Archives: Fire Insurance Plans

Fire insurance plans were produced by Chas. E. Goad & Co. between 1875 and 1923 but they have been updated from that time until 1974. They are an invaluable resource for homeowners, environmental assessors, city planners and architectural historians. Copyright regulation of all Fire Insurance Plans is stringent. Any duplication or publication in any form is the responsibility of the researcher and must be cleared through CGI Environmental Services in Markham, Ontario. Fire Insurance Plans show:

  • streets, lots, and buildings
  • size, shape, construction materials, location on lot, height, and street addresses of buildings
  • location of out-buildings, factory smoke stacks, piles of lumber and other industrial materials

NOTE: In addition to the Peterborough and area plans listed below, there is another group which dates from 1910-1972 and covers most of British Columbia and Ontario, and parts of Quebec, Alberta, Newfoundland and the Yukon.

Peterborough and Area Plans:

Beaverton, Ontario, July 1910

Belleville, Ontario, February 1957

Bowmanville, Ontario, June 1911, revised and reprinted Nov.1924

Campbellford, Ontario, July 1926

Cannington, Ontario, 1910

Castleton, Ontario, April 1898

Coboconk, Ontario, July 1910

Cobourg, Ontario, reprinted March 1946 from a plan dated May 1919

Colborne, Ontario, May 1934

Hastings, Ontario, August 1911 (print copy). Isolated Manuscript #94; Located in Maps Cabinet - Drawer 13; Donated by Stewart Hamilton, 2015.

Lakefield, Ontario, September 1911

Lindsay, Ontario, March 1949

Norwood, Ontario, June 1900

Oakwood, Ontario, June 1910

Oshawa, Ontario, July 1966

Peterborough, Ontario, revised in April 1911 from 1904

Peterborough, Ontario, August 1882, revised to June 1889

Peterborough, Ontario, August 1882

Peterborough, Ontario, May 1929 revised to July 1943 revised to February 1948

Peterborough, Ontario, September 1968

Pickering, Ontario, December 1891

Pontypool, Ontario, April 1904

Port Hope, Ontario, December 1955

Queensborough, Ontario, August 1904

Stirling, Ontario, August 1911

Trenton, Ontario, March 1949

Victoria Road, Ontario, August 1898

Warkworth, Ontario, June 1890

Woodville, Ontario, July 1910