Every person who works at Trent University has an important role to play in maintaining the University's high standards of safety.  The information on this web site is provided to assist Trent University's employees and contractors in maintaining those high standards.  While the information is intended for workers, students are encouraged to become familiar with the concepts and procedures outlined here.

Workplace Injury/Accident - What to do if you experience an injury or accident while at work?

In general if you require an Ambulance call 911 (police, fire ambulance) and Campus Security at 705-748-1333 (extension 1333 from a Trent phone). Campus Security will help direct emergency crews to your location saving valuable response time.

If you experience an injury/accident while at work that requires first aid please contact the Campus Security at Ext 1333 (748-1333) to request first aid assistance from TUEFRT in addition to assistance from Campus Security;

How to Report an Injury/Accident

In addition to the above you must also:

  • Report the injury/accident to your immediate supervisor;

  • Report the injury/accident to the Environmental Health and Safety Officer (EHSO) at 748-1011, Ext 7373 or by email to bgibson@trentu.ca and riskmanagement@trentu.ca If you are reporting an incident/injury outside of office hours please contact Campus Security at 748-1333).  

  • The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) requires a written injury report within seven calendar days of any work-related injury that results in medical attention (anything beyond first aid), lost time (beyond the day of injury) or a reduction of pay.

  • Injuries should be reported to Risk Management as soon as possible and no later than 48 hours after the injury. Risk Management will complete and submit the required reports to the WSIB.

Other Important Injury/Accident Information

  • The WSIB levies $250 fines for late reporting and more substantial fines may apply for injuries that are not reported. These fees may be charged to the employing department, where appropriate.
  • Supervisors should ensure that staff understand these reporting procedures and are to let you know immediately of any work-related injuries.

  • Each Department should also post a copy of the WSIB poster, “What to do if you are injured at work”. Copies of this poster are available from Risk Management.

Injury Reporting Students and Guests

  • Students and Guests:
    Any student or guest who sustains an injury while at the University or while engaged in University-related activities is encouraged to report the injury to Campus Security as soon as possible after an injury occurs. Campus Security can be reached by dialing 705-748-1333. Campus security will document events and advise the appropriate managers, as required, so that steps can be taken to prevent another injury.

If you have any questions regarding the reporting process for workplace injury/accidents please contact us at riskmanagement@trentu.ca


NEW Employees



All new employees are required to complete the Employee Health & Safety Orientation Form which includes an on-line Health & Safety Orientation and Workplace Violence & Harassment Training Program.


Employee Health & Safety Orientation form





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We welcome your recommendations to improve both this web site and Trent University's health and safety programs.  Please forward your comments and suggestions to the Risk Management office or to a member of the University's Joint Health and Safety Committee.


Bill Gibson
Environmental Health and Safety Officer
Phone:  (705) 748-1011, ext. 7373
Email: bgibson@trentu.ca

Leigh Doughty

Risk Management

Phone: (705) 748-1011, ext. 7372

Email: leighdoughty@trentu.ca