Book a Library Study Room

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Please note: the study rooms in Bata Library and the Durham Campus Library & Learning Commons are available for use only by current registered Trent undergraduate and graduate students, for study or projects relating to a Trent course. 

How To Book a Library Study Room:

  1. Please read the Library Study Rooms: Guidelines page for information about what spaces are available, their capacities, and guidelines around using study spaces.
  2. Go to the Trent Library Room Bookings page. From here, you can  select the location & room type or capacity you want to book. 

    All Spaces home page with locations, room types, capacity.

  3. A grid of rooms & times will open on the next page. You can change the date of your booking (up to 30 days into the future for group study rooms and up to 4 days for individual rooms)Booking grid with dates, times, locations, room types
  4. Use the slider bar at the bottom of the grid to see available times for the next few days. Also, note the legend of what the different colours on the booking grid mean.  

    Slider bar at bottom of booking grid, legend of what colours on grid mean

  5. To start booking your study room, click on an available time slot ( dark green square) of the room, time, and date you want to start your booking. Two of the squares will turn pale green; this is to show you the start of your booking. 

    Four of the squares will turn pale green to show the start time of your booking.

  6. A booking detail box below the grid is created, showing your choice of room and start time. 

    Booking detail box with details

  7. In the booking detail box, use the dropdown menu to choose the end time of your booking (remember: the maximum bookable time is 3 hours, and you can only make 2 bookings per day across all room types). If you make a mistake or change your mind at this stage, click on the garbage can icon beside the ending date and time, and start over. Do not refresh the page in the middle of selecting a study room.

    Booking end time drop down and garbage can menu icon location to start over.

  8. Confirm your booking by clicking on the 'Submit Times' button at the bottom of the page. 

    Click Submit Times button to confirm reservation details.

  9. If you haven't already signed in to your TrentU account, you'll be directed to do so now. Upon successful login, the Booking Details screen will open which shows the complete details of your booking, the option to cancel your in-process booking and start another, as well as the Group Study Rooms: Terms & Conditions. Click the "Continue" button to proceed.

    Booking details with option to cancel & start over, terms & conditions, and Continue button

    At the next screen, click on the "Submit My Booking" button. Again, you have the option to discard the current booking in progress and start over.

    Booking details with Submit My Booking details.

  10. Success! A confirmation email from LibCal will be sent to your TrentU email account, which has a link to cancel the booking if needed. Please cancel your reservation if you're not going to use your booked study room; this allows other students to book a study space. From the Booking Details screen that shows your completed room booking, you can also make another booking for future dates by clicking the "Make Another Booking" button or choose to log out and leave LibCal. 

    Booking details complete, with Make Another Booking button and Logout button

How to Cancel And Review Bookings:

You can cancel your booking from the Booking Details screen that shows your completed booking details.

You can also cancel or review your reservation via the confirmation email that is sent to your TrentU email address. Click on the link in the email that says "To cancel this booking visit:", which will open your booking in a new tab in your browser. 

Booking confirmation email with details and link to cancel

You will be able to see the details of your study room booking, and you can then review them, cancel individual study room bookings, or cancel all of your study room bookings.

Cancel booking screen where review can also happen.

How to Ask For Help:

At the Bata Library:

  • Email
  • Visit the Library Service Desk in person during our service hours (main/2nd floor, Bata Library)
  • Phone (705) 748-1011 ext. 7423

At the Durham Campus Library & Learning Commons:

  • Email
  • Visit the DCLCC Library Service Desk during our service hours (Building A)
  • Phone (905) 435-5102 ext. 5061

Library Study Rooms: Guidelines