Materials Science

The Materials Science Graduate Program is offered jointly by Trent University and University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) and leads to the degrees of Master of Science (MSc) in Materials Science and/ or PhD in Materials Science.

Materials Science is a broad multi-disciplinary area of science; its goal is the understanding, prediction, and application of the properties of matter. This requires the development of experimental and theoretical predictive tools applicable to size scales ranging from the molecular to the macroscopic levels.

The field lies at the intersection of physics and chemistry, and includes many sub-fields, including nanotechnology, electronic materials, surface science, biomaterials, and materials characterization.

The program provides both a broad and integrated overview of materials science and the opportunity for in-depth study of a particular problem emphasizing either theory or experiment, under the guidance of a thesis advisor and a multi-disciplinary team of faculty from Trent University and UOIT. The program will be comprised of coursework and a thesis.