Sabbaticals or Unpaid Leaves - Office Space Allocations

Approved by: Vice-President Administration Issued by: Office of the Dean Date: August 1997
  1. The University wishes, whenever possible, to facilitate the research and writing activities of its faculty members remaining in Peterborough while on sabbatical or unpaid leave by providing space in those of its buildings it normally plans to occupy, where it is otherwise unused, for this purpose.

  2. However, circumstances do not allow offices, telephone, or secretarial services for such members to be regularly provided. This has long been university policy (see memo from Vice-President Sadleir to Heads of Colleges, 2 October 1974: Guidelines for Allocation of Academic Office Space, Senate Committee on Space Utilization Report #1, January, 1976).

  3. Faculty on sabbatical (either full year or half year) will, before the commencement of their leave period remove books and personal chattels and vacate their office. In some cases the books and chattels of the faculty member can be stored, if it is the wish of the faculty member, by the University. Arrangements for storage, where agreed to by the University, should be arranged by the faculty member.

  4. Priority in assignment of such space must be given to faculty tutorial and other active teaching needs, including the needs of part-time instructors. Additional priority must be given, in the colleges, to student residence needs and to the requirements of associate enterprises.

  5. No definite assignment can be made to faculty members on sabbatical leave until (for the first term or all year) 30 September (for the second term) 31 January, when registration is complete and current staffing needs are known. Prior to that date, faculty on sabbatical must make private and temporary arrangements with their Heads of College or department chair.

  6. The procedure for a faculty member applying for sabbatical office space (commencing for the period 31 January, 1983) will be:
    a) Applications should be sent to the Office of the Vice-President (Administration). The Heads of College will co-ordinate all available collegiate space, and relay this to the Vice-President (Administration). Non-collegiate space will be assessed and co-ordinated by the Director of Physical Plant, who will inform the Vice-President (Administration) of space available in non-collegiate areas.

    b) Applications will be disposed of by the Vice-President (Administration) or delegate after the appointed deadline.

    c) The Vice-President (Administration) will consider appeals.