Sabbatical Leave Application

Approved by: Trent University and TUFA
Issued by: Office of the Dean
Date: September 2011


Each year the Dean’s Office will notify Chairs in writing of the accumulated Earned Years of Service (EYS) for each member of the Department/Program.  (For details regarding the accumulation of EYS, refer to section IV.5.2.2 of the Collective Agreement.)  To determine a faculty member’s eligibility for a six month or twelve month leave and salary level, please note the following minimum requirements:

Duration 6 months = 3 EYS
Duration 12 months = 6 EYS

6 Month Leave

Number of EYS % Salary
3 60
3 1/2 80
4 90
4 1/2 100

12 Month Leave

Number of EYS % Salary
6 60
6 1/2 70
7 80
7 1/2 85
8 90
8 1/2 95
9 100


The applicant should seek Departmental approval.  Once the proposed leave has been incorporated into Department's three sabbatical plan and has been approved by COAP, the Dean and the President, the Assistant to the Dean will forward sabbatical application forms to all eligible faculty members at the appropriate time.

As per section IV. (b) “Applicants shall include a brief statement about the member's plans during the leave, including the nature and location of the proposed project or projects.”

Applications for sabbatical leave shall be made by members in accordance with departmental/program/library three (3) year plans, and shall be forwarded to the Dean by October 15 prior to a July 1 sabbatical start date or by February 15 prior to a January 1 sabbatical start date.

Applications will be reviewed by COAP and the Dean and members will be notified in writing of approval.

Sabbaticants who are planning to leave the country should contact the Group Benefits Administrator, Human Resources, to ensure continued coverage under the University's Long Term Disability Plan.  As well, O.H.I.P. should be contacted and may require a letter from the Dean’s Office.


A member returning from sabbatical leave shall submit a report, of no more than two (2) pages, explaining academic activities and accomplishments in relation to the proposed leave as required in IV. This report shall be submitted to the Dean/University Librarian within 90 days of the completion of the leave. COAP shall review the reports. A summary of these reports, prepared by the Dean's Office, shall be provided to Senate for information.