Trent Alumni Library Services

Trent University Libraries are currently only open to Trent Students, Staff, and Faculty. 

Due to the pandemic, we are required to restrict access to spaces and collections to support currently registered students, staff, and faculty. 

We look forward to eventually welcoming alumni and community visitors back to the library.

Please note that all electronic resources available to Alumni are available online 24/7.


The Trent University Library is pleased to offer Trent University Alumni Association members borrowing privileges at no charge, at both our Bata and Durham Branch locations.

Library Cards

Presentation of a TrentU (student) card with an Alumni authentication sticker attached, is required at all borrowing transactions. To obtain this, see information under "Access the library?" from Alumni Affairs at:

Borrowing privileges are valid for one year and may be renewed provided that outstanding fines are paid and no materials are overdue.  

For assistance, contact the Library Service Desk.



Physical Books & Journals

A "book" includes books, annuals and journals in our general stacks, as well as government publications and maps identified in the catalogue as "loanable".

  • You can borrow up to 25 regular books at a time, for 14 days.
  • You can renew your books online, up to a maximum of 60 days.
  • Items can be recalled if they are needed by someone else. 
    • Fines of $4 per day apply on items not returned within 7 days after a recall, up to a maximum of $56.
    • At 14 days overdue, they are considered "lost" and associated fees are charged.
  • There are no daily overdue fines, as long as the book is not recalled.
  • If a book is not returned or renewed within 30 days of its due date, it will be considered "lost" and a non-refundable "lost book" fee of $25, along with a replacement charge of $125 is charged.

Current Periodicals

A "current periodical" is an unbound issue of a recently received journal or magazine. Newspapers cannot be borrowed.

  • You can borrow current periodicals for 2 daysno renewals are permitted.  
  • A maximum of 10 issues can be borrowed at a time.
  • Fines of $4 per day apply to overdue items, up to a maximum of $56.
  • Current periodicals cannot be recalled.
  • If a current periodical is not returned within 30 days of its due date, it will be considered "lost" and a non-refundable "lost book" fee of $25, along with a replacement charge of $125 is charged.

Obligations and Limits

You are responsible for all materials borrowed under your account and you will be charged for overdue, lost or damaged items. Borrowing privileges are suspended if you owe fines or have any overdue items. 

You are required to inform the Library of a change to your address or contact information for receipt of notices.

You must report lost or stolen TrentU cards immediately to the University Security Office. Library borrowing cards should be reported to the Library Service Desk. A library replacement card may be obtained at the Library Service Desk for a fee of $5.00.

Borrowing privileges are extended to the registered owner only and are not transferable.  The registered owner is responsible for all fines and overdue, lost or damaged library materials.  Misuse of the library card or failure to respond to notices will result in the withdrawal of borrowing privileges.


Online Collections

To qualify for access to our licensed online resources, alumni require an active MyTRENT account, available through the Alumni Office. Contact them in person or by phone: 1-866-449-0072. See the Alumni FAQ under "Access the library?".

Access to our licensed online resources is restricted, based on individual agreements with suppliers.

  • Some suppliers allow Alumni access, while others do not.
  • We do our best to obtain Alumni privileges to online resources whenever feasible.

Use Databases A-Z to find licensed resources available to Alumni.

  • A blue lock icon: Alumni Resource icon indicates Alumni access, and you can limit your search to those.
  • A grey open-lock icon: Open Access icon indicates free/public resources, and these are also available to Alumni.


Archival Collections

Trent Alumni have the same privileges in the Archives as current Trent students.

This includes reduced photocopy charges.