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Become a leader in the Science of Hope. Make your stand in the green revolution by helping to restore our natural environment for present and future generations. Ecological Restoration is an emerging discipline that focuses on assisting the recovery of degraded, damaged or destroyed ecosystems at specific project sites. This new, collaborative program offered by Trent University's School of the Environment and Fleming College provides a bold and innovative solution to this challenge.

Program Characteristics:

  • Is interdisciplinary with a foundation of science-based curriculum.
  • Broad-based so that you will develop an understanding of the big picture - and comprehend ecological principles that can be transferred to any ecosystem and adapted to any project.
  • Designed to improve traditional college students' access to a university degree.
  • Integrated to combine applied learning, field skills and experience with theoretical and scientific knowledge and principles from day one.
  • Provides opportunities for field camps, field courses, and a capstone course.
  • Encourages and supports students who seek out internships and international opportunities for credit.
  • Offers a unique combination of college and university cultures - the best of both worlds.

You'll learn the scientific foundations and principles of how to restore the natural heritage we've lost - by analysing existing conditions from a holistic perspective - and develop an understanding of their interconnectivity. You will integrate knowledge from a range of disciplines, including ecology, aquatic biology, hydrology, botany and social science. You'll practise how to apply your imagination and problem-solving ability to design a restoration plan and use your project management, teamwork and communications skills to make that plan a reality. When you graduate, you'll be ready to not only identify damaged or destroyed ecosytems - you will know how to restore and rehabilitate them.

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