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RG 14

Note: RG 14 also includes accessions 80-015 and 83-010.

Access: Restricted.


It was in 1957, through public discussion, that the people of Peterborough decided they wanted to establish a post-secondary educational institution in their city. The Mayor Colonel John Dewart set up a Committee on Higher Education which brought together many facets of the community to study such a possibility. The committee members represented business and industry, religion, education, and women's interests. On September 21, 1960, the committee became the Board of Directors of Trent College Limited. It was incorporated for the purposes of preliminary planning under the Companies Act. The elected body was comprised of C.K. Fraser as chairman; Dr. Donaldson Whyte, first vice-chairman; Rev. John Coughlan, second vice-chairman; Fred Chapman, treasurer; and Norman Crook, secretary. In May 1962, on the recommendation of the Provincial Government's Advisory Committee on University Affairs, the Government of Ontario announced its support for the founding of Trent University. An Act to incorporate Trent University was passed by the Legislature. The Act established a Board of Governors and the Senate of the University and conferred upon Trent the full and traditional powers and responsibilities of a University. The initial six members of the Board of Governors were C.K. Fraser, Dr. Donaldson Whyte, Rev. John Coughlan, Norman Crook, T.H.B. Symons, and Walter G. Ward. The number of board members was increased to 18 in 1963. The role of the Board of Governors was, and still is, to appoint and remove the President and Vice-Chancellor of the University; to appoint, promote, and remove deans, senior administrative officers and teaching staff, with the approval of the President and Vice-Chancellor; to fix the number, duties and salaries of the officers, clerks, employees, agents, and servants of the University; to appoint the executive committee as needed and to confer upon them the powers of the Board; and to make by-laws and regulations for the conduct of its affairs.

The records of the Board of Governors have been accessioned as 80-015 and 83-010. There have been no records forwarded by members of the Board since the early days but some records relating to the Supreme Court case re: Peter Robinson College were received from the President’s Office in March, 2002. Included in the finding aid is a chart defining the powers of the various components of the Board.




This fonds consists of the correspondence and minutes of the Mayor's Committee on Higher Education, the Board of Directors of Trent College, the Trent University Board of Governors and the Campus Planning Committee, and covers the years 1959-1963. Also included are the records regarding the Charter and the proposed Trent University Act. The papers were collected by Norman Crook, secretary to the Board of Governors of Trent College, and later a member of the Board of Governors.

NOTE: Correspondence, filed in reverse chronological order, as per original arrangement

Box 1


1: Feb. 1959 - June 1961 - Minutes of Meetings of the Board of Directors of Trent College.

Correspondence of the Mayor's Committee on Higher Education.

2: Correspondence, July - Dec. 1961

3: Correspondence, Jan. - June 1962

4: Correspondence, July - Nov. 1962 - Campus Planning Committee, Minutes 1st-3rd meetings, Sept. 12 & 23, Oct. 1, 1962.  Proposed act for the creation of Trent University

 5: Correspondence, Nov. 1962 - June 1963.  Miscellaneous, including Academic Planning Committee minutes, Nov. 15, 1961

 6: Miscellaneous documents, including material relating to Trent University Charter

 7: Documents relating to drafting and passing of Trent University Act, Bill Pr 24

Box 2

loose item 

Bound volume enclosing copy of Charter of Trent College, By-Laws of Trent College, Resolutions, Register of Directors, Minutes, audited Financial Statements, correspondence re property acquisitions and items re Trent University Founding Fund, 1960-1963


1: Letters Patent for Trent College, 9 April 1960.  Note: This original is available only for display purposes.  Researchers may study the copy in 80-015/2 (loose item)




Charles K. Fraser was born in Wainwright, Alberta, in 1911. He was educated at the University of Alberta, graduating with a B.Sc. degree in chemical engineering in 1934. In 1937 he joined the Canadian General Electric corporation in Calgary and was transferred to Peterborough in 1941. He worked in various areas of the company, becoming manager of the Engineering Laboratory in 1956. Mr. Fraser was first chairman of the Mayor's Committee on Higher Education in 1958, and then became Chairman of the Board of Directors of Trent College. He became the first chairman of the Board of Governors of Trent University in April, 1963.

This fonds consists of correspondence of C.K. Fraser. The records deal, primarily, with the early history of Trent University, site development, Rubidge Hall, and financial matters, and covers the years 1956-1972. The records have been shelved as arranged by Mr. Fraser. The file headings are those which he used.

C.K. Fraser Miscellaneous

Box 1


1:  2 copies of Fraser's resume

6 photos, all unidentified

C.G.E. employment memos to Fraser

certificate of appreciation to Fraser from Kiwanis Club of Calgary, 1959

acknowledgements of Fraser's stint as guest speaker to Peterborough Sales and Ad Club, 1958 and to the Rotary Club, Calgary, 1957

correspondence to Fraser as Manager of the Engineering Lab at C.G.E., 1957, and letters of congratulations on getting this position in 1956

salary and position information for Mr. Fraser at C.G.E.

C.K. Fraser Miscellaneous

2:  correspondence with T.H.B. Symons concerning the furnishing contracts of Trent University, 1963

correspondence concerning Fraser's retirement from the Chairmanship of the Board of Governors

address about Trent by Prof. Denis Smith

notes by R. Thom on the building of Massey College, University of Toronto

C.K. Fraser Miscellaneous

3: correspondence with John P. Robarts concerning founding fund, 1963

photograph of members of first Board of Governors of Trent University, 1963

correspondence with President Nind re dedication of Founders Walk

notes made by Fraser for a speech on the occasion of Thomas Symon's retirement

salary information for Trent and other universities

Minutes and Notices

4: correspondence from Symons to Fraser, 1963, concerning memos between Claude Bissell and Leslie Frost

letter, May 14, 1960 from Peterborough resident who proposed that the name of the new university be "Trent" and correspondence from others also regarding name

correspondence re Trent College, 1960-1961

purchase of Sheehy house and other properties; review of all properties held by Trent

“should cars go to college”

memoranda of Mayor's Committee to Investigate an Institute for Higher Education

Minister of Education

5: correspondence (originals and photocopies) of T.H.B. Symons, John Robarts, William Davis and W.J. Dunlop, 1958-1962

Symons correspondence from early planning days of Trent

correspondence with Prime Minister Robarts and his representatives concerning financing of proposed college


6: correspondence (1961-1963) concerning choice of new president

debate over Junior College versus University

correspondence with liaison people at University of Western Ontario, University of Toronto and Queen's University

Federal Departments

7: correspondence (1958-1960) with Gordon K. Fraser (M.P.) regarding Trent College


8: budget statements Trent University, 1963, 1964

early budget planning, 1958-1961

financial figures from University of Toronto to be used for comparison; similar figures from York University

early fund raising plans


9: staff benefits at several Canadian universities to be used as comparisons, 1962

early expense accounts of T.H.B. Symons

accounts paid to various consultants for work done on behalf of Trent, 1962

early draft budgets for Trent, 1961

Trent (Fraser Personal)

10: correspondence with other cities in Ontario who were contemplating the establishment of some sort of higher education facility, 1961-1962

correspondence regarding Fraser's speeches to clubs

South Central School

11: blueprints of South Central School (Rubidge Hall)

correspondence on this school which was used for classes and offices, 1960-1962

Trent College

12: correspondence regarding proposed site of Trent

clippings and correspondence concerning C.G.E. donation of land to Trent University

Trent University Charter

13: memoranda of general by-laws of governors of Trent

 copies of Bill Pr 24, An Act To Incorporate Trent University

Trent - Site Committee

14: correspondence regarding steps to be taken to acquire properties for Trent, 1962-1963

press release announcing the appointment of R. J. Thom as master planning architect

correspondence concerning acquisition of Sheehy property (P.R.C.) on George St. and the Peconi property on Highway 28 for Trent University

Financial Committee

15: correspondence (1962-1963) re payments to various companies for services at Trent

payment of honoraria to persons assisting with the start of Trent University

R.R. Faryon Memorial

16: correspondence regarding a scholarship and bursary fund to be set up in memory of Reg Faryon who died in Oct. 1962

President Symons

17: correspondence (1968-1972)

President Symons

18: correspondence

Academic Planning Committee

19: reports on visits (by A.P. Committee and Campus Planning Committee) to several universities in the U.K. to investigate architecture, facilities, residences

correspondence re Trent motto

correspondence re the sciences at Trent

correspondence re the assistance given to Trent by personnel at other universities (mainly Toronto and York)

Board of Governors

20: letters of invitation to become members of the Board and letters of acceptance; biographical information on members of the first Board


RG 14


Materials Added March, 2002: 1 box, 30 cm.

Peter Robinson College

Materials added August, 2002: 2 boxes, 90 cm.

Board of Governors - Audit & Finance Committee 

·                      July 15, 1980 - June 27, 1984

·                      January 7, 1985 - June 25 1987

·                      Sept. 9, 1987 - April 13, 1988

·                      June 22, 1988 - June 21, 1989

·                      Sept. 13, 1989 - Dec. 13, 1989

·                      Jan. 17, 1990 - June 27, 1990

·                      Sept. 12, 1990 - June 26, 1991

·                      Sept. 11, 1991 - June 24, 1992

·                      Sept. 16, 1992 - June 23, 1993

·                      Sept. 15, 1993 - June 29, 1994

·                      Sept. 14, 1994 - June 26, 1996

Board of Governors - Nominating Committee

·                      April 7, 1978 - June 26, 1980

·                      Sept. 25, 1980 - Nov. 24, 1982

·                      March 1983 - January 1985

·                      March 1985 - April 1987

·                      July 21, 1987 - May 18, 1988

·                      Sept. 21, 1988 - April 18, 1990

·                      Sept. 19, 1990 - April 8, 1992

·                      Sept. 9, 1992 - April 30, 1993

·                      Oct. 18, 1993 - May 30, 1994

Board of Governors - Investment & Advisory Committee

·                      Dec. 14, 1984 - April 16, 1986

·                      Sept. 10, 1986 - April 13, 1988

·                      Sept. 7, 1988 - May 25, 1990

·                      Sept. 6, 1990 - May 13, 1992

·                      1992 - 1993

·                      1993 - 1994

Board of Governors - Property Committee

·                      1980-1984

Board of Governors - Pension Committee

·                      July 5, 1984 - April 27, 1987

·                      Nov., 1987 - May 1989

·                      June 1989 - March 1990

·                      Nov. 1990 - Nov. 1991

·                      March 1992 - March 1993

·                      Oct. 21, 1993 - June 7, 1995

Board of Governors - Physical Planning & Development Committee

·                      1993-1994

·                      1992-1993

·                      Oct. 9, 1991 - May 28, 1992

·                      Sept. 20, 1989 - May 8, 1991

·                      Apr. 7, 1988 - July 10, 1989

·                      Dec. 15, 1986 - Oct. 28, 1987 (Mtg. No. 16 - No. 20)

·                      June 20, 1984 - Nov. 10, 1986 (Mtg. No. 1 - No. 15)

Board of Governors - Social Responsibility Committee

·                      Nov. 27, 1985 - Apr. 13, 1987

  No. 1 to No. 9

City University Liaison Committee

·                      1973-1987

·                      1989-May 26, 1994

Materials added October, 2003: 1 box, 12 cm.

Certificates of congratulations from various university presidents, etc., sent to Trent University on the occasion of the installation of Dr. Roberta Bondar as Chancellor in May 2003

Materials added April, 2006: 1 box, 12 cm. (received from Sue Bartsch, 30 March 2004)

Committee on Social Responsibility, 1986-1987 (3 files)

Materials added January, 2015: 1 folder (added to previous box) (received from Cindy Turnbull)

CD (2 copies): "Dr. Don Tapscott, Trent University Chancellor. Installation Ceremony: June 7, 2013"


New RG numbering system begins here

2019-2 (RG 14)

Materials received 2019 via Ruth and Gary Wolff (2 boxes, 30 cm)

Box: 1


1. Superbuild Growth project, 1999 – 2000

2. Pension Plan/Amendments (in binder), 1991-1996

3. Chairman of the Board of Governors 1997-1998
- Pension Communication Strategy 1998
- Pension Task Force Meeting Agenda, 24 March 1997
- Presentation to Trent Board Pension Task Force, 12 February 1997
- TUFA Pension Negotiations Presentation for Pension Committee, 30 September 1997
- Framework Agreement in Principle on Pension and Other Retirement Benefit Issues, 30 January 1998
4. Presidential Compensation, 1993
- Appointment of President Leonard Conolly media release, 7 July 1993
- Memorandum: Next President, Terms and Conditions of Appointment, 28 May 1993
- Executive Heads Compensation, 1993
- Compensation Subcommittee Meeting, 19 May 1993
5. Compensation Sub-committee, 1992-1997
- Pension Plan, March 1997
- Compensation Committee correspondence, 1997
- Presidential Renewal Contract and correspondence, 1992
- Retirement Compensation, 1992
6. Presidential correspondence, 1993-1994

Box: 2

Located in the vault, 2000-2001