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About MaDGIC

The Maps, Data and Government Information Centre (MaDGIC) is a major resource for all students. The unit serves as the campus centre for geospatial and statistical data, providing all disciplines with data sets from diverse government agencies and commercial publishers. We also manage a number of data partnership agreements for the university, with, among other agencies, Statistics Canada, the Ontario Geospatial Data Exchange (OGDE), the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, Peterborough County, and the City of Peterborough.

MaDGIC offers support to students and researchers requiring assistance with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and coordinates the university’s site license for ESRI products, including access to ArcGIS Online (AOL) and the distribution of ArcGIS for Desktop software (ArcPro and ArcMap) for student laptop use. The unit is the home of the Regional Environmental History Atlas (REHA) project, and coordinates the university’s GIS Users Group.

MaDGIC also supports more traditional and historic collections, serving as a long-standing regional depository for government publications and maps published by the federal Government of Canada and provincial Government of Ontario. Some of these collections date back to Confederation, and include Canadian Parliamentary and legislative papers, statutes and regulations and some case law, royal commissions and task forces, Canadian Census and other Statistics Canada publications, government reports, and a range of maps, air photos, and other cartographic resources.

MaDGIC offers a range of specialized and introductory workshops about its collections and supporting technologies.

We would be delighted to assist with your research and teaching needs, and to participate in collaborative research projects.

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