Environmental Impacts and Solutions.
Sustainable Use of Natural Resources.

Image courtesy the Blue Marble (Earth Observatory)

These are the key themes of the Environmental and Resource Studies/Science Degrees at Trent University, offered by the Trent School of the Environment. To address them, people require skills, knowledge of management options, and experience applying them. You will get all these in these degrees. Across many environmental issues- water pollution, climate change, revegetation of industrial sites, environmental law and policy, modelling health effects of toxins, community-level natural resource stewardship, renewable energy alternatives - the ERS Degrees offer superb expertise and hands-on experience. They will prepare you for your environmental career.

Not sure what kinds of environmental work are available?

The Trent School of the Environment offers several Environment & Resource Science/Studies degree options, including:

Explore the Environmental and Resource Science/Studies Degrees:

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Below: a panorama of Trent showing the Otonabee River, the footbridge over the river, and the west bank (including the Environmental Sciences Centre). Click on the image to see a larger version.

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