Archives Newsletters

While we no longer issue an Archives Newsletter, past issues of the newsletter continue to offer ways of engaging with our holdings and can provide important information for researchers.

1. Newsletter, March 2002: Contents include Richard B. Rogers and the Peterborough Lift Lock; W.T.C. Boyd Diaries; Overview of Archives and archival procedures.

2. Newsletter, June 2002: Contents include "Trent Archives in the Larger World;" a tribute to Peter Gzowski; and a note about the Frances Browne Stewart papers.

3. Newsletter, September 2002: Contents include a focus on gardening featuring Sheila Boyd, Frank Morris, Kittie Revell Peck, and Catharine Parr Traill.

4. Newsletter, December 2002: Contents include some Christmas cards from the Boyd Collection. We also featured a Christmas dinner which Helen Fowlds and other nursing sisters served to soldiers serving in France in 1915.

5. Newsletter, March 2003: Contents include Reverend Michael Farrar and his art works depicting Hastings, Ontario in the 1860s and 1870s. Also included are articles on the Edwin Zimmerman Yerex fonds and new additions to the Professor Ross Irwin fonds, and an introduction to our new on-line exhibit featuring women pioneers in Peterborough County.

6. Newsletter, June 2003: Contents include Ron Thom's award-winning architectural designs for Trent University. As Master Planning Architect, Thom was also responsible for choosing designer furniture for his new buildings. Some of the chairs which adorned the campus are featured in this newsletter.

7. Newsletter, September 2003: Contents include Thomas H.B. Symons' role in bringing about new directions and vigor to Canadian Studies in Canada and abroad during his term as Chairman of the Commission on Canadian Studies (1972-1984). Highlighted are several archival collections that were acquired for Trent University Archives through the efforts of Professor Symons during his term as University President.

8. Newsletter, December 2003: Contents include references to Christmas in the writings of Margaret Laurence, Robertson Davies, and E.J. Pratt.

9. Newsletter, March 2004: Contents include Friends of the Bata Library's support of the Library and, particularly, the Archives. Members featured include researcher and writer Quentin Brown, Dr. Fern Rahmel, and Professor Gordon Roper.

10. Newsletter, June 2004 (Special Issue): Contents include a description of the papers held at Trent University Archives that deal with the life and times of Richard Birdsall Rogers, superintending engineer of the world-renowned Peterborough Lift Lock. The 100th anniversary of the Lift Lock was celebrated on July 9th of this year.

11. Newsletter, September 2004: Contents include comments on Trent's 40th anniversary, celebrated in October of this year. A scanned image of a page of the very first student register is included. This newsletter features nationally recognized naturalist and author, Doug Sadler, who lives in Peterborough and who has entrusted his papers to our care.

12. Newsletter, December 2004: Contents include World War I Christmas letters from men and women serving overseas to their families in the Peterborough area.

13. Newsletter, March 2005: Contents include images of title pages of first edition books from The Michael Treadwell Special Collections and Rare Books Room. Included among others are title page images of Mark Twain's 1872 edition of Bleak House, and William Makepeace Thackeray's 1848 Vanity Fair: A Novel Without a Hero.

14. Newsletter, June 2005: Contents include transcriptions and scanned images of a few important 18th century letters relating to British colonialism in North America, from The David Stirling Macmillan collection.

15. Newsletter, September 2005: Contents include a tribute to author, journalist, and broadcaster, Scott Young (1918-2005), and a feature on jet engine designer, Winnett Boyd of Bobcaygeon.

16. Newsletter, December 2005: Contents include excerpts pertaining to winter taken from nineteenth-century and early twentieth-century diaries and letters. Also included are images of photographs and Christmas cards from the same era.

17. Newsletter, March 2006: Contents explore the relationship between the naming of Haliburton, Ontario and the Honourable Judge Thomas Chandler Haliburton (1796-1865). Thomas Haliburton, an internationally-known author, was the creator of the fictitious character, Sam Slick.

18. Newsletter, June 2006: Contents include excerpts from the writings of Catharine Parr Traill, Susanna Moodie, Frances Stewart, and John Langton relating to water navigation in the Kawarthas during the nineteenth century. Also included are photographs of the steamer, "City of Peterborough," and advertisements offering transportation through the lakes on such boats as the Esturion, Ogemah, Manita, and Empress.

19. Newsletter, September 2006: Contents focus on Cobourg, Ontario's Central Exhibition of 1878. Scans and excerpts from the "Prize List" are featured and commentary includes references to the September 2006 International Plowing Match and Rural Expo held near Peterborough in the town of Keene.

20. Newsletter, December 2006: Contents include 19th century Christmas recipes for turkey, mincemeat pie, and cake. Also included is an 1891 quote from a letter written by Anna Leveridge to her mother in England in which she describes the Coe Hill Christmas social and the types of food that were available.

21. Newsletter, March 2007: Contents include the announcement that Margaret Laurence's personal library has been relocated to Trent University Archives. Margaret's long relationship with Trent is discussed in brief. Also included are examples of the types of questions that researchers using our Archives are asking, and the surprising statistics that their research endeavors generate as they peruse the Archives Web site.

22. Newsletter, June 2007: Contents include tributes to Michael Treadwell (1942-1999) and Mary Northway (1909-1987), whose contributions to Trent University have been recognized through the naming of the reading rooms in the Archives and the Special Collections and Rare Book Room in their honour. Michael Treadwell and Mary Northway were responsible for several important acquisitions at Bata Library and the Archives.

23. Newsletter, September 2007: Contents focus on Upper Canadian surveyor John Huston (1790-1845). Huston received authorization from Sir Peregrine Maitland to "practice the art of surveying land" in Upper Canada in 1820, and he assisted Peter Robinson, Commissioner of Crown Lands and Surveyor General of Upper Canada, in settling the 1825 contingent of Irish immigrants in the Peterborough area.

24. Newsletter, December 2007: Contents include images and excerpts with Christmas themes from various nineteenth-century publications housed in our Michael Treadwell Special Collections and Rare Books Room. One of the examples depicted is from Charles Dickens' 1888 "author's copyright edition" of A Christmas Carol.

25. Newsletter, March 2008: Contents include a commentary on the relationship between the Honourable Leslie M. Frost and Trent University. Included are photographs of Chancellor Frost at Convocation and of the Garden Party held at Trent in 1969 to honour the Frosts.

26. Newsletter, June 2008: Contents focus on the early 20th century gardens of the Boyd family of Bobcaygeon. Included are images from seed catalogues and a photograph of the the Boyd house surrounded by magnificent gardens. Also included is a commentary on the Peterborough publication, The Canadian Horticulturalist & Beekeeper, first published in 1881.

27. Newsletter, September 2008: Contents focus on the Turner family of Millbrook, Dr. Henry Allan Turner Sr. (1828-1922), Dr. Henry Allan Turner Jr. (186?-1951), and Dr. Turner Jr.'s sister (Alice Turner) and wife (Alice Turner) who were nurses. Included are short synopses of their practices along with images of x-rays and medical records.

28. Newsletter, December 2008: Contents include cartoons by Arthur G. Racey. Racey worked for the Montreal Star in the early 1900s and gained international recognition for his cartoons. The images depicted in the Newsletter have Christmas themes and are reproduced from the original cartoons housed in the Archives.

29. Newsletter, March 2009: Contents include a tribute to Dr. Gilbert Monture, former member of Trent's Board of Governors and an officer of the Order of the British Empire. Dr. Monture was instrumental in the formation of the Indigenous Studies program at Trent University.

30. Newsletter, June 2009: This issue focuses on the professional achievements of Dr. Bernadine Dodge, University Archivist Emeritus, who retired in June 2009 from Trent University Archives. Included are tributes to Bernadine from Trent University Founding President, T.H.B. Symons, Trent University Professor Emeritus John Wadland, and University of Manitoba archival theorist Dr. Terry Cook. Also included is a description of a booklet recently published by the Archives, Sketchbook Moments: The Early Works of Marmaduke Matthews.

31. Newsletter, September 2009: This issue highlights the newly acquired collection of first edition Richard Outram and Barbara Howard books and broadsheets which were donated to Trent University Archives and Special Collections by Professor Emeritus John W. Burbidge. The July appointment of Janice Millard as Curator of Archives, Special Collections, Rare Books and Gifts is also mentioned, along with overviews of three recent digitization projects in the Archives: the Katchewanooka Herald (1855-1859); Arthur student newspaper; and the immigration letters of Frances Stewart.

32. Newsletter, December 2009: Contents include letters to Santa written by the Boyd family children of Bobcaygeon, Ontario between 1897 and 1901.

33. Newsletter, March 2010: This issue focuses on Gilbert and Stewart Bagnani, after whom the newly opened Bagnani Hall, located at Traill College, is named. The Bagnanis both held positions at Trent University during the 1960s and early 1970s.

34. Newsletter, June 2010: This issue focuses on nineteenth-century weddings in the Peterborough area. Several examples of marriage documents are depicted. Also included is a tribute to Dr. Fern Rahmel, playwright, educator, and journalist.

35. Newsletter, September 2010: Contents include a discussion by Janice Millard titled "Forensic Investigation in the Archives." Several examples of nineteenth-century legal documents from the Archives' court and legal firm collections are depicted.

36. Newsletter, December 2010: This issue is focused on a winter theme. Diary entries, segments of letters, and photographs reflect the experiences of Peterborough area residents during the nineteenth century and early twentieth century.

37. Newsletter, April 2011: Contents include images of our newly acquired Susanna Moodie paintings. Also included is information about our new Disaster Preparedness and Response Plan prepared this spring by Fleming College's Collections Conservation and Management class. And, highlighted from our holdings is an image of an Indigenous woman at nearby Rice Lake painted in 1860 presumably by Colonel Robert Brown of the Royal Scotch Fusiliers.

38. Newsletter, June 2011: This issue acknowledges the support and friendship of bibliophile Hugh Anson-Cartwright. For more than forty-five years, Anson-Cartwright has had the interests of Bata Library and Trent University Archives at heart and has made many contributions to our holdings. We also include a description of an important new acquisition of print Canadiana, a bound volume of nineteenth-century pamphlets related to Louis Riel and the North-west Rebellion of 1885.

39. Newsletter, October 2011: This issue has a music theme and highlights a few of the historically significant items of sheet music located in the holdings. Included is a description of newly acquired print music which had belonged to Peterborough's Captain John Rubidge and presented by him in the early 1800s to his wife-to-be, Margaret Clarke. Also highlighted is print music by Port Hope's Mark Burnham, including his 1832 Colonial Harmonist.

40. Newsletter, January 2012: The year 2012 marks the bicentennial anniversary of the War of 1812. This issue highlights related documents from our holdings, some of which reflect the commemorative centennial activities of 1912.

41. Newsletter, April 2012: This issue serves as a helpful guide for those interested in exploring the genealogical resources located at Trent University Archives.

42. Newsletter, July 2012: This newsletter covers a variety of topics. We highlight important changes that have taken place in the archival profession across Canada over the past few months, and draw attention to several items from our holdings which have been digitized through Internet Archive. We also take the opportunity to extend congratulations to playwright Dave Carley on winning a significant award, and remember a friend of the Archives, Joyce C. Lewis, who died in April of this year.

43. Newsletter, October 2012: This newsletter includes an article about two new sculptures by David James which have recently been acquired by the Trent University Art Collection. We also remember Martha Ann Kidd, a long-time friend of the Archives who died on July 30th of this year, and highlight a few of Trent's earliest documents as Trent prepares for its 50th anniversary in 2014.

44. Newsletter, January 2013: Hockey in the Archives is the focus of this newsletter. We also highlight a new acquisition of papers, the Joyce C. Lewis fonds, and introduce our first "Trent Treasures" column, featuring a book from Special Collections, Travels Through the States of North America and the Provinces of Upper and Lower Canada During the Years 1795, 1796, and 1797 by Isaac Weld.

45. Newsletter, April 2013: Nursing is the focus of this issue of Archives News. We highlight the papers of nursing sisters Helen Fowlds and Agnes Campbell Neill, both from the Peterborough area. Our "Trent Treasures" column features an important work first published in 1724 during an era of intense philosophical investigation: Isaac Watts' Logick: or, The Right Use of Reason; our edition, located in Special Collections and Rare Books, was published in 1792.

46. Newsletter, July 2013: This issue focuses on the "WE: Peterborough World Emergency Centre for Assertive Non-Violence" collection and related materials in the Archives which pertain to the Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki on August 6th and 9th, 1945. The "Trent Treasures" column features Charles Dickens' Bleak House, published in 1853; a first-edition copy of this publication is located in Special Collections and Rare Books.

47. Newsletter, October 2013: In celebration of Halloween, we've featured Dorothy Herriman Choate's poem "Caterwaul" in this issue of Archives News. You'll also find information about two important new acquisitions and see a story originating from our Special Collections, about Ernest Thompson Seton and his paw print signature. Curator Janice Millard also shares her findings about one of the earliest European visitors to our local area, Sydney Bellingham.

48. Newsletter, January 2014: This issue focuses on a new accession of 18th and 19th century Wallis family papers. Katherine E. Wallis, whose papers were donated to the Archives in 1969, is a member of this Wallis family. The "Trent Treasures" section focuses on small private presses and specifically highlights the works of Charles Bukowski.

49. Newsletter, April 2014: In this issue we feature three newly acquired fonds: the Bird family fonds; the Birdsall family fonds; and the Wallis family fonds. Our "Trent Treasures" feature is about an 1873 "how-to" book for women, published with "subjects connected with the interests of every family."

50. Newsletter, July 2014: This issue focuses on the maps in our collection and their functions as both science and art. We also commemorate the centenary of World War I by highlighting records in our holdings which provide glimpses of the war experience of local residents. Our Trent Treasures column features John McCrae and his iconic war poem, In Flanders Fields.

51. Newsletter, October 2014: In celebration of Trent's 50th anniversary, we are planning to participate in the "50 Years of Trent Archaeology" exhibit to be launched at Bata Library October 20-26; the focus of this issue of Archives News is about our archaeological holdings. Our "Trent Treasures" column features the Captain John Franklin publications located in our Special Collections; these first edition copies are about his initial two voyages to the Arctic. Also included is an article about a new acquisition of historical papers: the Standen-McQueen family fonds.

52. Newsletter, January 2015: This issue focuses on Education in the Archives and points to several fonds in our holdings which are not normally associated with education. Our Trent Treasures column highlights T.E. Lawrence's Seven Pillars of Wisdom (1935) located in Special Collections.

53. Newsletter, April 2015: Canadian Studies is the focus of this issue of Archives News, a timely topic, given the upcoming international "Contesting Canada's Future" conference, to be held at Trent in May. Our Trent Treasures column reflects on the Great Depression in Canada and the responses to the social injustices of that period. Also, Doors Open Peterborough 2015 will be held entirely at Trent, also in May, and the Archives is a host site; details are available in the newsletter.

54. Newsletter, July 2015: Curator/Librarian Janice Millard has retired after 41 years of service at Trent University. We wish her a happy retirement! This issue of Archives News includes an overview of the history of the Trent University Art Collection over the past 50 years.

55. Newsletter, October 2015: Trent University Archives is the depository for the records of the Ontario Camping Association. This issue of Archives News focuses on the papers and their long relationship with the University. The Trent Treasures column highlights Walt Whitman's masterpiece, Leaves of Grass, many editions of which are located in Special Collections.

56. Newsletter, January 2016: We feature a newly received collection of postcards in this issue of Archives News. The 7500-card collection pertains primarily to the former Victoria County (now City of Kawartha Lakes). Our Holm Collection of Children's Literature is the focus of the "Trent Treasures" column, with particular mention of a delightful volume of rhyming couplets titled Bob and Bill See Canada.

57. Newsletter, April 2016: Recent news about a possible second discovery of a Viking site in Newfoundland has generated great interest around the world. In this issue of Archives News, we highlight a collection of research papers from our holdings which pertain to a 1930s search for Viking activity in the Great Lakes region. Also featured in this issue in our Trent Treasures column is a publication from Special Collections: The British American guide-book (1859).

58. Newsletter, July 2016: It is nearing 100 years since artist Tom Thomson died under mysterious circumstances in Algonquin Park: this issue of Archives News focuses on materials located at Trent University Archives which pertain to the artist. In our Trent Treasures column, we highlight Beautiful Joe by Margaret (Marshall) Saunders; this publication, a copy of which is located in Special Collections, is regarded as the first Canadian book to sell more than one million copies.

59. Newsletter, October 2016: Champlain College's 50th anniversary is taking place this year; in this issue of Archives News, we focus on the many photographs, posters, and works of art in our holdings which pertain to the College. Our Trent Treasures column features Nellie McClung and her role in the women's suffrage movement in Canada.

60. Newsletter, January 2017: This issue of Archives News focuses on holdings located in the Archives and in Special Collections which pertain to Canada's North. Poetry created during the years following Canada's Confederation is the focus of the Trent Treasures column.

61. Newsletter, July 2017: This issue is our first since January. The intervening months were occupied with our temporary move to 225 Charlotte Street in downtown Peterborough while Thomas J. Bata Library undergoes renovations. In celebrating Canada 150, we have highlighted the 1867 diary of Richard Everett Birdsall from the Birdsall family fonds located in our holdings. The diary reveals glimpses of a life on a local farm at the period of Confederation. Catharine Parr Traill and her books about plant life in Canada, also written during the mid-19th century, are the focus of the Trent Treasures column.

62. Newsletter, January 2018: Issue #62 of Archives News focuses on the building of the late 19th-century home of W.T.C. Boyd of Bobcaygeon, Ontario. The house was designed by well-known Peterborough architect John E. Belcher.

63. Newsletter, July 2018: This issue of Archives News focuses on the local farming experience during the period of colonization; the holdings of Trent University Archives include several diaries and letters which reference the experiences of the early farming families. Featured in the Trent Treasures column is our 1846 copy of Gray's Elegy by Thomas Gray and illuminated by Owen Jones.

64. Newsletter, October 2019: The diaries of Peterborough’s Walter Roger are the focus of this issue of Archives News. Roger kept the diaries in the 1850s when he was in his teens. He went on to become a Presbyterian minister. Our Trent Treasures column features Jack Butler Yeats and his Life in the West of Ireland, published in 1915. A fine copy of this edition is located in Special Collections.

65. Newsletter, July 2021: Our Rice Lake holdings are featured in this issue of Archives News. Many include references to Indigenous Peoples of that area during the 19th century and early 20th. Our Trent Treasures column features a publication dated 1632 located in Special Collections: Les Voyages de la Novvelle France Occidentale, Dicte Canada, Faits par Le Sr. de Champlain (Paris: Chez Claude Collet, au Palais, en la Gallerie des Prisonniers, à l’Estoille d’Or, M DC XXX II).