Policy on Relocation Expenses For Faculty

Approved and Issued by: Office of the Dean Arts and Science Date: January 2007

Trent University assists in the payment of moving expenses incurred by newly appointed full-time tenure-track and sessional faculty members.


  1. Reimbursements, up to the allowed limit , will be towards costs incurred in moving to Peterborough County for those faculty members appointed to the Peterborough campus or in moving to Peterborough County or the Durham Region for those faculty members appointed to the Oshawa campus, by the most direct route from the new faculty member’s place of residence, normally the last place of full-time employment.
  1. Advance payments against moving expenses are not allowable, as all reimbursements are made against receipted invoices.
  1. The following expenses are eligible for reimbursement, up to the allowed limit:
    • Personal transportation of faculty member and immediate family, by air economy, rail, bus, or car
    • Moving of normal household effects
    • Insurance during the move covering personal and household effects.
  1. The following expenses are not eligible for reimbursement under this policy:
    • Real estate fees
    • Legal fees
    • Shipping charges for cars, boats, etc.
    • Storage of household or research effects
    • Disconnect and reconnect fees
  1. Before making final arrangements for the move, the new faculty member must obtain competitive moving estimates, including two from moving companies. The faculty member should indicate that they are a university member and would like the contracted CAUBO rates. Special rates have been negotiated for van line moving services and vehicle rentals through CAUBO. For further information, visit the CAUBO website at http://www.caubo.ca/ and click on “Procurement”. For advice about local firms, please contact the Dean’s Office. Prior approval from the Dean’s Office is required if the lowest estimate is not accepted.
  1. The University does not assume any liability, nor will it be held responsible, for injury or loss which may arise during, or as a result of, a new faculty member’s move to Peterborough County or Durham Region. The new faculty member may arrange for insurance on household and personal effects during the move, and the reasonable cost of such insurance is an eligible expense for reimbursement with appropriate estimates and receipted invoices.
  1. The estimates and a statement of actual expenses set out on a Travel Expenses Claim form with supporting receipted invoices must be submitted within three months of the start of employment to the Dean’s Office for approval and processing before the reimbursement can be made.
  1. New faculty members are encouraged to refer to the Canada Tax Guide for eligible deductions related to costs of relocation.

The relevant current limit is specified in each new faculty member’s letter of appointment.