Archives: Reproduction Services

If you are at Trent and working in our Reading Room:

Trent University Archives encourages researchers to come in person to the Archives and to take notes from the materials used. Visitors to the Archives who request photocopying for convenience purposes may have a reasonable amount of copying provided by the staff at the time of the visit. Large amounts, however, will be done as time permits and mailed at a later date to the researcher. Handling and postage costs will be added to photocopying charges. We will not copy entire collections or fonds. All photocopying will be done by Archives staff; self-service machines may not be used for archival materials. All requests for photocopying will be dependent on the condition of the material, on copyright and any other applicable restrictions. Researchers must complete our "Request for Reproduction of Works" form and provide payment.

NOTE: Researchers may use their own cameras (without a flash) to make digital images providing of course that the material can be safely copied, and providing copyright allows copying. There is no charge in this instance.  However, researchers must complete our "Request for Reproduction of Works" form.

If you are contacting us by mail or e-mail:

We understand that not all researchers are able to visit us in person. We will provide a reasonable amount of copying in response to mail and e-mail requests if the original can be copied without damage and if copyright law or other restrictions does not prohibit such copying. Under no circumstances will we copy entire fonds or collections. Before material is copied, researchers must send to the Archives their payment and the completed "Request for Reproduction of Works" form.

Copying and Scanning GuidelinesAny and all responsibility for questions of copyright which may arise from the creation of reproductions of material held in the Trent University Archives or their use in any way will be assumed by the requestor.

Reasonable amounts of copying or scanning will be undertaken by the staff of Trent University Archives upon request.  Charges for copying or scanning and delivery of items may be subject to a surcharge if the original material to be copied requires special handling and processing.

The cost for receiving a copy or scan consists of the charge for reproduction of the material plus another charge for delivery of the material.

Charges for Copies or Scans

  • Unimproved basic scan or photocopy: 10 cents per page for Trent students/faculty/staff/alumni;  all others 50 cents per page.
  • For larger items that require ledger-sized photocopies the charge in all cases is $1 per sheet.
  • For an unimproved basic scan or photocopy of fragile or non-standard sized material the cost will be determined on a case-by-case basis.  Please inquire.
  • Scanned image for publication: $10
  • Copying a sound recording of any length from audio cassette to audio cassette.  Please inquire.
  • Special reproduction services are contracted out to a commercial firm and charges are levied on a case-by-case basis.  Please inquire.

Charges for Delivery of Copies or Scans

  • Where possible, scans are delivered as email attachments at no charge.
  • Photocopies or discs picked up in person have no delivery charge.
  • The charge for scans delivered on a disc through Canada Post is $8 per disc.
  • Photocopies are delivered through Canada Post.  The cost is determined on a case-by-case basis.  The minimum charge for postage and handling is $5.
  • The cost of delivery by any other method will be determined on a case-by-case basis.