Congratulations to Sociology Student Award Winners!

Megan Leonard has been awarded an Easter Seals Beatrice Drinnan Spence Scholarship!

Joshua Reyes and Danielle McIsaac Receive the Outstanding Graduating Sociology Student award from the CSA!



Welcome to Sociology at Trent University

The Department of Sociology is a core undergraduate program in the Faculty of Arts and Science at Trent. Our curriculum provides a critical introduction to the theoretical approaches, research methods and substantive areas developed by sociologists to explain the social processes that structure our everyday worlds.

In particular, students are encouraged to explore the diverse cultures, dynamics of power, social experiences, complexities of social inequality and global social changes that forge relations between individuals, groups and institutions. The Department’s faculty members are committed teachers and active researchers, including three distinguished research and teaching award winners. Their expertise in gender, work, social justice, media, religion, culture, sport, organizations, sexuality, ethnicity, family, health and other fields challenges students to discover their own sociological imagination as they aspire to graduate studies, international opportunities, or careers in teaching, research, business, social work, law, policy, government and the social service professions.

Our courses emphasize written and oral presentation skills, close intellectual contact with faculty, and what sociologist Georg Simmel called ‘the adequately trained eye’ to envision how ‘the total meaning of the world as a whole radiates from every single point.’




Trent Centre for Aging & Society


We are pleased to announce the launch of the Trent Centre for Aging & Society. "The Centre's mandate is to mobilize a critically-informed academic and public dialogue that advocates for the diversity of the aging experience, challenges ageist policies and practices, and develops expertise for understanding and planning for Canada's aging futures. It brings together Trent faculty, visiting scholars, students and community members with an interest in aging and it supports innovative research, education and community engagement that is responsive to the challenges and opportunities facing older people and aging communities in the Peterborough region, across Canada and internationally." Details can be found at the Centre website: www.trentu.ca/aging


News and Events

Just published, a chapter on Sexual Diversity by Prof. Momin Rahman, in the Routledge International Handbook of Diversity.


Congratulations to Prof. Debra Clarke on the release of her book: Journalism and Political Exclusion.


Trent Sociology professor Dr. Peri Ballantyne visits Parliament Hill to discuss her research



Four Trent Sociology Students Present Their Work at ENGAGE, University of Guelph, March 22nd, 2014



Congratulations to Prof. Momin Rahman on the release of his book, 'Homosexualities, Muslim Cultures and Modernity'
Publisher's website with a description of the book