Learning & Liaison Librarians


During COVID

Most Learning & Liaison Librarians are working from home, but they're still available to help you. Schedule a virtual research consultation with using Book-a-Librarian or from a Library Guide

One Learning & Liaison Librarian is at Bata Library each weekday from 9am-4pm. Ask at the Service Desk and you'll be directed to the librarian on site that day.

Who We Are

Each Academic Department at Trent has a Learning & Liaison Librarian assigned to represent it. There are four of us in total, and we work out of the Library Research Consultation Centre, at Bata Library.

Instructors or departments are invited to contact their L&L Librarian for:

  • General instructional services from the Library.
    • Exception: requests for instruction / assistance in MaDGIC or Archives should go directly to those departments.
    • Information on the types of instructional services offered is available on our Library Skills Instruction page.
  • Research assistance & group instruction.
  • Questions about library resources (physical and online), including course readings, and student/faculty access.
  • Advice or assistance with course assignments involving library research.

Contact Us

Email library@trentu.ca and your message will be directed to the appropriate contact and tracked to ensure you receive a quick response. Alternatively, use the list below to email your Learning & Liaison Librarian directly.

Courses in Durham may contact Durham Library for anything specific to Durham branch library services, and your Learning & Liaison Librarian for questions about resources.


  • Allison Ridgway has joined our team as a part-time LTA, May-November 2021.

Ancient Greek & Roman Studies: Dwayne Collins

Anthropology: Dwayne Collins

Archaeology: Dwayne Collins

Bachelor of Arts & Science: Allison Ridgway

Biology: Ellen Olsen-Lynch

Biomedical Science: Ellen Olsen-Lynch

Business Administration: Allison Ridgway

Canadian Studies: James Watson

Chemistry: Ellen Olsen-Lynch

Child & Youth Studies: Jean Luyben

Communication & Critical Thinking: Allison Ridgway

Computer Science / Computing Systems: Ellen Olsen-Lynch

Criminology: Jean Luyben

Cultural Studies: Dwayne Collins

Ecological Restoration: Ellen Olsen-Lynch

Economics: Allison Ridgway

Education: James Watson

English Literature: Dwayne Collins

Environmental Science: Ellen Olsen-Lynch

Forensic Science: Ellen Olsen-Lynch

French & Francophone Studies: Jean Luyben

Gender & Social Justice: Jean Luyben

Geography: Ellen Olsen-Lynch

History: James Watson

Indigenous Environmental StudiesEllen Olsen-Lynch

Indigenous Studies: James Watson

International Development Studies: Allison Ridgway

Journalism & Creative Writing: Allison Ridgway

Kinesiology: Ellen Olsen-Lynch

Mathematics: Ellen Olsen-Lynch

Media Studies: Dwayne Collins

Nursing: Ellen Olsen-Lynch

Philosophy: Allison Ridgway

Physics: Ellen Olsen-Lynch

Policing & Community Well-Being: Jean Luyben

Political Studies: James Watson

Psychology: Allison Ridgway

Social Work: Jean Luyben

Sociology: Jean Luyben

Sustainable Agriculture & Food Systems: Ellen Olsen-Lynch

University General Courses (UNIV): Allison Ridgway

Water Sciences: Ellen Olsen-Lynch

Other: Contact library@trentu.ca.