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Orientation Day Registration (for prospective 2014-2015 B.Ed. students only)

Please click here to complete a short registration form for Orientation Day on Friday, June 13, 2014.

Ontario College of Teachers Registration (for current 2013-2014 B.Ed. students only)

The Registrar’s Office will forward successful completion of your B.Ed. degree in early June to the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT). It is important that your OCT Registration Number accompany this information.

Please note that your surname and first name, as entered, is how it will appear on your teaching certificate, and must be identical to the Registrar's Office. If you have changed your name please file appropriate documentation with the Registrar.

Once you have obtained your OCT Registration Number, please click here to provide this information to the School of Education.


Trent University's School of Education and Professional Learning is an exciting place to teach and learn through our Consecutive B.Ed. Program, the Teacher Education Stream, the Emphasis in Teacher Education Program, and our Professional Learning opportunities for in-service teachers. Faculty and staff deeply value partnerships within and across the University. Faculty are involved in collaborative research and teaching activities with Arts & Science colleagues both at undergraduate and graduate levels. District School Boards and Teacher Federations are true partners in education.

Collaborative delivery of professional learning occurs throughout the B.Ed. program, providing workshops for Associate Teachers, School Teacher Education Coordinators, and Teacher Candidates alike. Support of Associate Teachers includes close contact with Faculty Advisors throughout the year and public acknowledgement of the key role Associate Teachers play in teacher preparation. Faculty in the School of Education are committed to excellence in teaching.

Frequent 'Brown Bag Lunches' provide ongoing opportunity for faculty to share ideas, ensuring consistency across the faculty in teaching that combines recent theory and its tangible application in the classroom. Faculty truly see themselves as a community of learners, working from a shared belief in the possibility that education provides for making positive change in the world.

Cutting edge research of the faculty involves issues of society and environmental sustainability through education and teacher education. A common thread across the faculty is the construction of identity - of learners and teachers - through policy, discourse, and practice. The framework for this research is a deep commitment to education for social justice and environmental well being. At one of the first faculty meetings in July, a faculty member said that one reason she chose to come to Trent was because we 'do things differently here'. Trent University has always been a unique place to learn, committed to ensuring the success of every individual and promoting educational leadership. We plan to carry on this tradition in the best possible way.