Start Up Funds


Approved and Issued by: Office of the Dean Arts and Science Date: February 2005



All new tenure track/probationary faculty hired into undergraduate departments/programs at Trent University, as well as faculty granted tenure ab initio (in cases where faculty are hired into Director/Senior administration) and Canada Research Chairs. Start up amount and deadline for utilizing funds is stated in an individual’s initial appointment letter.

PURPOSE – For expenditures related to Teaching and Research


The criteria applicable for expenses under the start up fund shall be those established by the Dean of Arts and Science and which are deemed acceptable practice by the Finance Office.

Acceptable expenditures shall include materials deemed necessary to establish faculty offices and laboratories to fulfil teaching and research duties:

  • computers and related equipment, software
  • laboratory equipment and materials
  • office supplies
  • books, periodicals, and other materials
  • conferences, meetings and memberships


Members should contact Barbara Hamilton in the Office of Dean of Arts and Science for an individual account number for their start up fund and confirmation of the deadline for utilizing the fund.


Expenditures and claims up to and including $750 may be signed by members but still must be authorized by their respective department/program chair. Expenditures in excess of $750 must be authorized by the Office of the Dean of Arts and Science.


There are three ways in which expenditures can be purchased or claimed. Forms may be found at


  1. Expense Reimbursement Form – for expenditures directly purchased by the member. Original receipts must be attached to the completed form. The form must be signed by the member and submitted to the Office of the Dean of Arts and Science for approval.
  2. Purchase Requisition – for expenditures ordered through the University’s purchasing department. This form must be completed in full with a copy of the quote attached. If the purchase is over $5,000, three quotes are required.
  3. Low Value Purchase Orders – for expenditures to be picked up by member and charged directly to the start up account. Expenditures may not exceed $750 before taxes.


The deadline for utilizing the start up fund appearing on the original letter of appointment from the Office of the Dean of Arts and Science is binding; no extensions will be granted.


Upon resignation or termination of appointment, any equipment and/or furniture purchased through start up funds will become the property of the University. Any funds remaining at that time will be reallocated to the general start up fund.


Within the expenditure timeframe, the funds will be automatically carried forward to the subsequent fiscal and/or academic year. Each member should receive a monthly statement from the Finance Office indicating the balance of their account. Deficits are the responsibility of the account holder. Discrepancies should be reported to the Office of the Dean of Arts and Science.


Any questions or concerns regarding the start up funds should be directed toward Barbara Hamilton, Office of the Dean of Arts and Science, 748-1243.