Recruitment Expenses

Approved by: Dean of Arts and Science Issued by: Office of the Dean of Arts & Science Date: January 2006

The following guidelines apply to recruitment costs that will be reimbursed by the Office of the Dean of Arts & Science.


  • The cost of one advertisement will be covered, normally in University Affairs or the CAUT Bulletin. Electronic advertising is strongly encouraged.
  • Advertisements must be submitted electronically to the Office of the Dean of Arts and Science for approval and processing.


  • Expenses for up to three candidates will be covered by the Office of the Dean of Arts and Science. (Normally a maximum of one candidate from outside Ontario).
  • Permission to cover travel expenses for candidates traveling from outside of Ontario must be obtained from the Dean PRIOR to arranging an interview.
  • Departments/programs may interview more than three candidates but must do so at their own expense.
  • In some cases departments/programs may choose videoconferencing as an alternate to interviewing candidates directly.


  • Accommodation – overnight accommodation will be provided. College facilities should be used wherever possible. In cases where cheaper airfares require longer stays, expenses will be covered.
  • Meals – all meals for the candidate will be covered.
  • Travel – will include airfares, train and bus tickets, mileage, taxi fares.


A budget of $150 per candidate (up to a maximum of three candidates) will be available to cover any combination of luncheons or dinners. Cost of liquor will not be covered. This is intended to provide greater flexibility in the way candidates are provided hospitality by departments/programs