SSHRC Time Release

Approved by: SSHRC Committee on Research
Issued by: Office of the Dean
Date: September 1998

Given that:

1. A SSHRC Research Time Stipend is awarded for release from teaching duties only, as outlined in the SSHRC application form, it does not automatically release faculty from other university commitments (including university, department and college committees),

and that:

2. SSHRC presumes that the university will continue to provide normal infrastructure support for the researcher, the following policies will apply:

    i) Normally, faculty on SSHRC Time Release will be expected to serve on university and departmental committees and as academic advisors.

    ii) Faculty on SSHRC Time Releases are entitled to: an office, secretarial support, and access to research facilities, etc. However, the holder of a full SSHRC Time Release may be asked to share his/her office with the person(s) appointed on a part-time basis to teach courses from which s/he is released.

Procedure for Selection of SSHRC Research Time Stipends Applicants

Beginning in Fall 1998 the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) in Ottawa has asked universities to identify which research grant proposal(s) with a Research Time Stipend (RTS) component they are prepared to support through matching funds (covering up to half, $15,000, of the RTS cost). At Trent, selections will be made on a competitive basis by the university's internal SSHRC Committee on Research.

These changes require early submission (early September) of a pre-proposal to the Office of Research and Graduate Studies. These will be reviewed by the internal SSHRC Committee on Research which will approve at least one proposal each year. Unsuccessful internal applicants will be encouraged to revise their SSHRC applications without reference to a RTS. If the applicant's proposal is awarded a SSHRC research grant, the RTS will be automatically approved by SSHRC and Trent.

SSHRC Committee on Research July 1998.