Trent Library Services

Library services are listed here in alphabetical order. 

Alumni Services

Client Support Unit at Bata:

Computers in the Library are maintained by Trent's IT Department.

Copyright at Trent University offers assistance with copyright questions.

Display Case Booking for the window display at the entrance to Bata Library.

Faculty Support Services help Faculty find resources to support their learning, teaching and research.

Graduate Student Support offers assistance to Graduate Student learning, teaching, and research.

Group Study Rooms are available for booking, at Bata and Durham.

Interlibrary Loans is a service which borrows material from other libraries, on request.

Learning & Liaison Services offer instruction and research assistance.

Library Account : Renew & Review Items Checked Out and on Hold

MaDGIC: Maps, Data, and Government Information Centre

Photocopying and Scanning in the Library.  Our photocopiers also scan and save to a USB drive.

Printing in the Library (and throughout the campus) is maintained centrally by Trent's IT Department.

Private Study Carrels are available for Graduate Students or for day use.

Research Assistance is offered by phone, email, or in person.

Reserve Services offer short-term loans for items in high demand.


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