Sabbatical Leaves for Librarians

Sabbatical Leaves are to serve the mission and goals of the University by providing permanent Librarians with regular opportunities to maintain and enhance their academic and professional expertise free from normal on-campus professional and service obligations. Sabbatical Leaves are intended to promote scholarly and professional activity by Librarians through sustained periods of concentrated study, research, and writing.

According to IV. of the Agreement, an application for a sabbatical leave should include “details of the member’s plans for the proposed sabbatical leave, including its relationship to the member’s research program and/or professional activity”.

For librarians, “professional activity” may include any of the following.

  1. Research in librarianship or other subject areas.
  2. Scholarship and its dissemination through:
    1. preparation of scholarly publications;
    2. presentation of scholarly papers;
    3. participation in conferences;
    4. delivery of invited lectures;
    5. submissions to professional repositories of resources;
    6. editorial work;
    7. peer review of scholarly or professional manuscripts;
    8. or other credible forums.
  3. Course work toward additional degrees or programs of study other than standard professional and academic qualifications.
  4. Bibliographical work intended for appropriate public dissemination.  This may include the creation of bibliographies or databases, and indexing or abstracting.
  5. Technical or creative work which is relevant to the profession, the library, or the University.

Approved by the Librarians’ Committee - November 2005

Approved by COAP - December 2005