Resource Sharing


Is there something you need that's not in the Trent University collection? You can still get access to books or other library material that you can't get at Trent University Library & Archives by requesting such materials from other libraries.  

Request Through Omni:

The quickest and easiest way to get library materials from other libraries! Using the Trent + Omni Libraries search, you can request material from other libraries directly through Omni. You will be notified with an email when the material arrives. For more information on Requesting Through Omni, check out our Omni Guide.

Request Through Interlibrary Loans:

RACER or ILL Media for VHS / DVD.

For more information on Media visit Trent's Media Collection.

Interlibrary Loans Desktop Delivery

OCLC_Article_Exchange Interlibrary Loans offers Desktop Delivery via OCLC Article Exchange for electronic delivery of RACER articles. For more information about this service, contact the Library Service Desk.