Leganto: An Exciting New Reading List Tool

Leganto is Ready to Use

Start building your lists now. Go to our online step-by-step guide to get started: Leganto: Create Lists for your Course Readings & Resources.

  • This includes a "5-Minute Quick-Start" section for our very busy instructors right now!

Contact library@trentu.ca to set up a hands-on group workshop for your department.

Introducing Leganto

TULA (Trent University Library & Archives) is assisting with the delivery of online courses by introducing a new Reading List tool: Leganto.

Video overview:

About Leganto

Leganto works with Omni and Blackboard to simplify the creation and availability of course Reading Lists. Leganto is integrated with the library management service and supports cross-system workflows that enable instructors to add materials to their reading lists from a variety of sources, such as the library’s collections, scholarly databases, websites, online bookstores, and the instructor's reference manager.

All materials an instructors puts into a Reading List are registered in the library management system. The library makes them available to course participants physically, digitally, or electronically, without any extra effort from the instructor. The library provides a link to the best available copy, ensures documents are accessible, verifies that copyrights are not infringed, and handles copyright clearance when necessary.

Students will access all their readings (with the exception of required textbooks) from one place: their Blackboard course.

Leganto advances student engagement with:

  • usage tracking analytics
  • online discussion associated with each reading
  • student suggestions
  • recommendations for further reading.

Instructor Participation & Assistance

TULA will be implementing this new tool during the months of April-May so it's available for Summer 2020.

If you are an instructor interested in participating, please contact library@trentu.ca. A librarian will reply soon.