Approved by: Director, Financial Services
Issued by: Purchasing Office
Date: September 1994


Purchases of equipment, such as personal computers and associated software, by faculty members and professional librarians at Trent University using personal research funds may occur through one of four mechanisms:  a) personally funded research; b) research allowance, as provided for in the collective agreement with the Trent University Faculty Association; c) a combination of a) and b) above; and d) one or more of a), b) and c), coupled with personal funds.

Where university funds or granting agency funds have formed all or part of the purchase price of the equipment, ownership of the equipment is vested in the university.  Policies of external granting agencies such as National Science and Engineering Research Council and Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council together with the internal Committee on Research and Research Allowance clearly stipulate that such equipment is the property of the university and not the individual faculty member or professional librarian.

Transfer of Ownership

Trent University will transfer ownership of redundant equipment purchased with personal research funds, under the following terms and conditions:

1. Eligibility

This policy applies to equipment, such as computer equipment and associated hardware, purchased using a) personally funded research funds; b) research allowance; c) a combination of a) and b);  and d) one or more of a), b), and c), coupled with personal funds.  The equipment must be listed as part the University inventory, including appropriate identification, i.e. make, model serial number and purchase price.

 Equipment purchased in whole or in part with funds from other research grants or exclusively with operating funds, is not covered under this policy.

2. Option to Purchase

Trent University may sell the redundant equipment to the faculty member or professional librarian at any time, subsequent to the date of purchase by the University, at a price equivalent to the fair market value at the time of such sale as determined by Purchasing Services.

For all sales a "Transfer of Ownership Form" obtainable from Purchasing Services must be completed and returned to Purchasing Services together with a cheque for the full cost, as determined by Purchasing Services.  A copy of the Form is attached as Appendix A.

Disposal of equipment, such as personal computers or associated software purchased with non-personal funds will be handled by Purchasing Services using the normal procedures for the disposal of redundant equipment.

Purchase of the equipment by the faculty member or professional librarian will not result in reinstatement of any portion of the entitlement of the research allowance or other personal research funds which was assigned to the purchase of the equipment by the University.

The faculty member or professional librarian agrees that if he/she leaves the employ of the university for any reason, and has not exercised the option to purchase the equipment as set out herein, the equipment will be turned over to the Department Chair prior to the individual's department.