Proxy Server Help

Our proxy server allows authenticated Trent users to access online resources from off-campus.  If you are having problems accessing an e-resource, please check below for possible solutions. Generally, when temporarily blocked from access to library resources due to failed login, attempts are capped after three tries to prevent unauthorized access. After a period of time, the system clears and users can try to log on again. Under normal circumstances access is reinstated within an hour, but usually much more quickly. 

Note that most Library resources are restricted to current Trent students, faculty, and staff.  Some are also available to Alumni - see Alumni Services.

Resource or journal temporarily down

This could be due to maintenance or the vendor may be experiencing problems. Try checking again later. If the downtime exceeds more than a few hours please notify us and we will check with the vendor and request a time estimate to resolve the problem. Contact Library Help or Library Systems.

No login page

Blank page or server error

Check to see if you have a personal firewall enabled on your computer. If so, you will need to enable traffic for our library server: on port 80. If you do not know how to do this, consult your firewall vendor documentation. Alternately, you may need to turn off the firewall while you are accessing our E-resources through the EZProxy.

Antivirus and other security software may also have been configured to block Trent traffic. Please check your settings to see if this is the case.

Another thing to try for this issue is clearing your browser cache settings. Sometimes an unsuccessful login is cached and will prevent you from logging in correctly.

Proxy server enabled:

You will need to turn off the your proxy server.

Login page DOES NOT look like the page below:

off campus logon proxy login webpage

You have been redirected to a vendor's login page. You have left our library site and the vendor does not recognize you as a valid Trent member. All resource links need the following proxy prefix entered before their URL:

For example:

Doing this will force you to go through our library proxy. To avoid entering this prefix manually, go to the resource page from within our library catalogue or from one of the various e-resource listings accessible from our home page.

Connecting from work:

Many workplaces restrict ports for security reasons. Speak to your IT staff and request that traffic be allowed for If they require further information to do this please have them contact Library Systems.


Oops! It looks like you have attempted to view a page that has not been configured for access.


If you are a library patron...

Please contact your library and provide the name of the resource you were trying to access and the Host line below

Host psycnet.apa.orgs

This occurs when vendors change their server locations or domain names but have not notified us that the link is no longer valid. Send us the text of the error message along with the title of the resource which produced the error. Contact Library Systems.

User Authentication Failed

The error contains:"User authentication failed:invalid/missing UserID". This may be because you entered incorrect login information. Check that you do not have the Caps Lock on. Alternately, your Trent account may be having problems. Are you able to check email and access your files through MyTrent? If you are having other problems with your account or either of the following apply:

  • your password has changed/expired recently.
  • autocomplete settings of your browser need to cleared due to incorrect login information being stored. Here is a helpful guide.
  • you have more than one Trent account, contact Information Technology (IT) to have your account checked.

Accepting cookies

Our EZProxy requires that your browser allow cookies to be set. This permits you to view the resource and continue browsing without having to login again. You should check your browser settings to allow cookies to be set.

Time of access

We run several reports overnight. The most common times for this are the hours between 11:00PM and 2:00AM. We try to schedule any necessary reports during that time. If you need to login you may need to wait a few minutes and try again, depending on what is set to run that particular night. Please try again later if you are not successful on the first try.


Verify that your Antivirus program is not preventing JavaScripts from executing. Also check that your browser is set to accept JavaScript.

Unsupported browser

Sometimes a resource will only work with a specific browser. Try accessing the resource with a different browser and see if you get the same error. Some popular browsers are: Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera. **Please do not uninstall your original browser after downloading an alternate browser.**

Popup Blocker

Some resources may not display properly if they require you to use Popups. Please disable the blocker or modify the settings to allow popups for the specific resource you are viewing.

Adobe Reader

Some resources may require a later version of Adobe Reader. If you receive any error messages suggesting you upgrade or Adobe hangs (leaving a blank screen), try downloading the latest version to resolve the problem.

MaxVirtualHosts or Maximum Virtual Hosts

EZProxy Server Error: Please tell your server administrator to check ezproxy.msg for MaxVirtualHosts error

Contact Library Systems.

 Bypassing the Proxy (On campus only)

Error message reads....

In the event that the library proxy server is down you may still access e-resources by bypassing the proxy server as long as you are on campus.

  • Click on the link to an electronic resource you wish to access
  • Place cursor in Address bar.
  • Edit the URL in the address bar to remove the leading proxy information.



New URL should read e.g

Press Enter.



Useful information to help us troubleshoot your issues include:

  • Name of the journal you are trying to access
  • Text of error messages you receive
  • Type of Operating System, Browser, Antivirus Software that you are using
  • Time the problem started happening

Contact  Library Systems.