies Trent-Carleton PhD, Vol.III

25. Canadian Studies Trent-Carleton PhD: appraisal, agenda items, correspondence, 1997-2004

26. Canadian Studies Trent-Carleton PhD program: proposal, consultants, program, etc. 1998-2004

27. Canadian Studies Trent-Carleton PhD: correspondence with Carleton and Ontario Council on Graduate Studies, 2005-2009

28. Canadian Studies and Native Studies MA: OCGS appraisal brief; agenda for external review of program, 2004-2005

29. Canadian Studies and Native Studies MA: OCGS correspondence, 2004-2008

30. Cultural Studies PhD: appraisal brief, Vols.I,II,III: program, faculty, consultants, 2006

31. Cultural Studies PhD: OCGS correspondence, 2006-2007

32. Education M.Ed.: proposal, correspondence and library assessment, consultants, program, Vols. I,II,III, 2010

33. English: appraisal brief, Vols.I,II,III, program, consultants, 2006

34. Frost Centre Canadian Studies and Native Studies MA (CSNS): correspondence, board meeting minutes, staff lists, course outlines, 1998-2001

35. Frost Centre CSNS MA: OCGS review, 2004

36. Frost Centre CSNS MA: OCGS review, period appraisal brief, Vols.I, II, 2004

37. Frost Centre PhD: OCGS review, 2004

38. Frost Centre PhD: OCGS review, Vols.I,II,III, program, consultants, 2004

39. History MA: appraisal brief, memorandum, Vols.I,II,III, program, consultants, 2006

40. History MA: OCGS correspondence, approval summary, 2006-2007

41. History MA: appraisal brief for cyclical review, Vol.I, program, syllabi, notes, self-study for undergraduate review, 2011

42. Materials Science: Vols.I,II,III, appraisal brief, program, 2006

43. Methodologies (box): loose papers, PhD program appraisal, application for funding, briefs, correspondence, report, appraisal brief, program, consultants, program, 1987-1992, 2001-2006

44. METH-WEGS (Methodologies - Watershed ecosystems graduate program): terms of office, correspondence, Dividers: TCP, NS PhD, TQ, WEGS, BAdmin, PSYC, 2002-2013

45. Methodologies MA: appraisal briefs, correspondence, consultants, 1994-1998

46. Methodologies MA: appraisal briefs, correspondence, 1992-1996

47. Methodologies MA: course outlines, 2000

48. Methodologies MA: appraisal briefs, correspondence, Vols.I,II,III, program, consultants, 2001-2003

49. Applications in Modelling: correspondence, meeting minutes, 1990 program brief, program proposal, 1985-2001

50. Applications in Modelling: Vols.I,II,III, program, brief for the periodic appraisal of MSc/MA, appraisal brief, consultants, correspondence, course proposal, 1996-2003

51. Applications in Modelling: correspondence, appraisals, consultant’s report, program, 2002-2003

52. Native Studies PhD: appraisal submissions, appendices, 2005

53. Theory, Culture & Politics MA: OCGS correspondence, 2005-2007

54. Trent/Queen’s (#1): correspondence, letter of agreement, reports, 1979-1997

55. Trent/Queen’s (#2): correspondence, TQ Handbook, etc., 1982-2002

56. Trent/Queen’s: correspondence, letter of agreement, 2000-2006

57. Watershed Ecosystems program, Book 1 to 1981: correspondence, proposal, 1967-1981

58. Watershed Ecosystems program, Book 2 to 1997: correspondence, appraisals and briefs, 1986-1997

59. Watershed Ecosystems: correspondence, appraisal brief, PhD option OCUA brief, consultants, 1993-1996

60. WEGS: appraisal briefs, correspondence, appraisal report to OCGS, report of site, report on appraisal, 1993

61. Watershed Ecosystems: appraisal brief MSc & PhD, correspondence, proposal, handbook, 1998-2003

62. WEGS: course syllabi, 1999-2001

63. WEGS: MSc/PhD periodic appraisal, correspondence, 2006

64. Watershed Ecosystem: MSc & PhD, OCGS correspondence, report to appraisal committee, 2006-2008

65. Policies & Procedures manual, 2005-2006

66. Policies: 2008-2012

67. Program Appraisals: general notes, forms, memorandum, 2001-2004

68. OCGS bylaws and procedures governing appraisals, memorandum, 2003

69. Graduate Studies program directors meetings, minutes, 2004-2005

70. Graduate Studies committee, minutes, reports, 2009-2010

71. Graduate Studies committee, minutes, Biology graduate proposal, governance documents, 2010-2011

72. Graduate Studies committee, subcommittees, report forms, correspondence, minutes, curriculum & regulations subcommittee, 2011-2012

73. Graduate Studies committee, correspondence, minutes, confirmation forms, 2011-2012

74. Graduate Academic Calendar, 2014-2015

75. Donor funded scholarships, awards, bursaries, prizes, 2012

Box 1


1. Miscellaneous, 1960-1969

2. Graduate Studies committee: report to senate, faculty of Arts and Science, regulations – introduction to Graduate study, 1966-1976

3. Appraisal Committee: general information, member list, guidelines, budget, by-laws, 1968-1981

4. Reports to OCGS, 1969-1977

5. Miscellaneous, 1970-1979

6. Graduate Studies report to senate, 1970

7. Correspondence with other universities, 1973-1974

8. Briefs from other Ontario universities, 1975

9. Grading system for undergraduate and graduate programs, 1975-1977

10. Correspondence with Laurentian and Lakehead, 5-year plan, 1975-1990

11. Correspondence with Trent faculty and with MCU and COU, 1976-1980

12. Data sheets and discipline notes, 1977

13. Brief draft and submission, 1977

14. Graduate Studies committee, 1977-1978

15. Graduate Studies committee, 1978-1979

16. Meeting between COU executive and representative of OCUA, notes, brief draft, 1979-1980

17. Reports to OCUA, 1979-1980

18. Miscellaneous, 1980-2013

19. Discussion papers, correspondence with other universities, system rationalization, financial analysis, 1980

20. Graduate Studies committee, 1980-1981

21. Graduate Studies committee, 1982-1983

22. Watershed Ecosystems graduate and doctoral, 1992-1994

23. Agenda and minutes of meeting of Graduate Studies program directors, 2000-2001, 2017

24. Methodologies MA brief, Vol.I, 2001

25. Trent Research forum, 2005

26. Appraisal review, 2007

27. Indigenous Studies brief, 2008

28. English appraisal brief, 2009

29. Syllabi: English MA, History MA, Indigenous Studies MA, 2009-2012

30. Anthropology appraisals OCGS, correspondence, 2010

Box 2


1. Master of Education, OCGS visit, 2010

2. Master of Education, planning, appraisals and response, joint report on program, 2010-2011

3. Correspondence with Provost Planning Group, accord on Graduate Studies in Education, 2011

4. TCP external review, 2012

5. History MA: external review and response, correspondence, brief, 2012

6. Research support, correspondence, 2012-2013

7. MA Arts Administration, correspondence, 2012-2013

8. OGS: grading, scholarship program, correspondence, 2012-2014

9. Budget, correspondence, 2013

10. Graduate directors search, correspondence, 2013

11. Faculty advisory, correspondence, 2013

12. Correspondence, roster for degree review, Indigenous Studies, 2013

13. Canadian Studies / Indigenous Studies brief, 2013

14. School of Education new program proposal, external review, program information, 2013